The Erotic Diary of Isabelle - Lite

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Chapter 5

Jan. 4, 2020

It’s 10 AM on a Saturday and I’m still in bed. Something that doesn’t tend to happen very often. Normally I’m up and cleaning like a good girl. My mother always said it was important to keep your home clean and in perfect condition. After all, you had no idea who could come by at a moment’s notice, and you should never have a messy home. Certain things were drilled into my head from growing up, things that didn’t really matter in the long run, but stayed anyway. It was one of those things I had been working on fixing since moving here.

Now what I want to think about was last night. My mind is still blown by the amazing feeling of having Mr Mystery’s tongue inside of me. My one and only boyfriend Scott, has seriously robbed me. He never went down on me, and now I feel like I should be suing him for emotional distress or something. And Mr Mystery was all for another round, hell yes! If he’s that good with his tongue, I can’t imagine how good he is with his dick. I swear it is like everything is brighter this morning. Like my eyes couldn’t work properly until I’ve had a tongue thoroughly ravishing my quim. I wanted more. And unlike last time, I have no shame in me.

I should, we did fool around in a spot where once again we could have been caught, but knowing that made it all the more exciting. I want more. I want to feel everything that I’ve been missing out on. I want to embrace being a woman and my sexuality.

My phone rang, snapping me out of my thoughts. I put my pen down and picked up my phone, Scarlett.

Hey Scarlett, how are you?”

“Good. You missed one hell of a time last night.”

“I’m surprised you’re even awake this early.” I teased.

I haven’t gone to bed yet.” Scarlett giggled, and I knew she was still high. Not surprising.

You should sleep then.

In a minute. How was work last night?”

It was fine. Mr Mystery came by very late last night, just before closing.”

“God, that man is hot. I’m gay and even I know he’s hot. Still no name yet?”

Nope. But he did have dessert around the back after closing.”

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face at just the mention of what had happened. I had told Scarlett that I had been thinking about opening myself up more in sexual terms. She was all for it, and it felt really nice to have a friend be so open about it and supportive.

Dessert as in cheesecake or as in you?”

“Definitely not cheesecake.”

I had to pull the phone away from my ear as Scarlett squealed.

Oh my god, tell me everything!”

Not much happened. We didn’t have sex, but he did go down on me, which was better than any sex I have ever had. I mean, it was earth-shattering. The world actually shattered all around us.”

I still can’t believe you’ve never had a guy eat you out before. I mean really that’s so rude of them. So that’s all you did?”

“He kissed me and jerked himself off, which was a little disappointing because I would have loved to do that for him. He seemed caught up in everything. He did say that he would love a repeat.”

“And would you love one?”

“Yes, I would. Though, not in a back alley would be nice. Am I crazy for wanting to do it again? I mean he is a complete stranger; I don’t even know his name.”

“So what? You had fun, right?”


“You enjoyed it, right?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Then who cares if you know his name or if he knows your name. The whole point is to have fun. As long as you both are consensual adults, who cares? Screw half of the city’s male population if you want. As long as you are enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters hot stuff. Get out of your head and have some fun sexy time.”

“You’re right. Thanks. We still on for dinner tomorrow?”

“Yes, all good. Have fun at work tonight and let me know if Mr Mystery shows up.”

“I will, but he normally only comes on Friday night. But a girl can dream.”

“Hell yeah, they can. And you better be making those dreams a reality.”

“I’ll try my best. Everything good with you?”

“Oh, you know me.”

I did know her. She usually had something going on. Something that would blow up in her face and I would hear all about it. It used to annoy the hell out of me, but I got used to it. Just like I got used to her always randomly showing up and raiding my kitchen for food.

That I do. Be safe tonight if you go out.”


“Get some sleep.”

“I will, eventually.” Scarlett giggled once again, and I knew she was going to be up for a few more hours at least.



I hung up the phone with a slight eye roll. That girl was going to dig herself an early grave, I swear. I was all for experiencing new things in my life right now, but I was not going to be doing what Scarlett was. My phone beeped again, but this time it was a text message. It was from an unknown number.

I know what you are doing. I’m always watching you.

Creepy, but whoever this was clearly had the wrong number. I deleted the text and decided it was a good time to get on with my day. I had work in four hours, so I really needed to get something to eat and take a shower. It also would be good to get some groceries as well. Without a second thought about that text message, I got my day started.

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