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Chapter 6


Derek is still glaring at me as Jasmine shouts “Mummy’s boyfriend!” I look at her “What?“Jasmine smiles sweetly at me. “Yeah, Logan said he is your boyfriend remember?” Logan starts to laugh. “Little miss you’re going to get me in trouble. I said I’m a boy and I’m a friend, you put those two words together. I watch as Derek sizes Logan up but he holds his own leaning forward and placing a handout. “Hi, I’m Logan.”

Derek just looks at him and logan takes his hand back “So what you live around here? Logan nods at him. “Yeah, just next door” Jasmine starts jumping on the spot. “Logy come, let me show you my teddies.” Logan smiles at her as she reaches her little hand up to him. “Ok little miss, lead the way.” Logan walks passed smiling at me and he gently places his free hand on my hip to get round me. He walks down the hall to Jasmine’s room.

Derek turns to me with a look of disgust. “Jesus Nessa, he’s a bit young, don’t you think?” I snap at him “Excuse me, not that it’s any of your business, but he is old enough.” Derek angrily points down the hall “So you’re fucking him that was quick, the ink’s not even dry.” I try to keep my temper at bay. “Are you kidding me, my side of the bed was still warm when you had her in it.”

Derek starts to lecture me “Yeah well, think about who you’re introducing to Jazzy.” It takes everything I have not to lose my cool. “Don’t you dare lecture me, you have no right. Do I look pleased with HER !!! You stay out of my business and I will stay out of yours, we only need to worry about Jasmine.” Derek looks at me and the next words come out in a blur. “I proposed to Cora!”

I take a step back and absorb the news and glare at him how did I ever love him. “Well good for you.” It all makes sense, he never drops Jasmine off early when he has her. “Wait you told me you had to drop Jasmine off early for a business trip, did you fucking lie?”

The look he gives me my blood boils, that lying twat. Yeah, ditch our daughter early so you can whisk your “Cora” away on a romantic getaway. Having had enough of Derek’s company I shout down the hall. “Jasmine sweety daddy’s leaving.” I turn my attention back to my ex. “There are her bags”

My beautiful baby girl, the only thing that was good to come from Derek runs up giving me the biggest hug. “Bye mummy, love you” Jasmine slips out of the door and Derek follows, he is about to say something when I slam the door in his face. I can’t pull myself away so I watch as the car pulls away. I feel a set of eyes on me as I stride into the kitchen, I am hurt, I don’t love him, not any more but he moved on so fast and then has the cheek to lecture me.

Logan looks at me tenderly. “Vanessa, you ok?” I remain quiet not wanting to cry and then I hear his voice come closer. “Vanessa?” I snap out of my pity party for one. “Yeah sorry.” Logan comes round and wraps his arm around me. “He is a fucking twat, but his loss is very much my gain. Now let’s fill in your hole.” I burst out laughing, Logan is exactly who I needed to take me away from my thoughts, I have tears roll down my face from laughing so hard. Logan’s friend eventually comes over and fixes the pipe within a couple of hours, he and Logan are chatting away at the front door. I watch as Logan starts making his way out the door once his friend drives off. “So I will see you tomorrow, I can help repair your ceiling” I give him a soft smile and give him a chance to change his mind. “Thanks so much, but you don’t have to do that.” Logan puts his hand through his hair allowing his T-Shirt to lift showing me a peek of his Adonis belt he looks at me sweetly. “I don’t have to, but I want to Vanessa, let me help you”. I make my way to the door, he doesn’t move away and I can’t help it.

I pull him back into the house, quickly unbuckling his belt, I pull his trousers and boxers down. I sink to my knees and take his cock in my mouth, I suck and swirl my tongue over his tip I can taste his precum, it’s addictive. I never enjoyed this with Derek but with Logan, I like to be the one in control at times I love the way he reacts. I hear him hiss through his lips. “Shit Vanessasaaaaaa” I roll his balls in my hand as he lets out a groan I take every last inch of him into my mouth, I am taken aback when Logan shouts at me. “Stop!” I freeze questioning him. “What’s wrong?”

Logan pulls me up taking my face in his hands. “When I come, I want to be in you.” He picks me up in his arms and leads me to the sofa, he sits down bringing me into his lap straddling him, he pulls up my dress and slides my panties to the side. I lower myself onto his rigid member. I grab the back of the sofa for leverage rising up and down on his hard length. Logan’s grip on my hips digs in hard leaving marks, leaving his marks on my body and he begins slamming into me. “Logan right there ... oh f*uck I’m so close .... oh god” Logan grunts “Come on my c*ock, Vanessa I need you”

I keep bouncing up and down until I feel his body jerk and I feel his warmth fill the condom inside me. “That was incredible you know exactly what you’re doing,” Logan whispers into my neck. “Your body is out of this world, I can’t get enough of you.” I finally remove myself from his lap, he gets up and starts putting his clothes back on. “I better go, my car is in the driveway, don’t want the neighbours to talk.” I’m a little disappointed and I think he can see by my face.

Logan comes over to me and kisses me gently. “I will be back tomorrow first thing, we have a ceiling to fix”

I don’t know why but I can feel myself build walls up again “Like I said you really don’t have to” Logan looks at me and stands up straight. “Vanessa don’t do that.” I sigh and walk to the front door “See you tomorrow if your lucky, I will treat you to breakfast.”

Logan looks at me lust back in this eyes. “Hmmm, can I have little taste right now.” He picks me up and kisses me hard then slowly lets me slide down his body, fuck he is rock hard again. “I better go before I do something, I really want to.” As I close the door I start to question what I am doing, Logan is twenty-three I am newly divorced with so much baggage, I know this is supposed to be just fun, but that’s the thing I have never been that type. I keep myself busy and clean up the remaining mess, I decide to have an early night and hopefully catch up on some much-needed sleep but all my dreams are all of Logan.

The next morning ...


I promised Vanessa I would fix her ceiling. I am about to leave the house when my mum is standing in the kitchen. “Logan take a seat!” I walk over to the chair “Ok?” My mum sits facing me. “So you’re an adult and you have a right to privacy but I need to know, why have you been sneaking about next door?” I can feel her eyes bore into mine like shes trying to work out if I am going to lie. “I’m helping her? Plus she works for dad!” she slams her coffee cup down on the table, “Logan Decker Harris try again.” I look up to the ceiling. “Ummmm” I can hear my mums voice, she is trying to be calm. “Sweetie, I’m not blind I seen you looking at her that day in the back garden, then imagine my surprise when I saw you climb out her window and then last night you being pulled into her doorway! Now the truth, please” I try to mutter it so she doesn’t fully hear what I say. “I’m kinda seeing her, we are taking things slow”

“And when did this start?” I don’t want to be giving my mum details so I try to keep it vague. “The night before you had her over.” She’s still looking at me, I almost sense disappointment. “I see.” I hate upsetting my mum I quietly ask. “Are you pissed?” My mum is eerily quiet and the silence is deafening. Out of nowhere, she starts to hysterical laugh. “Of course not I wanted to fuck with you... that was fun.”

I quickly stand up causing my chair to fall back. “Mum what the hell?” she picks up her cup of coffee. “She’s nice, my only concern and I wouldn’t be a decent parent, if I don’t say it. She has a kid and well Vanessa is still young enough but you’re younger, are you really ready for a relationship with baggage?” I smile just thinking about Vanessa. “We are keeping things casual.” My mum smiles at me. “Ok if you say so, just something to consider if this turns into more, the way you were looking right now, screams this isn’t casual Logan, you are my son and I know you well enough.”

I like Vanessa but we agreed casual I am snapped from my thoughts “So where are you off to at this early hour?” I look at my mum who is working me out like I am a puzzle piece. “Vanessa had a burst pipe, I’m fixing her ceiling!” My mum smiles from ear to ear. “Well aren’t you a sweetheart, have fun”

Well, fuck me a grown-ass man and my mum has seen it all fuckadoodledo. I was so concerned with the neighbours talking I forgot how much my mum doesn’t miss a trick in this neighbourhood.

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