The Erotic Diary of Isabelle - Lite

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Chapter 2

The first thing I noticed was the loud music blaring out from the building. We weren’t even inside yet, and I could hear the song perfectly. I had no idea what it was, some type of club dance music, but the people in line seemed to really enjoy it. I was about to head over to the end of the line, but Scarlett pulled my arm.

“Honey, we’re hot, we don’t wait in line.”

I could have argued that there were other attractive looking females, but with Scarlett, there was no point. Heading over to the bouncer, a very attractive muscular man I must say, Scarlett made sure her hips were swaying and she had on a killer smile.

“Hey Hot stuff, care to let us in?” Scarlett said with a sultry voice.

“For two beauties like you, I think I can make that happen. But only if Red promises me a dance.” He said with a wink in my direction.

It took me a moment to release he was calling me red because of my dress; I have brown hair after all. Acting braver than I felt, I said: “I can do that.”

“You better hurry though, she’s way too hot to be alone for long,” Scarlett added.

I’ll be in there soon.” The bouncer opened the door and we headed inside.

The club looked like every other club out there. There wasn’t anything too special about it. But it was packed. I had a feeling that the people in line were never going to be getting in. Not on New Year’s Eve. We made quick work of ordering our drinks, I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I was a fan of a martini. And I was planning on having a lot of them tonight, a little bit of liquid courage never hurt anyone. I turned around and saw that Scarlett was already out on the dance floor stuck between two women. I couldn’t help the chuckle that came up. Never wasted time. Quickly finishing my drink, I decided to join her. Tonight, was about fun and I wasn’t going to be having any of it by standing around here.

I don’t know how many drinks later or how long it was before I felt strong arms wrap themselves around me. I turned to see that it was the bouncer and he gave me one hell of a smile. I should have said something, my mind was telling me I was supposed to do something, but all I could do was sway to the music. I also couldn’t help but notice that he had a growing bulge in the front of his pants. Letting myself go, I pushed back against it and grinded my ass into it even more. I was rewarded with a groan.

I don’t have long on my break; what do you say we take this dance into the backroom?”

His voice was right by my ear, and it sent a shiver down my spine. I should have said no, but my body was screaming for more, so I gave the nod, and we were off. He easily guided me through the swarm of people into the back breakroom. It was empty of people, but there was a couch and a table. You could still hear the music coming from the club. He sat down on the couch and pulled me down on top of him, so I was straddling his lap. I started to move to the music, rolling my hips and grinding against his denim-covered hard on. He gave another deep groan and ran his hands to my ass, pushing my dress up to reveal my red thong underneath. He gave my ass a playful smack that had a moan escaping my mouth before he moved and pushed the top of my dress away from my braless chest. His mouth instantly found my nipples and started to suck on them. I moved my own hands down to his pants and quickly freed his hard dick.

Placing his hands on my ass, he pushed me forward so my hips would grind directly into him. The friction was unlike anything I had ever felt before, and considering I had already had sex, that was saying something. I moved my hips even faster against him, forgetting all about the music or the possibility that someone could walk in on us at any moment.

He began to grind his hips up to meet mine, and I knew he was just as enthralled as I was.

I made sure to put enough pressure on my clit to help throw me over the edge. We were both getting close ; our movements became more frantic, more needy. I was the first one to go over the edge, giving a long moan as I felt the pulsing inside of me. A moment later, he was squeezing my ass, and I could feel him pulsing right along with me. My own cum soaking the inside of my panties and his soaking the outside. It should have bothered me, but I found it turning me on even more.

A second to catch our breaths and then Mr Bouncer, did his pants back up as he spoke.

“I gotta get back out there. Thanks for the dance Sweetheart.”

Still a little hazed I just gave a nod and got up. I quickly fixed myself, and then we headed out of the room. He promptly went back towards the door to get on with the rest of his shift.

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