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Chapter 23


Just as Vanessa promised I spent the day in our fuck bubble, I lost count how many ways I had her, but it was the most amazing time, I would happily do that forever. We were getting our things together when we sat at the end of the bed, Vanessa started twiddling her fingers, we hadn’t agreed what the plan was for when I moved back home it was kinda left vague we had just got back together but I didn’t want to waste any more time, we have lost so much that I needed this forever. “So we need to have a chat about what we are going to do from here.” Vanessa has a worried look on her face. “I know we said you would live at your apartment and we would see each other at the weekend but I have just got you back!” I take her hand in mine. “I know but it’s only temporary, let me get things settled for a few weeks and then we will have a chat about everything no matter what I love you and I want to be with you all the time.”

Vanessa nods. “Ok that sounds like a plan, I will give you a ride back to your apartment I have to collect Jasmine from my parents and get back home.” I pull her in for a hug. “I’m going to miss you so much I did enjoy the fuck bubble feel free to kidnap me anytime you want.” Vanessa cups my face with her hands. “Yeah, it was so much fun! We have been apart for this long a few weeks won’t hurt." I give her a big grin. “Not at all.”

Vanessa drops me off at my place I reluctantly let her go. As I walk up to the door I see someone waiting for me. “Welcome back mate, I bring pizza and beer.” I stare at Dean puzzled. “How did you know?.... stupid question” Dean hands me a beer before I even get through my door. “Yeah, the wee wifey knew about the fuck bubble plan.” I pull my suitcases through the door, this place has never been my home not really. Home is where Vanessa is and this space apart is killing me. I grab the bottle opener from the door and throw it at Dean. “So how’re things with you?” Dean takes a swig of his beer. “Good can’t complain, enjoying married life. The honeymoon was out of this world but good to be home!”

I smile at him. “I’m happy for you” Dean give me a look of concern. “So tell me what exactly is the plan here? I slump on the sofa. “I stay here for a few weeks settle back home and then Vanessa and I have a serious chat about where we take this going forward, I already told her that I would be willing to commute.” Dean cocks his eyebrow. “Fuck that’s quite a drive to do that often.” I look at him trying to show him how serious I was about this. “I’m willing to make it work, I would do anything for her.” Dean clinks his bottle with mine “I’m glad you two finally got your shit together” I sigh. “So am I, I won’t fuck this up again.”

Dean and I drink some beers and eventually, Dean leaves me to an empty apartment. I know it’s late but I have to hear her voice. “Hello, Logan” I smile as she says my name. “Sorry baby were you sleeping?” Vanessa sweetly answers. “It’s fine I’m glad you called this bed is really big and lonely, wish you were here.”

I need to honest with her. “I need to tell you something?” I hear Vanessa rustle on the other side of the line. “What is it, Logan?"... I finally break the silence trying to work out how to word this. “I don’t want to do this” The line goes quiet... “I want to be with you always I can’t do this being apart from you” Vanessa lets out a breath she had been clearly holding. “Are you ok Vanessa please say something.” I finally hear her voice and I can tell she was close to crying. “I picked that up so wrong.”

“I love you too much, I know you maybe feel this is rushing it.” Vanessa giggles. “I know we have just got back together and we have had our ups and downs but Logan I knew you were trouble from the first time I met you.” I laugh before getting my shit together. “I am all types of trouble, but I want to make trouble with you, I want Jasmine and you to move in with me? The line goes quiet and then her voice whispers. “Are you serious because my answer is Yes. Logan being apart from you made me realise more than ever I want you and only you. Every day I want to wake up next to you and fall asleep in your arms." I stop her in her tracks. "Vanessa... you seriously just stole my speech.” I can imagine her sitting up in her bed biting her lip. “So we are doing this?”

“Yes, Vanessa we are doing this.” We talk for a little while longer “Ok so tomorrow I’m going to come to your place after work ok I need to see you, go back to sleep I love you?” Take about a bitch of a day the clock stopped ticking mocking my need to see Vanessa I finally finish work and get into one of the cars I’m borrowing from my dad. I’m still trying to get my things sorted including my car. I make the two-hour trip up to Vanessa’s house I pull up into the driveway I am about to knock the door when Jasmine runs up to me. “Logy!!!!!!!”

“Hi princess how are you?” Jasmine smiles. “Great come in, come in mummy is in the kitchen.” I walk into the house and smell food cooking, it smells amazing I could get used to this. “Mummy Logys here!!” Vanessa shouts out to me. “In the kitchen Logan” I stop in the doorway and watch the love of my life all domestic like and it feels right, it feels like home. “Hi, honey I’m home!!” Vanessa looks up smiling at me. “Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes hope you're hungry.” I lean looking at the food and kiss her on the cheek. “Starving it smells amazing!” Jasmine runs up to me. “Come on Logy let me show you the beach.”

Jasmine grabs my hand and leads me out onto the deck and further down to the beach. I need to do this while I have the nerve. “Jazz would you mind if I have a chat with you. “Jasmine tilts her head. “Of course not, what is it? I sit beside her on the sand. “First of all, I want to make sure you are ok with me dating your mum?” Jasmine runs sand through her fingers watching it fall back to the ground. “Of course you make her happy.”

“That’s nice to hear, I need to ask you something but it must remain between you and me?” Jasmine smiles. “Ok shoot Logan” I take a deep breath this all rests on her. “Jazz I need to ask you a question? l need your permission and blessing would you let me ask your mum to marry me so that we can be a family all of us together.” I look at her face and she starts to cry, I reach over to grab her hand. “Logy... I don’t know what the say?”

“Without your blessing, I will respect your decision, I love you and your mum, Jasmine I would love to become apart of your family if you will have me?” Jasmine looks up at me big tears falling down her cheeks. “Logy I would love you to be apart of our family so yes you can marry my mummy!” I give her a big smile “So that’s a yes? Jasmine stands up and looks at me. “A huge yes!” She runs at me and gives me the biggest hug! I stand up and give her a piggyback, back up to the house. Vanessa watches us both

“There you are I was afraid you both got lost, dinner is out.” Jasmine grabs my hand as we walk to the table she gives me a knowing smile. After dinner, we sit Jasmine down. I already know what her answer will be but it was right for Vanessa to ask her to make her feel included!

“Jasmine me and Logan have something we need to talk to you about!” Jasmine looks up at us both. “Ok mummy” Vanessa holds her breath. “How would you feel if we moved in together with Logan?” Jasmine goes quiet and I see the worry in Vanessa’s face. “I would ...” She walks to her mum and hugs her “Love that very much mummy” Vanessa holds Jasmine a little while longer smiling at me. A little while later Vanessa tidies the dishes away, and as per Jasmine’s request, I am putting her to bed. She wraps herself in her duvet and grabs a book. “Will you read to me Logy?” I smile at her and sit at the edge of her bed. “Of course sweetheart!”

I read the book it’s not long before I hear little snores, I turn around and see her fast asleep, I tug the duvet tightly around her and kiss her forehead. I turn to head to the door and smile when I see Vanessa staring at me. “That’s becoming a habit of yours” Vanessa, takes my hand. “I say it again and again, you are so good with her.” I nod my head towards the end of the hall. “Come with me.” I lead her downstairs and we sit out on the balcony overlooking the ocean, listening to the waves lap the land.

“I can see why you love it here Vanessa,” she cups her glass of wine and looks at me. “I love the city but this always felt like home to me!” I sip my wine. “So you want to remain here?” Vanessa sets her glass down. “Yes very much so.” I look at her with a smile on my face. “Then that’s settled we stay here” she whips her head in my direction and says. “I will move into a home we decide on together somewhere we can make a home the three of us!” I look around at the house behind us. “I would like that as long as your sure however this house is pretty amazing... we could make it ours.” Vanessa looks shocked. “You would do that?” I grab her hand. “Home is where you and Jasmine are this feels right to me. If you want to stay we can or if you want somewhere else we can do that too.” She stands up making her way closer to me. “I love you, Logan, so so much.”

Over the next few weeks we settle into a routine, I moved my stuff into the house it’s amazing we just fit right into the family unit, Jasmines great and she has kept her end up without telling her mum what I have planned, Victoria and Dean are over for dinner they are laughing and giggling, We are outside enjoying the balcony catching up. “So how are things going?” Vanessa, beams “It’s great Victoria, everything is perfect.” Victoria looks at Dean and I. “I’m so happy for you both, you look content like this was meant to be! Vanessa looks at Dean. “How’s married life and the truth I know she can be a handful?" Victoria cuts in before Dean says anything “It’s great, going to change in 6 months but we are delighted!!” Vanessa’s face drops to the floor shes cupping her hand over her mouth “Oh my god are you?” Victoria jumps up hugging her sister. “Pregnant yes I am!”


Victoria has just told me her news I am over the moon but hearing what she tells me jerks me into thoughts of my own. I have been feeling tired I put it down to all the moving of Logan’s stuff about and sex lots and lots of sex with Logan. I was sick a few mornings ago but I had a cold ..... did I ??? Victoria has a look of worry “Nessa ... Nessa are you ok? You're white as a sheet.” I am snap myself out of it “Sorry what, I’m so sorry Victoria."

She looks over to me. “Don’t be are you ok? I get up from my seat and Vic follows me, “Vanessa are you ok? I shake my head. “I’m not sure?” Victoria pulls me in for a hug. “Talk to me what’s going on?” I quietly laugh shaking off the notion. “No, it’s nothing let’s go find the boys and get dessert sorted”


Dean can’t stop smiling I can’t believe he is going to be a dad. The girls come and find us and Victoria and Dean are beaming from ear to ear. “Congrats its amazing news” Victoria smiles at me. “Thank you so much, Logan” I watch as Vanessa slips away “I’m just going to nip upstairs!” I catch Victoria looking at her sister with a look of unease.

Vanessa leaves me with Dean and Victoria, Jasmine is cuddled up beside me on the sofa, Vanessa has been gone for a while now. “Guys I’m just going to see where Vanessa is, excuse me.” I’m walking upstairs and I hear crying through the bedroom door, I knock the door before I walk in. “Vanessa baby you ok?” I find her sitting at the end of the bed !! She’s holding something in her hand. Vanessa looks at me and she’s crying.

“Logan ... I don’t know how this happened” I’m looking at her I can’t work out what she means until she hands me what’s in her hand. “Are you? Are we...?”

Vanessa nods. “Having a baby... Yes!

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