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Chapter 7

Jan. 24, 2020

Another Friday night working at the restaurant, but this time Mr Mystery is back. He hadn’t been here in almost a month, and I was starting to think he was never going to come back. I’m glad I decided to wear a tight black dress that was just as short as my red dress from New Year’s Eve. I’ve been wearing tighter and shorter outfits recently. Scarlett and I were planning a shopping trip next week to get some extra goodies for me. She has convinced me that I need to invest in some lingerie if I was dead serious about my sex list, which I am. Mr Mystery was led to my section, and after grabbing a menu, I headed over.

Long time no see,” I said with a flirty smile as I handed him the menu.

Hello, Sweetness. I was busy at work, couldn’t getaway.”

His voice was just as sexy as I remember it being. I couldn’t help but wonder what he would sound like with me on my knees.

What do you do for work?” I asked, instead of what I wanted to say to him.

What colour are they tonight?” He asked instead, giving a slight nod to my crotch.

You’ll see,” I said with a sexy smile of my own.

The heat flooded his eyes, and I knew he wanted me just as badly as I wanted him. The problem was, I didn’t think I could wait another four hours before the place was closed.

I’m sure you’re hungry, but maybe you’d like dessert first. I have a break in two minutes.”

“I’d love to have my dessert. Where?”

“Our back. Three minutes. Make sure you look up.”

With that, I walked away, making sure to sway my hips for him. I wasn’t sure, but I could have sworn I heard him moan behind me. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, but I did have a fifteen-minute break coming up, and if we were smart, we wouldn’t get caught. The first thing I did was go into the ladies’ room and remove my black thong. I knew he would want it. It should bother me that he was once again getting a pair of my underwear and I would be going pantyless for the rest of the night, but it only turned me on more. With my thing tucked away into my dress, I headed outback. The back of the building had an old fire escape all the way up to the roof. We could go part way up and be protected from any wandering eyes.

I had just made my way up about halfway when Mr Mystery was walking down the alley. I leaned against the railing and watched as he looked up. I gave him a flirty smile, and he quickly made his way to the stairs and up to me.

I knew what he wanted, but tonight was also going to be about what I wanted. And what I wanted was his dick in my mouth. As he reached me, I didn’t even give him a second before I was gently pushing him back against the wall, putting my mouth close to his, I spoke.

I believe it’s my turn for a taste.”

Be my guest Sweetness.” He said with a purr in his voice.

I undid his belt and pants. I could feel him hard already and it was only making me wetter. After freeing his hard-on, I got down on my knees and gave him a good long lick, causing him to moan.

Pull your dress up and spread your legs nice and wide. Show me my dessert.”

I did as he ordered and I found myself getting wetter and wetter by the second. I couldn’t wait any more. I needed to taste him. I had never given head before without a condom and I found myself excited to be able to feel his flesh in my mouth.

I wrapped my lips around his tip and gave a little suck, getting his precum in my mouth. It wasn’t as sweet like me, but it wasn’t sour like I thought either. He tasted good and I wanted more. I took him all the way in my mouth, down to his base. The moan that escaped his mouth was intoxicating.

Touch yourself. I want to watch as you suck my dick and finger fuck yourself. But don’t cum. I want to taste your juices on my tongue again.” He ordered with a husky voice.

I moaned at the order and did as was told. I had masturbated before, but always alone. Knowing he was watching and getting turned on even more, only encouraged me. I timed it right so that I would have my finger slide into my quim as I took him deep in my mouth, moaning and sending vibrations of pleasure into him.

Oh fuck. So sexy.” He moaned.

He wrapped his hand in my hair and started to thrust his hips forward. I knew he was getting closer. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. The feel of his hot flesh against my tongue was driving me crazy. I wanted more of him. I didn’t want this to end. And now more than ever I wanted to know what it felt like to have his hot cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste all of him. And I wanted it now.

I picked up my pace, making sure he was all the way inside of my mouth as I did. My added speed encouraged him to pick up the pace with his thrust.

Fuck, I’m gonna cum. If you don’t want it in your mouth, now’s the time to move.”

My mouth was the only place I wanted it. I moved my hands over to his hips to ensure he wouldn’t pull back.

Oh fuck, you want a drink? I got a big one coming your way.”

He picked up the pace with his hips to the point he was just fucking my mouth. And I loved every second of it. Every time his tip hit the back of my throat; I was wishing it could go deeper. I couldn’t stop moaning, and when he finally released his hot cum into my mouth, I thought for sure I was going to cum myself right then and there. I felt him pulsing against my tongue and vaguely I wondered what it would feel like deep inside my quim. He continued to squirt rope and after rope of cum in my mouth and I gladly swallowed it all. When his pulsing stopped, I didn’t. I sucked on his tip, making sure I got every last drop of him. He hissed at the sensitivity but made no move to pull away. I finally released him when he had gone soft, but I wasn’t on my knees for very long.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me up, pushing my back against the wall and lifted my right leg and placed it on the railing next to us. Then he was down on his knees and his tongue was deep inside of me once again. I quickly covered my mouth to prevent a scream that was building from being released. Between playing with myself and having the taste of him in my mouth, I was already on the edge and it wouldn’t take much to push me over. He sensed that I was close and he moved his hand and began to rub my clit. I grabbed the railing in an effort to keep myself upright. My legs were shaking from my need and with a powerful force I was cumming. I bit my lip to keep the scream in, but a very long and deep moan escaped. He continued to lick and fuck me with his tongue as I continued to pulse and even after. The sensitivity was insane. I had never cum more than once before, never believed it was possible, but right in this moment I was seriously starting to wonder.

Sensing that I was too sensitive, he stood up and once again pulled me in for a heated kiss. The taste of him on my tongue mixed with the taste of me on his. This caused me to moan once again. I would never get tired of that taste. He pushed himself against me, and I could feel his growing erection once again. He was ready for a whole other round and I would have happily given it to him if I had the time. After a moment he pulled back and we were both breathing heavy.

Next time, I will be having you in my bed. All night.” He promised.

My body tingled at hearing the words next time. He wanted more and I was hoping he wanted it just as badly as I did.

Can’t wait.” I said.

He pulled back and we began to fix ourselves quickly. I pulled out my thong and handed it to him. We made our way down the stairs, him holding my hand to ensure I wouldn’t trip. A surprisingly gentleman thing for him to do that I did not expect. Once at the bottom, he pulled me in for one last kiss before he turned to leave, but I couldn’t help but ask.

Hey, how many pairs of women’s underwear do you have exactly?”

Including this one. Two. A very sexy red thong.” The flirty smirk had my heart fluttering. I didn’t know if he was telling the truth, but right now I was all too happy to believe him.

With a wink, he turned and headed off, leaving me with no choice but to go back to work and try to ignore the wetness between my legs. I headed back inside and did everything I could to pretend like everything was normal. I headed over to my purse and checked my phone real quick.

There were texts from Scarlett that I would answer later, but also another text from that same unknown number.

Do you enjoy being a slut? Dirty girls deserve to be punished. I can’t wait to punish you, Issy.

I froze. I had received a text from this number before, but I thought it was just a wrong number type of deal. It wasn’t unheard of. But now my name was attached to it. Whoever this was, knew my name. This couldn’t be a mistaken identity situation. This was for me. Who sent it, I had no idea. I hadn’t changed my number when I moved, but now I was thinking I should. I don’t know who this was, but I wasn’t going to let it get to me. It was probably just Christopher being an ass and punishing me for whatever is going on between him and Hattie. That’s all this was. When I go to the mall with Scarlett, I’ll change my number and that will be that. I quickly deleted the message and out my phone away. I had to get back to work.

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