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Chapter 4

Jan. 3, 2020

Scarlett is relentless. I told her I had to work this evening and yet she won’t stop calling and texting me every five minutes trying to get me to call in sick so we can go and party. I just saw her two days ago, and she already wants to hang out. I should be used to it by now. After I met her two months ago, she’s been coming around more and more. At first, it was hard to get used to, but now it’s just normal. She has a bad day, she’s here. She has a good day, she’s here. She’s bored, she’s here. I think I made my point. It’s not often I go out with her, and since going out on New Year’s Eve, she’s been trying to get me to go out again with her. I might have said yes, but tonight I have to work. It’s Friday and a dinner shift at work, which means the tips are going to be good. When I first started working at Legna, all I would get were the morning shifts when they first opened. I had to earn the right to work dinner rush and weekends. Now that I finally have, I wasn’t about the throw that all away just to go out and drink with Scarlett. Even if she is my only friend.

Though if I was being honest, there was one person I was looking forward to seeing tonight.

I have no idea what his name is, he’s a regular though on Friday night at the restaurant.

I usually get to serve him, and he always pays in cash, so no credit card for me to sneak a peek at for a name. He tips really well, and he always flirts with me. He’s what you would call man pretty. Short brown hair, green eyes that look like he could see right into your soul, built, but not overly built like Mr Bouncer. Just enough to know that he worked out and could handle himself in a fight. I had no idea what he did for a living or really anything about him. Anytime I asked him anything remotely personal he always changed the subject. Flipped it around back to my life or the restaurant. After a couple of times, I gave up asking. I had asked a few of the girls that worked there longer than me, but they didn’t know any more than I did. He was a mystery, and that only made him sexier.

He had propositioned me before, but I always turned him down. Tonight, I was looking to change that. I did my very first lap dance two days ago, and tonight I was looking for another first. What that would be, I have no idea, but I was excited to find out. I had already picked out my outfit. We were allowed to wear what we wished at the restaurant as long as it was black. My boss didn’t care if it was sexy as long as it was tasteful. He encouraged it because it brought in the men that paid well. I usually wore black slacks and a black button-down shirt. Tonight though, I was wearing a tight black shirt that went down to just the top of my mid-thigh, slightly shorter than my red dress. And a black sequin halter top with no back or a bra and pair it all off with my black stiletto heels.

It was going to be a drastic difference, but one that had my nipples hardening at just the thought. Tonight was going to be a good night. I could feel it. And hopefully, by the end of it, I would be feeling a lot more.

It was nearing ten o’clock that night, and I could feel myself getting disappointed. Mr Mystery hadn’t shown up yet. He normally showed around eight for a late dinner and a few drinks, but tonight he was a no show. I knew I shouldn’t be disappointed; there was no guarantee we would even do anything anyway, but still. We were closed at eleven, and the likelihood of him showing up now was not good. Maybe it wasn’t too late to go out and meet up with Scarlett. I was quickly losing hope as I wiped down the last table in my section when Mr Mystery walked through the doors. At just a quarter to eleven, it was too late for him to be getting any food. The kitchen had been closed for the past fifteen minutes so the cooks could clean and head home on time. I was also the last server here. The joys of being the one to close at night.

Mr Mystery headed over to the bar and sat down. I quickly finished wiping down the table and headed over.

Evening, it’s late for you to be here,” I said from behind the bar.

Just needed a drink before I head home.”

I loved how rich his voice always sounded. I almost had a slight purr to it. And it never failed to make my body tingle.

What can I get you?”

Mr Mystery paused for a second and gave me his full attention. As if noticing for the first time what I was wearing compared to what I normally did. His eyes travelled all over my body, want very clear in his eyes.

Do you want your usual or perhaps you’d prefer something with a sweeter taste?” I said with a flirty smirk. This man wanted me, and I wanted him. Tonight, it was going to be that simple.

I haven’t had dessert yet. I could go for something sweet.” He easily flirted back.

I turned around and made a show of my ass swaying as I went over to the whiskey glasses. He bent over to grab the whiskey on the bottom shelf, making sure I didn’t bend my knees, not caring that he would be able to see the bottom of my ass cheeks. I could have sworn I heard a groan coming from him. After pouring him a shot, I placed it down in front of him. But I leaned forward, so I was closer to him, giving him a good view of my breasts in the process.

Fifteen minutes, around back. I’ll have your dessert nice and ready for you.

I like my dessert wet and without any containers, but I will take the container home.

I knew he was referring to my thong, normally I would be outraged at the idea of going pantyless or having a man keep a pair, but tonight it only turned me on.

I’ll see you then,” I said, before turning away and getting the rest of my work finished.

Fifteen minutes later, I was the last one left to leave. After quickly locking up, I went into the ladies’ room and removed my black thong. It was drenched in my juices from just the thought of what was going to happen around back. I quickly thought about how once again I would be doing something where someone could see us, but again I didn’t care. I quickly left the ladies room and grabbed my purse and headed out back. Sure enough Mr Mystery was already out there waiting for me.

Do you have my dessert?” He asked, coming closer to me.

I do.”

Put your leg up on either side.” He said, nodding to the crates we had outside.

There was one to my right and to my left, it would put me taller, though I figured that was what he wanted. I did as he said and only then did, he speak again.

Show me my dessert.”

I lifted the bottom of my shirt all the way up so he could see me. He groaned when he saw that I was fully waxed. A new thing I had decided to do just yesterday. Scarlett had said a lot of guys liked it. Judging by the hunger in his eyes, I had to agree. He came over to me and bent down so he was at eye level with my quim. He ran his finger down the front of it and in between my folds.

Oh, so wet. Just how I like it. But how sweet do you taste?”

That was the only warning I got before his tongue was pushing between my folds. I couldn’t stop the moan. His hands went to my hips and pushed me down, spreading me open even more and with my legs further apart, I was completely at his mercy. His tongue pushed inside my hole and I couldn’t stop the moans that flooded out of me. He was completely devouring me with his tongue as he thrust it in and out of me. I could vaguely hear a zipper before he was pulling his erection out and jerking off as he ate away at my quim. His tongue made its way to my clit, and he sucked at it, pulling the swollen bud into his mouth.

My hands made their way into his hair, and I couldn’t stop my hips from rocking forward. He gave a small growl and his pace increased.

Oh fuck.” I moaned.

I needed more ; I wanted more. His tongue was back inside my hole, even deeper than before. He was thrusting in and out of me as he jerked himself off. I could feel the pressure building in my stomach. And when he moved his free hand over to my clit and started to rub it in time with his thrusts, I saw black spots crawling across my sight as I came hard and long. He gave a deep moan as my cum hit his tongue. His tongue continued to lick at everything I was giving him. After I stopped pulsing, he stood up and pulled me into a heated kiss. I moaned as his tongue invaded my mouth, tasting myself on him. He was quickly jerking himself off and after a moment he came with a long groan. I could feel his hot cum hitting just above my quim. He pulled back from my mouth and was breathing heavy; we both were.

After a moment, he pulled back and put himself back together. I did the same and stepped down off the crates. I quickly fixed my skirt, and then he spoke.

My container?” He had a flirty smirk on his face once again. It should have annoyed me, but it didn’t.

I pulled out my black thong, and he took it with a smile.

Very sexy.” He came right up against my mouth before he spoke. “You ever want to do this again, hand me your panties when I’m in, and I’ll know.” And then he was kissing me with everything in him. I didn’t think I would ever get tired of his searing kiss.

All too soon, he pulled back. “You got a safe way home?

I’m good.”

Yes, you are.” He said with a smirk as he pulled back and started to head back to his car.

Leaving me alone to try and get my legs to work.

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