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Chapter 9

Logan POV

It’s a been a few weeks now, Vanessa and I are still taking things slow, well not on the sex part. I’m heading out on business with my dad this weekend, so I won’t get to see her. It’s Victoria’s birthday Vanessa and her friends have something major planned as she turns the big 3-0. I pull Vanessa into a hug. “I’m going to miss you.” she pulls back and gives me a sweet smile. “I’m going to miss you too, I will text you when I can” I kiss her softly on the lips. “Ok, I will talk to you soon, have a great time this weekend.


Derek has Jasmine for the weekend, I’m packing the last of my bits when I hear my door slam into the wall followed by a chorus from my very excited sister. “Go, go, go, go, go, shawty it’s my birthday..." Vic is in great form, I booked the day off work so we can head early, it’s just gone twelve and the girls are already on the booze. I see Rachel lift her glass. “I propose a toast to being Thirty and Flirty, let’s have the best damn weekend” we clink our glasses together and I look outside.

“The bus is here!” We pile in all smiles and giggles, the drinks are flowing and the Party bus is just carnage, when we get to the hotel we agree to take a break and meet for dinner before we head to the club we are taking Victoria to. We all get our keys to the rooms and freshen up, I am one first down to the bar as agreed before we hit the next spot. I’m sitting at the bar when I see my boss sitting at a table, what the hell that means Logan’s going to be here. Victoria and the girls finally turn up while I finish my drink, we all start to make our way through the lobby, I’m at the back, when I see Logan at the elevator, I realise that he isn’t alone. My heart sinks when I see him wrapped around the girl he was with before. She starts kissing his neck while they wait for the elevator to open.

I can’t look away, once the door opens they walk in and she pushes him up against the wall, I can’t believe it. I know we aren’t exclusive but I didn’t think that he was with anyone else let alone her. Victoria looks back when she realises I have stopped walking. “Nessa, you ok?” I plaster on a fake smile. “Yeah, sorry got distracted there.” I then hear a voice from behind me. “Miss Hartman, what a lovely surprise, how are you?” I turn around to see my boss looking at me. “Mr Harris, it’s nice to see you hope your meetings have gone well today.” He smiles at me. “Oh, I’m off the clock now, no more work talk, so what are you ladies doing here?” I go to explain when I hear my sister chirp in. “Hi, I’m Vanessa’s sister, it’s my birthday and we are celebrating this weekend.” Mr Harris gives her a warm smile “Well don’t let me get in the way of a girls weekend, enjoy yourselves.” I don’t know where it comes from maybe its the alcohol “Oh I plan too! I will see you Monday morning sir.”


Dad and I finished our business meetings early we headed to the hotel restaurant for a bite to eat, I hear a voice I wasn’t expecting. “Logan, it’s so good to see you” I am about to tell her to go away when my dad chats to her. “Taylor sit, join us.” My dad orders a few drinks and I am sitting there wishing I was anywhere but here right now. Taylor starts to move her hands under the table and onto my leg. She starts to lick her lips I can’t take this anymore. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. When I come out the door she pins me to the wall and kisses me, I don’t know why but at first I kiss her back, it’s like a habit.

I come to my senses and move away. “Taylor I can’t!” Taylor bites her bottom lip. “Yes we can there is nothing to stop us.” I gently push her away from me and walk back to our table. I order another drink, Why the fuck did I just do that? my train of thought is broken. “Good afternoon sir, this message was left for you.”

Sorry son, I had to leave I will see you later.


I stay and have another drink, Taylor comes back sitting at my table and orders a bottle of wine for herself. “Taylor, what are doing? she pouts at me. “Please, just keep me company.” I know this is a stupid idea but I stay, she pours me a glass of wine, we sit and chat she tells me about London and her summer. I sit and pretend to listen. I am about to get my phone out when Taylor grabs my hand. “I miss you, Logan.” She crashes her lips on mine, I don’t pull back I didn’t have that much to drink, did I? My head is telling me one thing my body is doing the complete opposite. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” I just follow her out next thing I know I’m standing in the lobby, Taylor is kissing my neck, pinned against the elevator wall and then not much else. I wake up the next morning fuck I’m naked, I look around this isn’t my room, then I look over oh noooo, please ...


I am out at the strip club with the girls, I am drinking my weight in alcohol to block out what I just saw, I refuse to let that fucknugget ruin my weekend, he can go fuck himself. Logan and I are done, finito, the end. I walk over to my sister smiling with some hunk behind me. “Happy Birthday, Vic he is for you.” she smiles and looks him up and down. “please tell me you did.” I start laughing when she works out what I have done. “Oh yes, I did” Victoria pulls me into her arms and squeezes me. “You are the best sis ever.”

The stripper starts working his magic to the song Animal by The Nine Inch Nails. I leave her and the girls whoooooo hooooooing to make my way to the bar. The bartender walks over to me. “What can I get you gorgeous?” I don’t really take him in I just really want my drink. “Hi can I get a double rum and coke” he pours my drink and smiles at me as he passes it to me. “Here you go anything else?” I down the drink in one go. “Another please” The bartender starts to make up my new drink “Bad night?” I scoff “Try shit few months.” he passes me my drink. “You want to talk about it?”

I hold up my glass. “I’m telling the Captain all about my problems thanks, he doesn’t judge!” he smiles at me and points around “Look where I work, you think I judge!” I tilt my head “Hmm, guess you have a point.” he comes closer to the bar. “Go for it, the bar is quiet enough!” I gulp my drink “The short version I married the guy I met when I was twenty, caught him fucking another girl in my bed, I move out with my daughter, he hands me divorce papers, next thing he proposes to the tart, I fuck a random younger guy in a bathroom, who turns out to be my neighbour, we agree to kinda see how things go and a few hours ago I saw him all over his ex in the hotel I’m staying at !!! So yeah shit few months.”

The bartender rubs his hands through his hair. “Fuck.” I hand him my empty glass. “Yeah, another please.” he takes the empty glass and sets it down. “I’m going to cut you off, you are too beautiful and getting too messy, that will make you do stupid shit.” I challenge him. “What if, I want to do stupid shit, I’m always thinking never doing, my sister who currently is receiving the most amazing lap dance I think... and I’m standing here talking to you.” The bartender tilts his head. “What stupid shit would you want to do?”

I throw my hands in the air. “I’m thinking I’m done with men, I might go for a girl” The bartender coughs. “Please don’t write us all off, we aren’t all dicks, I do this just for the money, I don’t fuck clients, I am a good guy.” I glare at him. “Bullshit!” he comes closer to me “Swear... ok I will make you a deal, I will get you a dancer and if you still think men are assholes and you want to go for girls then, that’s what it is." He shouts over to someone. “Can someone get destiny to a private room!”

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