The Erotic Diary of Isabelle - Lite

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Chapter 8

Jan, 29, 2020

Shopping day with Scarlett. Normally I’m not too fond of shopping. I’m not the type of girl that spends hours in a mall just looking around for “fun”. But I’m actually looking forward to it today. I’ve been saving up money for a rainy day, and today I’ve decided to use some of it to get a few new outfits and some lingerie. I have no idea what Scarlett is going to have me try on, but I’m going to do this with a positive attitude and just let myself have fun. I never really let go with anyone. There’s always this wall between us, one I put up. It’s better that way. You can’t get hurt by someone if you don’t fully let them in. A mistake I made with Ali and I don’t plan on making it twice. Still, with how busy it’s been for me at work it’ll be nice to have a down day and just have a bit of fun with Scarlett.

I have no doubt she is going to have some crazy story for me. She always does. I swear that girl lives off drama. There could be a perfectly normal, attractive, put together, rich woman standing in front of her, and her eyes would wander off to the woman wearing a tin foil hat talking to herself. I’m not even joking, I’ve seen it happen. Not the tinfoil hat part, but the crazy lady talking to herself, yup she’s done it. Then what does she do when it so shockingly blows up in her face? Comes running over here to tell me all about it and how she didn’t see it coming, and no amount of lectures stops her from doing it all over again.

Even with all of the craziness that she brings, I know she’s a good person. It’s why I’ve tolerated her and everything that comes with her.

I am looking forward to changing my number today. I haven’t received another text message, which I’m thankful for, but I’ll feel better once I have a new number and only Scarlett, my work and my parents will have. I don’t even really want to give it to my parents, but if something happened, they need to be able to get a hold of me to tell me. I’ve also decided that if I am going to be hooking up with random strangers, I need to have a fake name when asked. I’m not too sure it’s a good idea to give out my real one to strangers. It sounds silly, considering I would give it to someone on the street or anyone who walks into my work knows my name. Still, it makes me feel a little bit more protected. Besides, chances are I won’t be seeing them again anyway.

And there’s Scarlett banging at my door.

My Sex List

Lesbian Sex

Swallowing a guy -Done

First Black guy

Married man


Bondage- light

Group sex?

“I’m coming!”

She was going to piss off my neighbour again and I was not in the mood to hear another lecture about people my age and ruining the peace around us. I quickly opened the door and Scarlett barged right in, heading over to my kitchen to see what snack she could steal.

Hello to you too,” I said, slightly sarcastic.

Hey hot stuff. Is that what you’re wearing?

I looked down and saw my jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. I didn’t see anything wrong with it but considering Scarlett was dressed as if she was going out to a club, I could see how she would feel I was underdressed. Still, this was just a trip to the mall. I saw no need to look fancy.

Yes, this is what I’m wearing. You’ll survive with my extreme casualness.” I said with an eye roll.

Fine. You ready?”


I grabbed my coat and purse and we were off. Seeing as Scarlett didn’t drive, we took my car and headed for the mall.

How are you and your new girl? Beth, was it?” I asked.

“Oh, we broke up. She was a little too tough for my liking.”

She didn’t show it, but I could pick up a hint of pain in her voice. Something happened between them, but she wasn’t ready to talk yet so I let it go.

Anyone new?”

Not yet. But we’re going to the club tomorrow so I might find my perfect match. So, you and Mr Mystery, did you get his name yet?”

Nope. I could ask, but at this point, it seems wrong.”

“Wrong how?” Scarlett asked, confused.

We’ve already done things together. The time to ask for a name would have been before we hooked up. I’m hoping one day he’s just going to let it slip or use a credit card and save me the embarrassment of asking.

And he hasn’t been back?”

“Nope. He only comes in on Fridays, and even recently it hasn’t been every Friday.

He said work was busy, but when I asked what he does, he changed the subject.”

“Ooh, maybe he works as a spy or something. Like if he told you his real name, he would have to kill you. How crazy would that be?” Scarlett said as she clapped her hands in excitement.

Only you would find that exciting. And he’s not a spy. He’s just a private person.”

“So private that he doesn’t even lie to you and make up a name or a job? Honey, that is being more than private.”

“Shut up. And it doesn’t matter. I don’t need to know his name or what he does. I’m not looking for anything like that.”

We pulled into the mall, and after finding a spot to park, we headed in. We hit the phone store first so I could change my number and with that out of the way, the fun could begin. We headed for one of Scarlett’s favourite clothing stores to get me some new party clothes.

Can I ask you something?” I started.

Only always.”

What do you do when you have sex with a woman? I know up to third base, but what do you do afterwards? Or is that it?”

I know I could have easily looked this up online, but somethings in life you really shouldn’t Google. Scarlett was always open to anything sexual, so I knew asking her wouldn’t bother her.

Oh, that’s far from it. What happens next depends on who you are with. But there’s always toys. Some girls will have a strap on so they can screw you. Some even have a strap on for you and there’s a vibrator attached that goes into the other girl so the more she pounds into you the faster the vibrator goes. It makes it so you both can cum together without someone feeling left out.”

“Huh, interesting.”

“Why do you ask? Are you thinking about having some fun tomorrow night?”


I wasn’t planning anything, but if it came up, I wasn’t going to be saying no. Scarlett gave a little squeal and had everyone in the store looking over at us.

“Oh my god, this is perfect. I can set you up with this girl that I know.

She has one of those strap-ons and loves to use it. She also loves newbies. She’ll take good care of you, and most importantly, she won’t hound you next time. She’s totally cool if you want just a one and done type of thing.”

Maybe. I’ll see. I’m not really planning anything, but I’m not avoiding it either. I’m just curious, that’s all.”

“Fair enough. Now we totally need to find you the perfect outfit for tomorrow night.”

“And some new panties. Mr Mystery keeps taking mine after each time.”

Scarlett snapped around to face me, completely forgetting about the way too short dress in her hands.

Are you serious? What does he do with them?”

“Yup and no idea.”

What does he have, like a drawer full?”

“I asked him how many he had, he said only two, which are mine. Not too sure I believe that. I mean you don’t just randomly start collecting women’s underwear one night.” That’s what I couldn’t figure out. What was he doing with them?

“Maybe he’s selling them. You wouldn’t believe the market for used women’s underwear. He could be making money off you and you wouldn’t even know it.”

“I don’t think he’s selling them. And what do they do with the underwear after they get it?” Buying used underwear was insane to me. Like really, what would you need it for?

They smell it. Some guys really like the smell of a woman’s quim. So, a girl will wear it and get her juices all over it and then seal it in a bag and sell it for like a hundred pounds apiece. And considering one pair might cost you like four pounds in a store you are seeing insane profits. Talk about a recession-proof business.”

“Why do I have a feeling you’ve done this before.”

“Because I have,” Scarlett said with a laugh.

“Why?” I don’t know why I was shocked. Really at this point anything Scarlett does shouldn’t shock me, but this does.

“It’s good money. Like I said recession-proof. Don’t worry; we’ll pick up some extra pairs for when Mr Mystery comes by to take them.”

I rolled my eyes and moved on to look at some of the skirts. I tended to like wearing jeans and pants, but I wasn’t about to fight to get out of them if I needed quick access. Dresses and skirts were what I needed today. And tomorrow I might just get to try one out.

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