The Erotic Diary of Isabelle - Lite

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Chapter 6

Jan. 19, 2020

Oh my god, I don’t even know where to start with what happened last night. With my first Saturday off in a while I agreed to go out to the gay club for fun with Scarlett. She’s been dating this new girl. Not too sure I like her, but Scarlett seems to be all into her right now. And with me being on my period I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about any guy trying to pick me up. Side note, I haven’t seen Mr Mystery in weeks, not since we had some dessert out in the back alley. Which is weird, he’s usually always there Friday night, maybe he got what he wanted and wasn’t interested in anything more. It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. Not the point though, last night is my point. So, we’re at the club, the one my boss owns, having a few drinks, me a lot less than Scarlett. And we decided to start dancing. A girl comes up behind me, no idea who she is. And all of a sudden, she’s dancing all over me. I didn’t really think much of it at the time, I mean it’s happened before when I’ve gone out with Scarlett to other clubs, not even gay clubs. Girls dance all up on each other. So, we’re dancing face to face for a couple of songs, then out of nowhere she pulls me in and kisses me right on the lips.

Now see, that is where I should have pushed her away and gave that typical drunk girl giggle and blown it off. We’ve all done the drunk girl giggle at some point. And that was totally my plan, but then I didn’t. She tasted like strawberries, probably either her lip gloss or drink, I couldn’t help but keep kissing her. When her tongue entered my mouth, I felt a wave of pleasure shooting right through me and down to my quim. I wanted her to keep kissing me. I wrapped my fingers through her hair and kept her head from moving. I was not done with kissing her. When she finally pulled back, I could have easily gone right back in, but then she gave me the drunk girl giggle and headed off to dance with another girl.

The thing is, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot and I shouldn’t have. I’m straight, I know I’m straight so then why did I enjoy it? I can’t even blame it on the martinis. I only had two at that point. Scarlett said there is this thing called bi-curious. Straight girls fool around with another girl to see what it’s like. It’s an experience she says. Maybe she’s right. I couldn’t help but wonder if her mouth tasted that sweet, what other parts of her body did? When Mr Mystery kissed me after devouring my quim, I could taste myself on his tongue. It wasn’t a sour taste like I thought it would be. It was sweet. Would another girl taste the same?

Maybe I should decide to be a little more adventurous and see what it would be like to be with a female.

If you can’t experiment in your twenties, then, when could you? I’m not saying I would go all the way with a girl; I’m not even really sure how that works. But I could see what it feels like to go down on a girl. Maybe I won’t like it, perhaps I will, but at least I would have tried. And you never know I could enjoy it. You know what? I’m going to make a list of all the things I’ve never done with someone sexually, and then I’m going to do it, like a bucket list only for sex. What I’ll do when the list is done, I don’t know, but I’ll worry about that then. I might not get it all crossed off, but I want to try. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up adding to it.

Oh, and Hattie added a new post on her Facebook page, get this, she’s having a bridal shower next week. She was talking about how she’s so excited for it and how she can spend the night with all of her closest friends that are like sisters to her. Sisters. Meanwhile, her real sister is sitting right here being ignored and hated by everyone. It really pisses me off, especially because one of the girls going is Ali, my former best friend who spilt the beans on my drunken one-night stand to her fiancé. Ali gets to go to the bridal shower and not me. That bitch told everyone on purpose just to cause drama and now she’s like sister to my actual sister? WTF? This is why I don’t trust people. Why I don’t need people, don’t get me wrong, I like Scarlett, most days, but if she disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t fall apart. It would just be Monday. Why anyone feels they need someone in their life, I’ll never understand.

Like marriage, why the hell would you marry a

someone? Over half of marriages end in divorce anyway, seems like a waste of time and money just to make things more complicated when you break up. I’ll stay with being single and having random hook-ups thanks - All the more reason to have a sex list. No boyfriend. No family. Hell, not even really any friends. There’s no better time than now to be a little wild and have some fun.

My Sex List

Lesbian Sex

Swallowing a guy

First Black guy

Married man


Bondage- light

Group sex?

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