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Chapter 22


I am sitting waiting for my girls at breakfast. I see Jazz run up and give me a big hug. Then I see Vanessa stroll in behind her. “Morning Logy” I smile at her. “Morning and how are my girls this morning? Jasmine gives me a big grin. “We are good thank you so much for yesterday!” Vanessa gives me a little peck on the cheek. “It was a great day thank you, Logan.”

We are sitting enjoying our breakfast when I see Vanessa shift uncomfortably and smile at someone. Jasmine waves. “Hi, Cora” Cora smiles and waves. “Hi, Jasmine you look so pretty today.” Vanessa gives a little wave. “Hello, Cora” Cora stands and looks at Vanessa. She actually has tears in her eyes. Well, this is uncomfortable. “Jazz can you come and help me order you and your mum’s lunch for the road” Jasmine nods. “Ok Logy.”


Logan and Jasmine have left me with Cora. She takes a seat in front of me. “Is everything ok Cora?” Cora shakes her head. “Actually no, not at all!” She starts to fiddle with her hands on top of the table, I don’t know why but I take my hand in hers and give her a little smile. “I am so sorry for everything Vanessa!” She starts to cry, I hand her a tissue. “You were never a bitch to me, I deserved the worst from you.” I sigh. “Cora for what it’s worth it’s in the past I am over it if anything you did me a favour!” Cora looks up with mascara staining her cheeks. “I really was a bitch, who knew Derek was such a dick.” I give her hand a little squeeze “I did a little too late but here congrats.” Cora looks at me with a puzzled expression. “What for Vanessa?” I give her a big smile “For officially becoming a member of the Derek is a dick club.”

Cora looks up at me with nothing but sincerity in her gaze “You should know I never stopped him seeing Jasmine, I was actually disgusted with him she is an amazing little girl, I’m glad Brody has a big sister he can look up to.” I smile at her. “I kinda worked that out myself, you do know it was my lipstick all over his body. I was kinda hoping you would leave him he was still a cheating bastard.” Cora, shakes her head. “I feel so stupid that he was able to twist it like it was some kinky shit he was into. Never again will I fall for a twat again.”

I pull my phone out of my purse. “Well how about this, give me your number and we can always meet for drinks. I know Derek has a way with words he can make you feel the most special person in the world I don’t blame you for falling for him.” Cora, bites her lip. “He made you sound so horrible like justifying why he was with me. I believed every word he said. I really would like to be friends Vanessa, again I’m so sorry for everything I put you and Jasmine through I was so selfish.”

I shake my head. “It’s water under the bridge here is to a new friendship.” She leans in and gives me a hug, I notice Logan stare at me dumbfounded. Cora walks off while Logan and Jasmine walk back over. “Did hell freeze over?” I smile at Logan. “We had a friendly chat, it’s all sorted, she apologised for everything.”

I am lost for words as Logan just stares at me. “Wow!” I laugh at him. “I know right.”


Me and Vanessa head over to her parents so she can get her car and luggage and head back to her house. Jasmine goes inside to see her grandparents. Vanessa looks at me and her eyes well up. I wipe away her tear with my thumb. “Baby it’s just a few weeks and I will be back over, my dad is helping me get my apartment back. It’s going to be fine.” I watch as Vanessa fiddles with her hands. “How is this going to work I live two hours away, how are we going to make this work?” I take her hands in mine. “Look the apartment thing can always be a temporary thing. I can always come and stay long weekends and then when you and Jasmine are ready we can talk about moving in together, I can always commute it’s no big deal, two hours is nothing. I would go anywhere for you and Jasmine. I love you we got this!!” Vanessa gives me a sad smile. “I love you too I think I’m just going to miss you too much we barely had anytime together and now you’re going!”

I kiss her gently and pull her in for a hug whispering into her ear. “Once I’m back you and I are making up for the lost time.” Vanessa shakes her head. “I’m not ready to say goodbye, come with me!” She makes me get into the car and we take a drive, we pull up to a familiar house. “Vanessa what are you doing? Vanessa looks at me eyes filled with lust and need. “I need you one last time before you go!” I look at the house and back to her. “They are going to kill us.” Vanessa opens the car door and smiles. “They never have to know, we won’t fuck in their bed.” I open the car door. “Vanessa what am I going to do with you?” Vanessa grins at me “Anything you want!” I watch as she runs up to the door unlocking it. I get out of the car as quickly as I can reaching the door and pushing her in. I back her up against the wall and lift up her top pulling her bra down. Sucking hard and fast at each nipple, she whimpers. I reach down and unzip her jeans reaching into her panties. “You’re so wet Vanessa” she pants out as I nearly bring her to orgasm. “Logan fuck me I’m so horny.” I turn her around and bend her over, her two hands, palms to the wall I bend her over slightly, her wetness is glistening at me I take a quick swipe of my tongue. I hear her voice shake. “Oh god.”

I unbuckle my belt, slip my jeans and boxers to my ankles and wrap my throbbing cock with a condom without hesitation I push into her, repeatedly pounding into her. Vanessa shouts “Spank me, I’ve been a naughty girl!” What the fuck have I died and gone to heaven, I can’t disappoint her so I smack her arse, she gives a sexy yelp. I opt for the other cheek given them both a cheeky grab and rub to take the sting away. Vanessa whispers. “That feels so good,” I scream her name. "Vanessa” I can’t even warn her my cock throbbing, she feels it’s too as her walls start tightening, I unload everything I have into the condom. I slowly withdraw from her I’m panting trying to catch my breath. “That was incredible, sorry couldn’t resist and there was no way we could do that at my parent’s place. Plus I was not waiting weeks. My vibrator is good but it’s nowhere near good as your cock.” I can’t help but laugh “You can use me anytime you want. God Vanessa, I love you so much these next few weeks are going to kill me.”

I’m pulling up my jeans when my phone starts to ring.... oh fuck “It’s Carmen I have to take this!” I stay beside her I have nothing to hide. “Hello!” Carmen scoffs down the phone. “So I’m back in New York not that you fucking care.” I can’t help it I snip back “Good for you!” Carmen sighs. “When are you coming here so we can sort out this shit”

I look at Vanessa who is watching me intently. “Why do I need to be there with you, I’m packing my shit up, sticking it in storage and organising it to be shipped here.” Carmen gets defensive “What do you mean shipped here, shipped where?” I smile at Vanessa. “Not that it’s any of your business but I’m moving back,” Carmen yells. “You have got to be shitting me. Logan we just had a fight it’s no big deal we can make this work.”

I am stunned. “Are you serious! You got jealous, faked a pregnancy and still can’t accept it’s over. You can keep the apartment but I’m leaving!” Carmen screams making Vanessa flinch. “Fuck you and your stuff!!!” The line goes dead. Vanessa looks at me with concern. “I maybe would have waited to have that conversation when you got back. Think your stuff will be destroyed by the time you get there.” I shrug. “I think your right but it’s too late. When I go to the apartment I will bring James with me just so she can’t say I tried anything with her.”

Vanessa smiles at me. “It’s ok I trust you, Logan, I just don’t trust her though.” We both leave the house and make our way back to the car. I lift my pinky finger. “So Dean and Victoria can never find out we did that.” Vanessa bites her lip “Did what?” She starts to giggle and I make the drive over to her parent’s place, I kiss her as my life depended on it. As I say my final goodbye, she waves at me. I am grown ass man I will not cry!! I can’t help it a tear falls down my cheek. It’s just a few weeks till I get everything in place. Then we can finally be together.

A FEW WEEKS LATER..... I am standing at the airport making my way home, Vanessa and I have Skyped every day, I miss her so much I can’t wait to see her. My apartment freed up again thankfully the tenants didn’t want to renew the contract. Carmen destroyed half my shit all my clothes were placed in the bathtub and soaked. My TV had a hole smashed into, my PlayStation was clearly thrown from a high level as there were parts scattered everywhere. Carmen was there when I arrived to collect my stuff. Thank god I brought James he kept her away from me and helped me pack my stuff up. I have never seen her so angry she was yelling and throwing stuff at me. It was a bloody mess I actually crashed with James until I got a flight home organised and here I am.

My flight number gets called and I take out my phone.

I love you so much I will see you soon baby xoxo

My phone pings and my heart hammers as I take in her name.

I’m counting down the hours, minutes and seconds I love you xox

The flight is long and I just want to get there. I still have to make the drive to Vanessa’s house but I’m so close it’s killing me. The flight lands and I make it through security. I’m heading to the arrivals hall. I do a double-take, my heart skips a beat and I can see her running towards me, she crashes into me and I lift her up cupping her ass! “What are you doing here?” Vanessa smiles. “I couldn’t wait a minute longer, I have a surprise!”

From her pocket, she pulls out a room key. I laugh “Are you kidnapping me?” Vanessa kisses me and pulls back grinning from ear to ear. “For the next 24 hours you are mine and only mine, this room is our fuck bubble, we aren’t leaving even for food.”

“You are perfect Miss Hartman.” Vanessa gently nibbles my ear “Yes. Yes I am now we have a lot of lost time to make up for and I want you naked NOW.” I smile and kiss her back.

"Well, how can I say no to a request like that, please kidnap me now Miss Hartman do your worst!"

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