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Chapter 3


I was so worked up I wasn't thinking straight, sensible choices were not being made when I said the whole "you know where I live" line. What the hell was I thinking, I know all too well what I was thinking. I was recapping last night and him fucking me hard in the bathroom, how he felt inside me. Everything he said was right, I would be begging him for it. I sat there for a little while after Logan left in disbelief at my brazen confidence.

I finally hear Marie come back in, she apologises' but says something came up with her mother and she has to leave. I was a little relieved to get myself home, I need to talk to Victoria. This is a hot mess and in need of her help.

"So remind me what’s the problem again Nessa. The sex was amazing, he is single and you're single. I’m lost, why you are calling me for advice? there is nothing wrong with what you did or the good time fucking you're going to continue to have." I sigh down the phone. "Vic, he is too young, I have baggage this is a mess he lives next door... WITH HIS MUM!" Victoria laughs down the phone "Stop... your not marrying him, you're just fucking him, just make this casual no strings attached." I sigh "I think..." my sister scoffs and I can hear her fuss on the other side of the line. "that’s your problem right there you think too much, you have another night free, enjoy it."


Dean talked me into going to the bar with him, again, he picked up a girl and left with her a while back, I didn't stay long after that and decided to head home, sitting in the taxi I pull up to my house. I see Vanessa’s lights are on, she’s still up. I pay the taxi driver and start walking towards my front door, I’m about to put the key in the door when I find her in one of the windows, I’m trying not to be a peeping tom but she doesn’t have blinds up yet in her kitchen, she’s so beautiful I can’t look away.

"F*uck it." I put my key away and make my way to her front door and give it a knock. She opens the front door and tries to pull her robe across to cover herself fully, "You told me to come find you." I push her inside and close her door grabbing her up in my arms and kissing her sweet lips. I have one arm around her ass and the other around the back of her head to deepen the connection. Both her hands are around my shoulders, her nails are digging into me. I pull away are stare at her so many things I want to do to her. "Where’s your bed?" she tilts her head. "Third door on the left."

I walk down to her room never breaking the kiss, I set her on the bed and start kissing up her leg, teasing her when I get to the top of her thighs. I then kiss up until I reach her tummy, sliding her robe to the side until I see the peak of her breasts taken in her bra. As I move up I say a little hail mary, thank fuck it has a front clasp, I unclip it exposing her soft supple breasts with her hardening nipples. I take my tongue and draw circles on each of them she lets out a moan and arches her back. I slowly move up to her neck and I take in turns to bite and suck, she whimpers ... jackpot!

"Vanessa you are so fucking sexy. I can’t get enough of you, I need to taste you." I make my way down her body I start to remove her panties. I take my tongue and slid it across her clit. I push my tongue inside, so wet and the taste so sweet, I could do this all day. I take my thumb and rub her clit she moans and arches her back. She has no idea what she is doing to me right now. I gently nip her clit as I move away I look at her lustful state. "So the other night you happened to mention a vibrator?"

Vanessa pushes both her hands threw her hair. "Top drawer... beside the bed." I go to her drawer and open it, I lift out her vibrator. I turn it on to the highest setting and move it around her clit, I take her breast in my mouth sucking it until her nipple pops out, she moans. I keep her vibrator on her clit while I enter two of my fingers inside her, thrusting in and out. I add a third and bite her inside thigh. "You're so tight" I can barely make out what she says. "Logan I’m so close" I smile "Not yet ... don’t come yet." I hear Vanessa begin to question me. "But ..." I start to remove my fingers. She lets out a gasp. "Noooo please don’t stop, I beg you." I let out a soft laugh. "Told you I would make you beg."

I thrust my fingers back in curling them little, I hit her soft spot and I quicken my pace. I feel her juices all over my fingers and her walls tightening. Vanessa begins to quake beneath me. "Logan right there" I don't ease up wanting to bring her to climax. "Come for me, Vanessa" she moans and writhes beneath me before shouting out. "I’m"

I slow my pace down letting her ride out her orgasm. I remove my fingers and she watches to see what I do next, I smile as I suck my fingers clean. I start to take my top off she crawls on all fours towards me undoing my belt. She lowers my zipper and pushes my jeans and boxers down, my dick springs free. Vanessa grabs me with both hands stroking before bringing me to her mouth she looks up at me as she licks the precum off just the tip, I then watch as she takes my full length in her mouth. "Ohhh f*uck." I grip her hair in my hand as she deep throats my cock. I wasn’t prepared for how good she would work it. I am never going to last long if she keeps working it like a pro. I’m trying to think of unsexy things.

Deck chairs - Vanessa straddling me lowering her wet pussy on my cock, Food - chocolate sauce spread all over her breasts me licking it off. This is not working ... I can't hold it back any longer "Nessssaaaa I’m coming."

My dick starts to throb as I shoot my load into her mouth. She looks up at me and swallows ... fuckin hell the girls I have been with in the past have always spat it out, that was so hot. As she slides her tongue over my sensitive tip she pulls away "Your dick is very impressive, I would love it in me now." My cock gets the memo and I am rock hard yet again. "My pleasure." I roll a condom on and rub it over her slick opening. I command "On your hands and knees now."

She does exactly what I ask and I spank her hard as I drive into her sliding myself back out. I delve in nice and slow enjoying how she feels around my cock. I lean over and whisper in her ear. "Give me your hands"

She gives me her hands and I hold them behind her back. I push into her harder using her hands and arms to hold her still so I can pound into her. I hear her whimper my name"Logan... right there ...fuck." I have never been so turned on I cry out. "You're so close, baby," Vanessa mumbles back to me. "I’m nearly there." I scream out."Ahhh fuck"

I come inside her and slow my pace until I pull out of her completely. Vanessa starts to giggle. "That was better than the last time" I smile at her "It only gets better with practice, you are incredible" I lie on her bed pulling her into me realising what I am doing she bolts up. "You need to leave now" I stare at her with confusion. "You're kicking me out?" she sighs "Yeah, I have told you this can’t happen." I laugh at her. "Funny thing... it just happened again and you were begging for it." I start to get hard again as I look her body over. I pin her beneath me and start kissing that sweet spot I found earlier and work down her body. I kiss her sweet spots while she watches me. "You still want me to leave?" I watch as she arches her back. "Nooo, plleassseeee don’t stop" I smile to myself. "Good girl."

I fuck her until the small hours of the morning my muscles are sore but it was worth it, her body is perfection and she’s like a drug, each hit I need more. I must have fallen asleep cause the next thing I hear someone shout. "Mummy, mummy, mummy"

I wake up to the sound of footsteps run down the hall. Vanessa bolts up "Oh fuck hide, NOW!" She pushes me off the bed and I land on the floor in a heap. Nessa is scrambling to get her pyjamas on just as she is decent her bedroom door flings open.

"Mummy there you are, daddy is here." I hear a male voice shout out. "Vanessa I don’t have all day" her tone is abrupt. "Give me a minute!!" Then the sweet, warm version speaks. "Sweet pea can you go to your daddy, mummy will be there in a minute ok?" I hear a sweet voice. "Ok mummy." The door closes and the footsteps run back down the hall. Vanessa looks over to me as I peek over the bed. "You need to leave, you were supposed to leave." I stand up "You're a mum? You have a kid."

Vanessa looks at the floor "Would you get dressed already" I whisper "Why didn’t you say anything?" Vanessa bends down "Look this is why I kept telling you this was a one-time thing, I’m complicated with baggage, please put your clothes on." She throws me my shirt, she puts her robe on covering up the lacey pyjamas I tore off her body last night. She turns and walks out the door leaving me alone. I don't mean to eavesdrop "Derek you're early?" the guy sounds pissed off "Yeah well I have a business meeting and I need to be on a flight so I have to drop jazzy off now, Bye pumpkin" I hear Vanessa's daughter speak. "Bye daddy"

I can hear her speak softly. "Ok you want to watch cartoons, while mummy gets dressed?" the girl giggles. "Yes, mummy." Then I hear the TV turn on before hearing his voice again."Is that new?" Vanessa raises her voice. "Excuse me?"

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