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Chapter 4


“What you’re wearing?” Vanessa quickly replies. “Yeah.” Derek laughs. "What’s the point it’s not like you have any-one to impress Vanessa” I can hear the sharpness in her tone “You’re absolutely right it’s not like there is any chance that a hot guy is in my bedroom as we speak, now if you don’t mind leaving. I have things to do.”

I hear him scoff. “Nice one Vanessa. I will pick jazzy up at five on Friday for the weekend is that still ok?. Oh, and did you get the house papers signed yet?”

“Here let me just do that right now... there you’re no longer tied to me. Make sure your solicitor gets the copy and I’ll give mine this copy tomorrow at lunch.”

I hear footsteps come back up the hall and she comes storming into her bedroom. “Fucking prick” I try to walk closer to her. “Are you ok?” Vanessa jumps “you’re still here, did you not climb out the window already?”

I walk over and try to reach for her hip but she moves her hands out to stop me. “I didn’t want to sneak out that way, just in case your husband saw me.” Vanessa snaps at me. “Ex-husband.” I try to apologise. “Sorry.” Vanessa softens her gaze at me. “What for?” I bite my lip “I heard what he said to you.”

Vanessa laughs softly “Don’t be that was him being nice” she lets me come close to her and I move my hand up her body. “He didn’t deserve you, you’re amazing, beautiful and a body that gets me hard without touching it.” I slip her robe off one of her shoulders I start kissing her neck. A whimper escapes her lips. I pull away as I hear a familiar voice “Mummy, mummy can we have pancakes?”

Vanessa looks at me with apologetic eyes. “Yes sweetie coming now” I smile at her and whisper. “I wish you were” she laughs at me. “My little cockblocker, Logan.” I rub my thumb over her cheek. “I want to see you again.” she sighs. “Logan you’re a nice guy and this was fun, but I have a daughter, an asshole for an Ex, your young and fun, you need someone that can be that too. I’m pancakes, Spongebob and trips to the zoo. This weekend was fantastic and just what I needed, but that’s done we had our fun.” I look at my feet “I respect what you’re saying. It was a great weekend. See you around neighbour”

I climb out her window, her little girl is watching TV and her ex now gone, I make the walk of shame over the gardens making my way home.


It’s Monday morning and I’m heading into work, I have been here for ten years. I work in the finance department but the last 3 months Mr Harris’ PA has been off sick and he asked if I would cover the role. I drive into a parking space and walk into the lobby, the company has a day nursery here which makes things with Jasmine easier. I hear my name being called. "Mrs Delamont" I turn and smile "Morning Mr Harris, actually it’s Miss Hartman again" he looks at me and Jasmine. "I’m so sorry to hear that" I watch as Jasmine smiles at my boss. "Hi, Mr Harris" he waves at her. "Morning little one, how are you?" she swings one of her legs in front of her. "I’m great going to draw my new house for mummy" he laughs. "Well, you have fun, I cant wait to see it."

Mr Harris directs his attention back at me. "Miss Hartman, can you please come to my office at eleven am, I need you to be in a meeting with me." I nod. "Yes sir not a problem." I drop off Jasmine at the nursery and make my way to the office. There are whispers in the office that Mr Harris’ son is starting today, the women say he is sex on legs, the way Mr Harris speaks about him I assumed he was a young kid turns out he is twenty-three and just graduated with a first in Business and Finance.

I have been answering emails non-stop, I need caffeine. I walk down to the staff kitchen and get myself a coffee, I look at my watch, shit I’m late. I run back to the office and knock Mr Harris' door. "Come in." I open the door and walk towards the desk Mr Harris’ son I assume, has his back to me. he smiles at me. "Just the very person, Miss Hartman, please meet my son"


I arrive at the building my dad is waiting for me in the lobby. "Hi dad." he looks up from his phone. "Logan, Good morning." I look around. "So what do I need to do?"

My dad nods over at the door to the left. "You need to go to HR and fill in the forms once that’s complete come to my office. I have a meeting at eleven you need to attend." I have been down in HR for ages. I have filled in the last form when I make my way up to my dad's office the PA’s desk is empty so I knock the door and go in, I see my dad. I head over to sit in front of his desk, I’m looking around me when we hear a knock at the door. I don't turn around, all I hear is my dad say a name and I hear heels walk towards the desk.

I look down when I see the heels my gaze slowly makes its way up the legs, my god they go on for days, I make my way up to her chest her breasts look amazing, I need to stop this I'm sure there is a no fraternising rule with staff. I see long brown hair, but there is something familiar, that fruity scent I finally make my way to her face. "Miss Hartman this is my son Logan Harris"

Vanessa smiles "Good morning Mr Harris" I am gobsmacked "Good morning Vanessa." My dad looks at me with an all too familiar look. "How do you know her name, Logan?" I break my gaze from Vanessa. "This is mums new neighbour, she moved in last week." he nods cautiously at me. "Small world."

Vanessa says shakily. "Ridiculously small." She takes the seat beside me, my dad is asking her all sorts of work questions next thing my dad is asking me something. Fuck I wasn’t listening. "Sorry what dad?." he glares at me, "I said that when you're more established here you will need a good PA, I was suggesting Miss Hartman here for the position"

Vanessa jumps in before me. "I’m sure Logan would want to hire his own staff, I don’t mind going back to finance" My dad brushes off her words. "Not at all your a hard worker and a fine PA, Logan could use someone like you."

Vanessa smiles politely. "Thank you for the opportunity, can I think about it?" there is a pause from my dad. "Of course." Dad practically talks me through everything but I have zero interest in what he says I watch Vanessa the entire time. She looks at her phone. "Sir, you have your conference call at 12 with China". He turns to Vanessa. "Thank you for reminding me. Sorry, Logan, I need to leave you, for the time being. Miss Hartman, would you mind showing Logan the online schedule and financials while I’m in the meeting?" Her poker face is outstanding she is cool and calm on the outside but I am willing to bet inside she is panicking. "Not a problem sir" my dad looks at me. "Logan, your office is down the hall at the very end." I clap my hands together. "Thanks, dad."

I follow Vanessa out as she shows me to my office. "So, Mr Harris, this is your office, over there are the financial forecasts for the month if you load up your PC the IT team left you a login and password under your keyboard." I can't help myself she has her back to me as she is instructing me where everything is, I walk up behind her and put my arms around her so that I can slip my hands under her shirt she has a lacy bra on. I can feel her nipples pebble. She leans her head back against my shoulder I turn my face slightly so I can suck her neck. I tweak her nipple and she lets out a soft moan. I’m instantly hard, I push her up against the wall begging to be deep inside her. My office phone starts to ring, fuck. Vanessa starts to pull away fixing herself.

"Good afternoon, Mr Harris’ office." Her face is like thunder. "I will let him know, thank you" I look at her confused at what's going on "Vanessa, what’s wrong?" she comes over pointing at my chest. "What’s wrong, what’s wrong ... your girlfriend is waiting in the Lobby for your lunch date." Before I can even register the words Vanessa storms out of the office slamming my door behind her. This I have to see, I walk down to the lobby when I see a girl talking to the receptionist, oh shit. She turns and sees me placing a megawatt smile on her face she walks over to me, pulling me in for a kiss. I hear heels behind me please don’t let it be her.


Its lunchtime and I have to go to the solicitor's office to leave in the house papers, yet again I involved myself with cheating lying bastards. Walking through the lobby I got that pretty much confirmed. Logan has a girl attached to his face. I was angry at myself for the weekend but I also feel something else I don’t want to admit jealousy. I know how good those lips are, that tongue. What the hell snap out of it Nessa, you don’t need men anymore I just need to focus on me and Jasmine.

I finally get back to my desk and my phone starts ringing. "So you free yet? I laugh "And hello to you too" my sisters tone changes "You have something to share with me?" I am cold and abrupt "Nope" my sister knows me too well. "You sound pissed." I place my head on my desk "Logan has a girlfriend"

"Ouch." I give her a brief rundown before finishing. "I am not looking for anything serious but I’m not ok sleeping with men who have girlfriends or wives." I look up and find Logan standing inside my office. "Can we talk?" I sigh "Please hold the line." Victoria starts to fight me. "Do not put me on hold, I need to hear this." I shout "You're going on hold!" Logan looks at me "Can I please speak with you?" I feel my jaw clench. "If it’s work-related absolutely if it’s personal not a snowball's chance in hell." He shuffles his feet. "I need to explain, just give me 5 mins."

"No, I’m a professional I’m not bringing my personal life here. Now please leave." He looks at me dead in the eyes. "You and I will have this chat." I was being petty but it had to be done. "Goodbye now." I take the phone off hold "So what did he say?" I watch as he walks away. "Nothing he was asked to leave" my sister tries to reason with me "Hear him out?" I scoff down the phone "I don’t have time for this shit, it was supposed to be a one-time thing, I have literally just got divorced."

"I’m calling over tonight for dinner, I’m bringing Chinese and wine I will be there for 7." my sister ends the call and I resume the rest of my day as normal as I can. I get home and get Jasmine ready for bed.

"Mummy, will you read me a bedtime story?" I smile "Of course, hun go pick out a book." As I finish reading I look at Jasmine she is out for the count. I go to my bedroom and put on some comfy clothes, I hear a knock at my door and look at my clock it’s only half six, my sister is never early. I answer the door not paying any attention. "You're early" I hear a male voice I really don't need to be hearing "I didn’t think I was invited?" I put my hand on my hip full of attitude.

"What are you doing here?"

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