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Chapter 8


Logan and I have finished our meal, I excuse myself and go to the ladies room while Logan settles the bill, he insisted and there was no arguing with him I can find more ways to make up for it. I am fixing my lipstick when I hear the bathroom door open. “Stay away from Derek!” I dap my lips on a bit of tissue and smirk at her “That won’t be a problem, apart from picking up and dropping off Jasmine. I have no interest in being anywhere near Derek EVER!!!!"

Cora grabs my arm and I look at her, I am not a violent person but no one puts their hands on me, especially not a husband stealing tart, Cora says with amusement. “Oh please, like you are not using Jasmine to keep your claws in him”

I start to laugh hard that tears roll down my cheek, its either that or I rip her throat out. I pull my arm free from her grip. “Cora you may be extremely beautiful, but you’re fucking stupid, if you think that for one second, I would take his micro dick, cheating, STD giving ass back. Hell has more chance of freezing the fuck over. Have you got tested? Because sweetheart you haven’t been the only one. It’s amazing what you're told when they hear the wife found out. Now if you will excuse me, you will have noticed I certainly upgraded on the man front. I have the best fuck waiting for me, Goodnight.”

I strut out passed her, her mouth gaped open, I have no idea if the STD thing is accurate but I did find out that there was more than Cora going on. So there is no harm in planting that seed. We were using condoms as I never went back on contraception after Jasmine. Derek insisted we use condoms to stop me having a second baby he didn’t want any more kids. I did, that’s why I didn’t want to go back on anything. It took us a while to conceive the first time so I didn’t want that to happen again. Just in case he changed his mind. Derek was always impulsive.

I see Derek and Logan talking. Derek's face is red from anger as I watch Logan pat his back and walk away, his face lights up when he sees me, I walk up to Logan and take his hand, he stares at me for a minute. “Everything ok?” I smile. “Yeah, just had a girl talk with Cora” Logan leans in and nuzzles my neck. “Funny, I had a guy talk with Derek care to share?” I moan softly as I feel his teeth graze my skin.

“You can guess? You met her!” he then takes his thumb and rubs my neck at the other side “Yeah, I have my suspicions about it, so you ready for dessert?” I grab his shirt. "Dessert is my favourite!" Logan growls and leads me outside the valet brings the car around and Logan opens the car door, I stand on my tippy toes and kiss his cheek. "Such the gentleman." he leans into the door and looks long and hard at me. "Not for long."

Logan starts the car and he eventually places a hand on my thigh, he starts to move his hands up under my dress. "Vanessa, I’m in love with this dress, it lets me slip in nice and easy." The slits were so high I couldn’t wear underwear a little secret I kept to myself but he is about to find out that fun fact very soon. His hands go further up until he reaches the top his hand stops abruptly. "Fuck, have been like that the whole night?"

I nod and smile at him "Uh-huh." I open my legs giving him access, I’m so ready for him, he carcasses his fingers across my clit he feels how wet I am. Before I can even think straight he plunges his fingers into me, he looks over to me I suck in my bottom lip. "Eyes on the road." He groans my name and I hold his hand in place rocking my hips back and forth riding his hand. I use my other hand to rub my clit. I let out a soft moan. "Oh, Logan" I hear him grumble "Ohh f*uck, I'm finding it really hard to focus on driving." I continue to tease him "Right there ... don't... stop." Logan huffs. "Screw this." He pulls the car over placing it in park, we are on a dark road with next to no traffic on it.

"I can’t wait to get you home I need inside you right now." Logan undoes my belt and pulls me across to his lap, I undo his buckle and zip, he shimmy’s his trousers down just enough to release his hard throbbing cock. I watch tentatively as he rolls a condom on. He lifts me up, I can feel his tip at my opening and without warning, he slams me down every glorious inch of him. It’s fast it’s hard, there is a light sheen of sweat over my body, the windows steamed up giving us a little privacy and the distinct smell of sex in the air. I’m moaning with every slam of his hard cock as I feel my walls tighten around his thickness. "Logan ... fuck me .... harder... oh god .... right there!"

Logan bites and sucks along my neck "Vanessa, you feel so good... so tight, I’m going to come." I ride him harder and faster, I can feel his body start to jerk and I’m starting to unravel myself. I feel my self so close my body trembling. "Ohhhhh shhhhiiiiittttt." I slowly rock back and forth needing to calm my frantic heart. Logan looks up at me grabbing the back of my hair pulling me in for a kiss. "Vanessa, you are a fucking marvel"

I don't know why but I start to giggle, I have never been called a marvel before. "Logan, this is without a doubt the best date I have been on, we can just ignore the start of the night" Logan takes my bottom lip giving it a little graze. "It’s not over yet."

We tear apart and get ourselves semi-respectable for the drive home. When we get there the sexual tension reaches boiling point, clothes as thrown anywhere and everywhere, I think it’s safe to say we christen nearly every room of my house. Kitchen table, the sofa again, my bed, the shower, the hallway wall. He is every woman’s dream, the stamina is unreal. The orgasms are cosmic and at some point the last time when we eventually made it to my bed, it was different it was soft, sensual he took his time exploring my body bringing me to my knees each time, Logan held me all night long and instead of looking to kick him out, I opted for the post-sex cuddles.

I wake up with the sun beaming in through my curtains I look over to the other side of the bed to find it cold and empty, Logan gone. I’m a little disappointed and I begin to freak myself out, I’m in too deep, it was only to be casual but last night things changed. I need to clear my head. I drag myself out of the bed to get a shower. I head back in my room and throw myself down on the bed I pick up my phone. A little spark of doubt enters my mind no messages, nothing. I jump out of my skin as voice booms across my room.

"Good morning gorgeous" I gaze at Logan like he is some sort of apparition. "What are you still doing here?" he slowly walks over to the bed holding a tray of food and a single white rose. "I decided to surprise you, do you want me to go?" The look on his face makes me feel guilty, I didn't mean for it to come out so abrupt.

"Sorry I didn’t mean it that way, just I thought you were gone. I woke up you weren’t here." he kisses my cheek. "Sorry about that, I wanted to do this for you. It was supposed to be a nice surprise" Logan sets the tray on the bed for me, he leans in and kisses me, this time on the lips, this kiss is more than just a kiss, this kiss feels that there is more he is trying to prove. "You didn’t have to do this" Logan brings his body back on the bed, I take him in he is wearing his trousers from last night and nothing else and I feel heat instantly wave through my body. "I didn’t, but I wanted to."

We sit and have breakfast Logan is looking at me and I start to worry. Maybe I have been reading too much into this. "What’s that look for?"

Logan looks at his hands and then back at me, he stares deeply into my eyes like he wants nothing more to read how I am feeling at this very moment in time "I don’t know... I really like you and the date last night it made me realise it. I want to get to know you, I know you come with baggage but we can take it slow, I really want to see where this can go, Vanessa, I am all in."

I sit quietly absorbing his words. "Don’t answer me right away please just think about it, I know my age is putting you off and you have Jasmine to consider. I don’t want to have her hurt in any way by getting attached to me too soon. So I will go at your pace." I look at Logan and give him a little smile. "I will think about it, for what it’s worth, I really really like you, I don’t want you to think you're a rebound, it’s not like that. I’m not using you to get over my ex, I was already over him when I met you."

Logan takes a bite of his toast and smiles. "Well, that’s not the impression he gave last night during our guy chat." I feel myself stiffen. "What do you mean?" he stares at me with caution. "He told me that what we have won’t last and that you will pretty much run back to him given the chance." my blood runs cold through my veins how fucking dare he. "HE SAID WHAT?"

Derek really is seriously full of himself, why do they think I want him? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, the piece of shit was never making a fool of me ever again. "Derek is saying that to you, Cora is telling me to stay away. I don't want him, not now not ever. I am so sorry he said that to you, I promise that is not the case at all."

Logan sits and stares at me. My belly is doing somersaults just looking at him, I think he is going to get off the bed and I start to panic, this is too much for him, how can I expect him to believe that what I had with Derek was over, the only feelings I have for him was utter dislike and I was civil because he was still Jasmine's father. Logan licks his lips and crawls towards me taking me by surprise. "You are so hot when you're angry. It’s hard not to get turned on, I’m just wondering how good your angry sex is? I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer.

"Why don’t you come over here and find out?"

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