Valentina Bound - Book 1

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Mr. Stanford

Walking out of my last final, I exhale, one more semester down. As much as I have enjoyed my years here at Berkeley, I need to move on with my life. The stress of finals is really taking it’s toll on me. Or maybe for once since my start here, I have a clearer picture of how my future can look. Can I really be ready to leave here now? Maybe I should listen to Benji and try to enjoy myself this year and stop stressing so much.

All my life I work hard so I can play as hard. My dad taught me that if you get work out of the way, you get to do nothing but play after. I always completed my chores in the morning on Saturday so that we would have the rest of the weekend free for fun. When I cover shifts at his bar, I get everything set up so I can enjoy catching up with all of our regulars. For the next two weeks, we are on winter break. I get to mingle and play! My shift at Triple Rock doesn’t start until tomorrow evening, so tonight I get to enjoy being on the other side of the bar.

“Hey, Mikey!” I greet our main bouncer at the Triple Rock. He is one big teddy bear to me but not anyone you should ever mess with.

“Valentina in the house, let the winter break begin!” Mike shouts into the bar. Seconds later, several big men come out and lift me into the air. As my body surfs through the bar, shots of tequila are being handed to me. Over the past few years, this has become how we ring in school breaks. The rest of the year I remain serious, letting loose just enough to entertain the crowd and have a little fun. Not enough to suffer a terrible hangover, which is where I am tonight. Bar dancing, shooting pool and a lot of drinks is how I end a semester.

Oblivious, Thomas Brooks, is in the audience. Thomas Brooks is a student at Stanford, yes, Mr. Stanford. His Sigma Nu friends are out looking for a change of scenery and he is looking for me.

Here at Triple Rock, we have a great blend of the locals and the student body; from retired Hells Angels of the 60’s to Berkeley athletes to the Engineering students, old and young. These four men stand out a bit, a little too clean-cut, the bouncers are a little on edge. This scene reads classic, boys that don’t fit in tend to peacock in order to boost their egos. Not all animals in this jungle-like peacocks, so a jungle war tends to break out. I am too busy dancing on the bar to notice or care.

“Hi.” One of the four men shouts up to me as I am dancing.

I only see his mouth moving because I can’t hear what he is actually saying. I tug at my ear, letting him know I can’t hear him.

“I said, Hi.” I hear him now because the music ends and he is shouting, in fact, we all hear him. I can’t help but laugh and feel bad when he is slightly embarrassed.

Mikey arrives to help me off the bar.

“This guy bothering you?”

“Not sure yet, but I will let you know if he is more than I can handle.”

“Sorry, I was just trying to say hello.” The stranger apologizes.


“Hello, I am Tommy.

“Hello Tommy, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, it is just better if you wait until the performance is done before stalking the dancer.”

“Sorry, I kind of just got over-excited. So, do you have a name?”

“You are new around here.” I change the subject.

“First time.”


“Do you own the joint or something?”

“Or something.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”


“Classy, not what I expected after witnessing your half a dozen shots of tequila.”

“Liquor first.”

“Good rule.”

“So what brings you to Triple Rock?”

“Just wanted to try something new, my last year at Stanford and I told myself I would be more adventurous. See more than just my campus.”

I stop when he says, Stanford. He isn’t wearing a baseball cap. Not that I would know if it were him or not, I didn’t even notice his existence that infamous night. Shit! Where is Carlos tonight? I should text him. It just may be a weird coincidence, THAT Mr. Stanford has not resurfaced in years. It's been too long and too much as happened since my curiosities about him that night at the EndUp. For a second I wonder if he's here looking for me. What does it matter anyway? I stopped thinking about him after my few attempts at running into him. I could ask him but I don't have any interest in opening any doors, let alone that one. This is the first night of winter break. This means I am just that closer to my dreams and I don't want to lose focus now.

“Well, no offense, but from the looks of you and your buddies, this is definitely off your beaten path.”

“Do we stand out that much?’

“Like a sore thumb.”

“What if I dance on the bar, does that help me fit in better?”

“Bar dancing is for employees only.”

“Thank God, I thought you were going to actually hold me to that.”

“Not the dancing kind?”

“Two-left feet.”

“Not physically possible.”

“It’s a saying.”


“Okay, then, Tiny Dancer! Well, here is your champagne. Sorry to bother you. Thank you for the amazing entertainment and for not sicking Mikey on me.”

“Thank you for the drink and for not trying to hit on me.”

“Oh, I am trying desperately to hit on you, it just seems like I am failing miserably.”

“You aren’t doing too bad.” I raise my glass as a thank you and tootles.

I need to walk away from this tall drink of water. He is not the blood I am used to and I don’t want to get caught up in that drama. Even if he is THE Mr. Stanford that Carlos talked about, what difference does it make? He is just another guy. I do look back and smile slightly as I walk away to make sure he is still looking, just in case, I don’t want to have him lose complete interest. I wouldn't mind a hookup tonight. It's been so long.

“Val!” Benji and his crew call me over to the pool table.

“Hey, Benji!”

“Nice moves.”

“Why thank you! Hey Jerry, Jodi, Wynn.”

“Hi, I am Amy.” A really cute blonde that is standing next to Benji introduces herself.

“Nice to meet you, Amy. Let me get a round of drinks over here, you will need it when you let Benji play pool, he hogs the table.” I shoot Benji a confused look, this is a new girl in his life that he has failed to mention.

“Only because no one here can beat me.”

“Don’t make me embarrass you in front of your lady.”

“Oh he does that well enough on his own,” Amy chimes in. She has sass; I like her.

“She is a keeper!” I clink glasses with Amy as a touché to her wit.

“Can I take a turn at dethroning the champ?” Tommy’s voice appears behind me.

“You got money?” Benji is a bit of a hustler.

“Twenty a game?”

“Benji do you even have twenty on you? You can’t put personal bets on your parent’s credit card.” I tease.

“I won’t need it if I win.”

“If you win.” Tommy challenges.

“You are on, then. Rack ‘em!”

“Hope you can play.” I turn and say to Tommy.

“Hope you will stick around and watch me.”

“Maybe. It depends on how entertaining you prove to be.”

Benji breaks, sinking four balls and smiling from ear to ear. Tommy looks a little concerned. I am sure with the way he is dressed that he is more concerned about his ego than his pocketbook.

“Looks like it will be a while until I get my turn. Can I get us all a round?”

“Hell yes!” The group yells.

“At least if I am going to be handed my ass, I can get them all too drunk to notice,” Tommy whispers into my ears.

The vibration of his voice sends chills down my spine and makes my lady wet. I need to be very careful around this one. He is as sexy as he is a dork. Tough combination for me; smart and fuckable.

“Looks like I am being hustled,” Tommy admits as I bring him his scotch.

“It’s nice to meet a man who can admit defeat.” I attempt to soothe his bruised ego.

“I don’t think I have a choice here, the man has a cheering section.” Funny guy, I like that, he makes me laugh.

“Well, if it looks like you may win a round, I will be there to cheer you on.”

“Now that may inspire me to channel Neville Chamberlain.”


“The British Prime Minister who invented the game of snooker, duh?”

“That has to be the dorkiest thing I have ever heard.”

“You are right about that. I am a dork. So, I assume you are a student at Berkeley?”

“You know what they say about assuming.”

“Well, I think I already made an ass out of my self in front of you during our first few seconds together. So at this point, I am clear of any future ass-like roasts.”

“And deny me the chance to take cheap shots at you when you leave yourself so wide open? Nah!”

“Oh, it’s like that? Okay, smarty pants. So what are you majoring in? Dance?”

“Actually, yes, at least it was my major of choice entering my freshman year.”


“But thanks to my ex-boyfriend and advisor, I decided it wasn’t the major that would guarantee a strong financial future.”

“Oh I beg to differ, I would pay anything to watch you dance.”

“Excuse me?”

“Shit, that was another ass move, didn’t come out the way I meant.”

“That was definitely sus! You are not good at this flirting thing are you?”

“Not at all.”

“I will give you an A for effort this time. Let’s try to keep things simple versus attempting to be smart and sexy.”

“Are you saying you don’t find me smart and sexy?”

“So, what are you studying at Stanford?”

“Hmmm, answering a question with another question, I will take that as you kind of maybe like my smart and sexy ass.”

“So as I was saying before, I started with dreaming of becoming an artist and focused the first semester of my studies in the field of dance, singing, drawing, and art history. Then I stumbled upon Computer Science thanks to my ex-boyfriend and the rest is history. And thanks to this bar, I still get to enjoy dancing and this scene is art in motion.” I explain to Tommy, leaving out that Benji is the infamous first and only college boyfriend that altered my path.

“Changing the subject. I am really starting to like the way the pendulum is swinging.” Yup, smart and fuckable.

“So, your turn to spill your beans.”

“Just like you, I started college as a dreamer and then found a real major that would land me a real job. Liberal arts major, wanting to take a shot at photography, no pun intended, and art history. My father eventually influenced me to change my major to business and finance. He convinced me that I could find my hobby as a photographer easily when I am making money as a broker," Tommy says, mostly trying to convince himself of it.

"So we both had a bit of fun before it was time to get serious.”

“It would seem that way, although it looks as if you are still having a lot of fun."

"Work hard, play harder is the Perotti family motto! My dad owns a bar, I grew up behind one all my life so it's a great way for me to earn money to help pay my way. Plus it gets me out and socializing. I have been here at Triple Rock for as long as I have been at Berkeley. So I get to have fun my way here.” Why am I telling this guy so much about myself?

“Well, I like the way you have fun and remind me to thank your father one day for raising such an interesting young lady. Did you get your dance moves from him, as well?”

“Definitely not! But I do get all my sensibility from him and my wildness from my mother.”

“Then I hope you channel your mother tonight.”

“Excuse me?” I tease, knowing very well what he meant.

“That didn’t come out quite right.” We both laugh since he just put his foot in his mouth again.

“Can we please start all over again?” Tommy says, extending his hand out towards me. “Hi, I am Tommy.”

“Hi, I am Valentina.”

“Nice to meet you, Valentina.”

“You as well, Tommy.”

“Okay, I think that has eased my anxiety a bit.”

“You were nervous? Why?”

“Well, I have a slight confession to make.”


“The reason I rushed to you while you were dancing is that I wanted to actually talk to you this time. The last time I saw you, I didn’t have the courage to say anything. When I finally talked some into myself, you were with someone else.”

So he is Mr. Stanford. I am not sure how to answer this. A part of me is excited, relieved to finally see him, and a bit concerned that he might be stalking me after all. But why is he only showing up now?

I glance over to watch Benji dancing around the pool table. Doing the Moon Walk from one end to the other, towards the cue ball. He is in great spirits of course and is very sexy when he dances. For a moment I let the memory of the last time we danced together distract me from Tommy. Benji is about to sink the eight ball and win his third round. So either Tommy really sucks at pool or he is using this as an opportunity for him to win my attention. No matter what century we are in, a lady should always be courted and won over. There is nothing sexier than a man working to impress a woman. Except now I don’t know what to think about this man.

"Hey Mr. Stanford, how about you buy us poor Berkeley students another round?” Benji calling him Mr. Stanford snaps me from my internal conversation.

"Don't let him play you like that, his family is super-rich back in China. He is the Golden Boy they sent to America to bring more honor to his clan." I tease back at Benji, not quite ready to look at Tommy or respond to his confession.

"Can't blame a guy for trying."

"You are shameless."

"Hey, I am Chinese, we are all about Capitalization and Free-trade. I like to capitalize on my ability to win money playing pool and in trade often get free drinks."

"You are such a dork."

“I am sorry, did I scare you or upset you?” Tommy asks after I break my silence.

I am praying for an interruption, I am not ready to absorb that he is Mr. Stanford. I know I said earlier that it didn’t matter, but for whatever reason, it seems to matter now.

“So, Mr. Stanford, how about double or nothing?” Benji interrupts, thank God.

“Why not, now that I know we are the richer two in the room. Let’s go big.”

“Nice! Rack ‘em, when I win the jackpot, I will buy us all a round.”

“Babe, you can afford a round without the win. You have to reward your fans, remember?” Amy screams from the bar, as she orders another round on his credit for the gang.

“Yes, dear.” He replies in a wimpy voice.

“Cute,” Amy adds as she walks back with shots for everyone and I follow behind with beer chasers.

I watch as Tommy gathers the balls to rack. Now I wonder if he did go back to the EndUp to look for me the way I did for him and we just missed each other. Then why now? Carlos told me that he informed Mr. Stanford about where I worked.

Round four begins with a slight decline in Benji’s performance. Some of us play better the drunker we get, Benji plays worse. If Tommy is going to redeem himself, now is his chance. Tommy apparently is more like the first half of my theory, the drunker the better. Although I now realize he really hasn’t been drinking. I caught him passing his shots onto the crowd a few times.

“I don’t do shots,” he responds each time I catch him. Shaking his Macallan filled glass to emphasize his taste preference. “I also know better than to mix my drinks.”

“With age does come wisdom! Good thing I am still young and free.” I respond by taking my shot and sipping my champagne as a chaser.

Looks like Tommy is the hustler in the house, sinking all but two of his balls and the eight ball in one turn. This sobers Benji up a bit. Benji is NOT a good loser, especially with all his winnings on the line. Benji manages to get four balls in, making the table look more appealing to his ego.

“Hey Mr. Hustler, you are up.”

As Tommy is studying his next shot, Benji takes a shot at him.

“Don’t even bother, bro!”

“With the shot or Valentina?”

“Both.” Benji laughs, amusing himself.

“I take it you struck out with her?”

“You can sort of say that. We all do, she is a bonafide Man-eater. Best girl I know, but her heart is locked-up tight.”

“Well, as you can see, I love a good challenge,” Tommy responds with an impressive trick shot, sinking his last two balls in one shot. Yup, definitely the hustler here. “And I am a fast study, I eventually win, even if it means losing the first few rounds.” Then he sinks the eight ball.

“Wow! Benji looks like you got hustled for once.” I laugh.

It’s always fun to enjoy a good cockfight. Men love to peacock when they have an audience of beautiful women. Tommy ignites a want out of me, a want to know more; more about him. I want to ask about the EndUp, but I am trying not to go farther than a one night stand with this guy.

“Val, you should have walked away when you could have,” I tell myself.

Definitely, a highlight of the night, watching Benji pay Tommy. Who, of course, went straight to the bar and bought everyone drinks. Now it’s time for me to play the winner.

“Are you men ready to see how this game is really played?”

“Boy, I am glad that it’s you she's playing this round. Good luck man.” Benji warns Tommy.

“Am I about to get hustled now?”

“Anyone can win, that’s why it’s a game. Players play their best, and sometimes luck comes in and changes everything.” I reply.

“Then I hope lady luck rides by my side both at this game and the rest of the night,” Tommy whispers in my ears as I rack ‘em.

Again, his voice sends chills down my spine. Tommy seems to move between moments when he is nervous talking to me, then just like now, his voice is smooth, confident, flirtatious and sultry. I try to focus on the game instead of who I am playing against. I eavesdrop on Benji and Tommy's conversation. Benji is drilling the poor guy as well as lecturing him about who knows what. Helping me to decide on how to proceed with Mr. Stanford, I mean, Tommy.

“Wow, that beating was a bit more painful then I expected,” Tommy admits as he hands me a twenty.

“Double or nothing?”

“No way, it’s one thing to lose a few rounds to Benji, another thing to lose so badly to the woman you are hoping to impress.”

“That’s a shame, I quite like the groove we are on.” Well, I guess my body has decided for my brain, we are no longer overthinking this, we are just going for it.

“Well, the night is still young.”

“How original.”

“Ok, then, how about the oldie but goodie, your place or mine?”

“Not my place, my roommate is having a bunch of people over to close out the semester.”

“Okay, well, if you don’t mind a half-hour drive we can go to my family's place in Sausalito.”

“Only if you have me back at my place before sunrise.”

“Or else you fry in the sunlight? Are you a vampire and am I about to get my blood sucked out of me?”

“Oh darling, you will get something sucked out of you, just won’t be your blood.”

On that note, I kiss him as a way of introducing him to my talented tongue. Another thing Benji taught me well. He helped me perfect my kiss. My first few kisses were gross and sloppy; I vowed never to be that kisser. So over the years, I have come to perfect the way I kiss. Tommy apparently had a lot of practice as well because he responds with a sweep-a-girl-off-her-feet kiss. Thank the Gods for a great playmate for the night.

“I have a rule, never stay the night.”

“Good thing we have several hours before the sun rises.”

We taxi to his family's home in Sausalito. If I had any intentions to go beyond tonight I may ask what it is his family does to own more than one home. And if this is their weekend house, what does their main residence look like? I don’t ask because it’s better not to know. Instead, we enjoy the way our hands explore one another above our clothes. Trying to excite one another without exciting the taxi driver as well. His hands massaging my fingers, then grabbing a hold of my thighs and giving them a gentle squeeze. My hands now free, stroke along his cock, feeling him harden through his pants. In response, his hands begin to stroke my crotch. Both of us staring out the window, knowing if we were to look at each other, we would be naked in the backseat of this taxi. I close my eyes and allow the wind to cool me down a bit as I enjoy the feel of my clit being played with. Sexual tension growing rapidly. The excitement that the driver knows exactly what is happening in his backseat. Feeling the driver push the speed as if he was eager to get to the place where he too could enjoy this hot vibe.

As we get close to the house, Tommy hands the driver money, knowing that we would jump out as soon as we arrive. Once in the door, we begin to make out. Tommy hikes up my skirt as I release him of his trousers. Neither of us could wait anymore. He pushes me against the wall and lifts up my right leg over his left arm. Holding me up onto my tippy-toe, he glides himself inside of me. I sigh in pleasure as I feel him entering me fully. His firmness takes my breath away. My pussy wraps tightly around his cock; he fits perfectly. Grateful he managed to slip on a condom. I allow my legs to wrap around him and for his face to nuzzle into my neck. Usually, I am a big fan of foreplay, but from the glimpse I got of his beautiful penis, I am actually delighted to go straight to enjoying every inch of him inside of me. He slams his cock into to me over and over again, his breath hot against my neck. His passion is out of control and intense, we both are more than ready to come. Within minutes of walking through the door we both orgasm loudly together. I guess this is the result of extreme sexual tension. Unsure if this is a build-up from our interaction tonight or if this is what he has been craving from me since The EndUp.

Who even cares how many rooms are in this place, we didn’t need to make it past the foyer. We both pant and laugh as if thinking the same thing. As he pulls up his trousers, I try to steady myself, my body shaking from such a fierce orgasm.

“Shouldn’t I offer you a drink or something?”

Small talk is for small moments, this is a ‘let our bodies do the talking’ point in time. I kiss him to let him know that I am more than ready for round two if he is. He kisses me back more passionate than ever, lifting me and carrying me to the couch. We slowly undress one another. Once we are both naked, Tommy slides on a condom and lifts me up onto his lap. Shocked to find him hard again already. Even with Benji, my mouth or hands need to help ready him for round two.

“I like that you are so wet.”

“Shhhh.” I hope he gets the hint that there is no need for play-by-play.

I use the back of the couch to hold my body up straighter so that his mouth can pleasure my breasts. As he kisses, nibbles and nuzzles from one breast to the other, his cock moves in various rhythms in and out of me. At times nice and slow, as if enjoying every millimeter of us, allowing my pussy to pulse and ache for his cock. Then as if reading my mind, he moves harder and faster, delighting my girl and making her respond by dripping onto him. And just as we are about to come, he slows back down, making my girl pout. Her lips extend to pull him back in, my hips press to try to take him in deeper and faster. He manages to maintain control the entire time. Moving at his pace, one that responds to my pleading and teases at my pleasure. Then as I let go completely and relax onto his cock fully, he takes me completely. Pinning down my hips as he uses all his strength to fuck me as fast and hard as he can, encouraged by my cries of pleasure. I am begging him: harder baby, faster baby, fuck me baby. So he does until we both orgasm simultaneously.

Tommy slowly kisses me, carrying me with him still inside to the kitchen. I am impressed with his ability to do all this without him sliding out.

“I think we may need champagne.”

I slide my body, unwillingly, off of him. Watch as he pops open a bottle of champagne and hands it to me. With a smile, I gladly chug. Really classy. I hand him the bottle so he can do the same. Between sips and pants, we finally cool ourselves.

The feel of the stone floors in the kitchen is welcoming and cool. I do a sweep, can’t help it, it’s an impressive kitchen. For one brief moment, I could see myself cooking in this kitchen. “Don’t be ridiculous,” I tell myself.

Tommy reaches for my hands and leads me out to the covered patio. What an amazing view of the water. The docked boats in the distance move up and down as the waves ride underneath them. This somehow gets me wet again. Or maybe it’s Tommy standing behind me with his cock against my ass. Focusing on the moonlight as it hits the water, hypnotized by the glistening from the moon and vibration of the water. My head leans against Tommy’s chest. As if the scene before me is challenging us to a dance-off. I begin to allow my body to move along. As if becoming one with the night. As my body moves, Tommy grows.

“My tiny dancer.” He whispers into my ears.

I drink from our bottle and continue to blend into the motion before me. The night is cool and breezy. The wind caressing at my nipples, making them so hard. There is a true eroticism about being naked in nature, at the mercy of her whim. Occasionally a breeze moves up my thighs and cools off my overheated engine. His body feels even warmers as the breeze cools me down, I want him to wrap himself onto me and warm me up. I reach for the back of his head and pull his lips onto my shoulder. Then I take another drink as I guide his hands around my body, one hand at my right breast, the other down at my lady. He likes this, I know, I can feel his enjoyment of our play reaching for more. I reach back and stroke him gently. We take turns sipping champagne and exploring how we react to each other’s stimulation. Slowly he moves us indoors. Not sure how we managed to get there without tripping. I had my head in the clouds, enjoying the way they move and change with the wind. The air filling my lungs with each inhalation, the salt of it leaves a slight taste as I exhale. The sound of the night, a hush, as we enter the house, I think, "Good-night Moon”.

By the time we reach his couch, he is ready for another round. This time he lies along the couch and allows me to ride him. I can see he is as impressed at my ability to be so wet and ready as I am for his eagerness. We move from position to position seamlessly. I don’t think he even leaves my pussy completely ever. For hours we play like this, moving from one couch to the next. For hours I am grateful for such a skillful lover; there are so many positions I had not tried. I sure have a bone to pick with Benji about holding out on teaching me all the positions as he promised. Tommy manages to maintain his insistence. The more I come, the longer he maintains. Never have I engaged in such stamina. For the first time, I think I could be exhausted by a man. I finally lie him back on the couch and stretch my body along with his, my back to his chest. Lifting myself off him slightly, I am able to ride his cock. Under my control, he folds. All in, and I win. Tommy comes uncontrollably, making me come as well. Breathlessly we sink into the couch, almost as one.

“More champagne?” Tommy offers after we are both perfectly sated and able to catch our breaths. Not wanting to stop, our bodies finally give in. Naked and entangled together, him still inside of me, all I can do is nod.

We drink champagne naked in the moonlight on the patio; the air feels more intense this time, my body isn’t as hot so the cold settles onto my skin. Not often does one get the chance to enjoy the wind along their skin, the feel of being open, such vulnerability. The sound of the water around us fills our silence with a sense of lull. I could close my eyes right now and sleep peacefully. But I know better. This man is already all too amazing. I need to save all of this into my memory for later, and leave before I can’t ever leave.

“I can’t talk you into staying the night? I make a killer breakfast.”

“Thank you, but I need to get back and get some sleep.”

“I can respect that, can I get your number?”

“Is there a phone where I can call a cab?”`

Tommy knows better than to push. He does insist on riding in the taxi back home with me, a proper gentleman. He also respectfully allows us to travel in silence, I don’t like awkward conversations. Then with a sweet kiss good night, my prince charming rides off into the sunrise. Off to the shower, then to bed, I go. I look up and smile at the vast sky that is now shifting in colors as the sun chases away the moon. “Thank you, that was exactly what I needed.”

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