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Chapter 5


I pull Taylor off me confused as to why she is even here. “Hi baby, I missed you” I move her hands away from me “Taylor, what are you doing here?” She bats her eyelids at me. “You’re taking me to lunch to celebrate your first day, silly.” I look at her “I don’t have time for your games Taylor. I broke up with you after I caught you screwing Dean.” Taylor waves her arm as if it’s no big deal “Dean was a mistake, I said I was sorry, but you forgave him, surely you can forgive me?”

I try to walk away “I need you to go and not come back, we are done!” Taylor pulls my arm back. “You say that now, but you know you still want me? Look at what you have missed all summer?” I get to the point “Taylor I’m not lying we are done, don’t show up here again.” She smiles sweetly at me clearly not working out how pissed off I am “Oh so daddy going to hand over the empire to you?”

I hear my dads voice behind me. “Taylor is that you?” she walks over to my dad. “Mr Harris it’s so good to see you again.” The way these two are looking at each other, has my red flags up she was in London over the summer and dad was on business there, my mind can’t help but think, have they been fucking? I look over at the two of them. “Well if you will excuse me, I need to head to my office I have work to do.” Taylor calls out to me, “Call me.” I head in the complete opposite direction, I need to explain to Vanessa what’s going on, I walk into her office to find her head on the desk, on a call. Clearly, she is telling someone about me, she looks up to find me staring at her, she places the call on hold and pretty much tells me to leave. I’m not pushing it now, but she needs to hear me out.

I go back to work and keep my head down the rest of the day. I press the elevator button to take me down to the parking garage to my car. I’m leaving late so there aren’t many cars left. I’m walking over to my car when I see my dads car still here, strange I thought he left. Then I hear moans coming from it... oh dad what the fuck. I can’t help but look who he is in the car with. “Taylor...?”

I had my suspicions from lunch-time, he can have her, I don’t want her I know exactly who I want and I'm done with this bullshit cheating drama. I drive home and get out of my car but it’s not my door I’m heading towards. I knock the door and it swings open, she's not really paying attention but when she hears my voice, she’s clearly pissed I’m here.

“I would really like those 5 mins now?” she lets out a breath. “Come in before someone sees you.” She walks into her kitchen and I follow, she pours a large glass of wine and takes a gulp. I call out to her struggling to find my words. “Vanessa.” She sets her glass down. “You have just lost a minute standing there, get the point!”

I explain myself making sure I don't miss anything out. “ Taylor is my ex, I broke up with her before summer as I caught her shagging Dean. I had no clue she was back as she went to London, I don’t want her and definitely won’t ever go near her again considering I just watched her fuck, my dad, in the car park at work.”

Vanessa looks at me “What did you just say?” I look at her pleading. “You heard me, please don’t make me repeat that. I know you said that this was a one-time thing but I cannot get you out of my head, you are something else, special.” I walk over to her she looks incredible in that top, it falls off her shoulder and she’s clearly not wearing anything under it.

I pin her against the kitchen counter and kiss her collarbone I push her top further down exposing her breast, I take her nipple in my mouth and start flicking it with my tongue. Her skin is so soft and she smells divine. I lift her onto the counter, she wraps her legs around me. I can’t stop kissing her my hand is in her hair holding on for as long as I can to the kiss. I’m rock hard.

“I come baring Chinese and wine.” Victoria yells out “Oh fuck!” I hear Vanessa whisper against my skin. “Shit.” I look over to Victoria. “Hi” then I cast my eyes at Vanessa. “I better go.”


I watch as Logan walks out of the house I can't help but think that could have been so much worse, what if we had gone further, what if Jasmine woke up. I have got to put a stop to this.

"Well, that looked hot and fun" I glare at my sister as I take another sip of wine "Don’t you knock?" she giggles at me "We’re family we don’t need to knock" I look at my sister with a stern look "I need to stop this thing with Logan."

Victoria quizzes me. "So what about the girlfriend?" I top up my wine glass and pour her one. "Well, ex-girlfriend apparently she fucked Dean in the past and just shagged my boss tonight, Logan caught them in the car park."

My sister laughs and clinks her wine glass with mine. "Well, she’s a busy girl." We eat Chinese food and she tells me why I should keep seeing Logan. He is young, full of energy and the sex is amazing but he also seems sweet and the fact I am a little older and I have a child doesn't deter him, I must be insane to be even thinking like this.

It’s been busy at work and I have been keeping my head down, Mr Harris was out of the office a lot leaving Logan in charge. The sexual chemistry between us is hitting a fever point. It’s finally Friday and I have to leave a little early, Derek is picking Jasmine up for the weekend. I collect Jasmine from the nursery and we are walking back to the car I buckle her in and listen as she sings Twinkle Twinkle it's her new favourite song and this is the one millionth and one time I have had the pleasure of hearing it. I turn the key but the engine doesn’t start "oh please no, no, no." I hear a knock at my window. All I see is concerned eyes "Vanessa you ok?" I try not to cry "My car won’t start and Derek is on his way to collect Jasmine." Logan asks "could he not come here and get her?" I gently explain. "Her bags are at the house." Logan opens my car door "Get in my car I can take you both since I’m heading home." I try to joke. "Leaving the office early on a Friday night? What a hot date?"

Logan smiles "Maybe?" It feels like a slap to the face and I have no right to be, but I'm jealous. "Oh!" Logan tilts his head. "You jealous?" I laugh "What me? Don’t be silly" he takes my hand "My date doesn’t know I’m coming yet? I have to wait until a certain little lady gets picked up." I look at him, it finally sinks in what he means. "You're playing with fire." Logan gives me his cheeky smirk. "It’s worth it."

As we get into Logans car, Jasmine is asking him tons of questions and he answers them all. He is actually really good with her. We arrive home and I thank Logan for the lift, I reach my front door and open it. I shout "Oh shit."

Jasmine races beside me "Mummy you said a bad word" Logan walks over and finds what I am staring at a hole in my ceiling and water everywhere. "You have a burst pipe I can turn off the water mains and I have a friend who’s a plumber who can help" I pull every towel I own and place them down trying to soak up the water. I hear a male voice call out at the door

"Christ, what the hell happened here?" I shout back realising its Derek "Burst pipe, I’m getting it fixed." Jasmine races up to him "Daddy, daddy, daddy ... Logan is helping mummy"

Derek looks at me with daggers

"And who’s Logan?"

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