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Chapter 7


I have a hot shower, shave myself smooth all over and rub my favourite coconut moisturiser all over my body and find some sexy lingerie you know just in case and some skimpy jean overalls for getting down and dirty fixing the ceiling. There is a knock at the door. Logan gets my sense of humour so I swing open the door. “Morning handsome, I believe I have a hole that needs to be filled badly.”

Logan’s jaw hits the ground. “Jesus, fucking hell, you can’t wear and say stuff like that. I want between your legs right now, I know the very hole that needs to be filled.” I pick up the syrup and throw it at him. “I made pancakes with syrup hope that’s ok?”

He follows me into the kitchen and I can hear him laugh, I can feel his eyes burn my skin as he watches my every move, I plate up the pancakes and he gives me a smile that exposes his very sexy dimples. We sit and the conversation flows, he is really easy to talk to, he makes me laugh a lot, I realise we have a lot in common we both love Ice Hockey, we both love horror movies and are hardcore sushi fans. He asks me how I met Derek, fuck I knew this would potentially come up, I just wasn’t expecting that to be now.

I take a deep breathe “We met when I was 20 just out of university he offered me a summer internship so I took it. You can guess what was going on during the summer, we started dating, we got married, we had Jasmine then as soon as the next young 20-year-old intern came along he fucked her and proposed to her.

I am so lost in my own thoughts I almost miss what Logan says “If you were mine, I would never let you go.” I smile at him. “I don’t even know where it went wrong like we had a great sex life. I never nagged him, nothing made sense, why his head turned. I found him shagging her in our bed he saw me but she didn't. I just walked out afraid of what I would do. I had Jasmine to think of I didn't want her to know about any of it. I am so sorry I am talking too much.”

Logan comes closer to me pulling me into a hug. “Vanessa, stop you have nothing to be sorry about I asked, everyone, has a past.” I pull away and I quietly walk out of the room, Logan gives me the space I need and we get to work fixing the ceiling, I go to get us some water when I come back into my living room. I start blushing and without realising it I’m biting my bottom lip. Logan looks over at me and drops his tools making his way over to me and grazes his thumb over my lip, my breath hitches as he leans in and kisses me ever so gentle. I’m so wet and he hasn’t even touched me properly. He pulls away and looks at me.

“You are seriously something else. I can’t get enough of you, let me take you out on a date tonight. I don’t want this to be just about sex.” I’m literally drawing up and pros and cons list in my head, Logan clearly is in my head. “It’s just one date, just give me a chance.”

I imagine what Victoria would say if I told her about this and without hesitation I gave him my answer. “Ok, it’s a date.” The ceiling is almost fixed just a lick of paint and it’s good as new, Logan went home to get ready, I’m getting myself ready I’m so nervous it’s been so long since I have been on a date. I text Logan to ask what to wear and my phone pings almost immediately.

Dress sexy I am taking you out to dinner see you at 7 xo

I’m ready and no more when I have a knock at my door. I answer and find Logan looking hot as hell in front of me, wearing trousers and a shirt with the cuffs rolled up exposing his forearms, he really is sex on legs. His gaze lingers on me almost making me self-conscious “Fuck, we can’t go to dinner now, I’m never going to be able to keep my hands to myself.” I feel my confidence grow and I give him a sly grin “If you feed me dinner. I promise you, I can be your dessert, now let’s go”

Logan walks me to his car being nothing but a gentleman he opens my door, we enjoy the drive to the restaurant chatting about everything and anything when we arrive the valet takes his car, we walk to the door Logan places his hand at the bottom of my back and it sends tingles that shock me to my core, how can this be happening. I walk in and take in my surroundings. “This place is stunning Logan, thank you” he gives me a little smile. “You’re welcome, baby.”

The waitress brings us to our table, Logan keeps me close to him. He nuzzles my neck just before we are seated, I let out a soft moan I can’t make it through dinner when every time he touches me I feel like I am about to combust. The waitress smiles at us. “Good evening, what can I get you to drink?”

I look up from the menu. “Can I have a Cosmo, please? Logan keeps his eyes on me the entire time my tummy doing flips. “I will take a whiskey on the rocks”

she smiles at us “I will be back with your drinks and take your food order.” We are sitting chatting and laughing. Logan has my hand in his and is rubbing up and down my arm. The waitress comes with our drinks and I notice someone familiar come my way “Well isn’t this cosy?”


“Derek, what are you doing here?”

Derek is standing over our table and Vanessa is shocked I feel her hand tremble and she slowly takes it back, I watch as a blonde comes storming over. “Oh honey are table is over there.” Derek looks between Vanessa and I. “Cora and I are out for dinner." Vanessa looks like she is about to blow a fuse. “Where’s Jasmine?” Derek looks sheepish. “She’s with my mother” I can hear a whine come from behind me. “Derek we are supposed to be celebrating, you promised.”

Vanessa turns her attention to Cora. “Yeah, I hear congratulations are in order.” It shouldn't be funny but either Cora is dumb or she has no idea who just congratulated her. “Aww thank you, how do you know Derek?” Well fuck this isn’t going to end well, Vanessa is trying to hold back but she’s becoming angrier by the second.

“I’m Vanessa, I am the ex-wife. Surprised you don’t recognise me since my pictures where all over the house you were in fucking my ex-husband god knows how many times.” the look on her face says it all she never wanted to know who Vanessa was and here they were face to face. “Derek you said she never goes out, why is she here?” Vanessa picks up her wine glass and casually takes a sip. “I’m right here, you can ask me yourself, you're ballsy enough to steal husbands. I am sure you can be ballsy enough to ask me yourself”

Deciding to step in which may or may not be the stupidest thing I could do, my voice trails off “I asked her out on a date, so if you wouldn’t mind we would like to enjoy the rest of it uninterrupted.” Cora grabs Derek's hand, she looks pissed and she practically pulls his arm from the socket. Vanessa sighs and looks directly at me, embarrassment all over her face. “I am so sorry about that, I have ruined our night. If you want to leave, I understand.”

I grab her hand and look at her smiling. “Stop with the apology, she had a lot worse coming her way. I am so lucky to have you on my arm and I would like to continue our date. I love your company, but if you're not comfortable here, we can go somewhere else?”

I watch as she thinks it over. “No I’m fine, he doesn’t bother me anymore it was just a shock.” I give her hand a little squeeze “As long as you’re sure?" Vanessa smiles at me and I feel something in my gut I haven't felt before. “They are not ruining our night!” Our food comes and we are chatting and I am genuinely enthralled by Vanessa. I can’t help feel eyes watching us as we continue our date but I don't care, I am up settling the bill at the bar when someone comes up behind me. “Hi, can I request a bottle of champagne for our table when you get a moment” I recognise the voice now standing beside me and look over to find Derek standing there.

The waitress smiles at him. “Yes sir, of course, it will be brought down in a minute." Derek turns his attention to me, I know what he is trying to do. I have seen my dad do it many times in business.

“Lewis, right?” I answer sharp and to the point. “Logan, actually.” Derek lets a laugh out. “Right Logan, just so you know, whatever you think you have with Vanessa, it won’t last.” I look at him and shrug my shoulders. “If you say so” he continues his verbal intimidation tactic with me. “No, I know so, all I have to do is snap my fingers and she will come running back! You mark my words." I can feel my blood itch at my skin, I have never wanted to punch someone in the face as much as this fucker. “You really underestimate Vanessa, she’s already over you, I don’t know what you were thinking letting her go, she really is amazing and its been nothing but my gain, now if you will excuse me, I need to find my girl."

"Congrats to you and Cora. Excuse me, can you add their champagne to my bill." The waitress looks like a deer caught in headlights but plasters a smile on her face and does as I ask “Of course sir”

I slap Derek on the back and walk away, I didn't mean to say it but I meant it. Vanessa really was my girl.

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