Valentina Bound - Book 1

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Meet the Perottis

It’s official, I am in love with this guy. Over the next few days we listen to podcasts together, sometimes through the phone lines if we aren't in each other's presence. I read to him Mikey’s books. First listening and learning. At times we discuss our new found enlightenment. Other times we give each other the opportunity to process spatially. Although it's a lot to add into our already demanding study requirements, we both own the importance and growth happening here.

We are truly all in. Easing my fears and anxieties rather than feeding them as I had assumed. Freedom is easily achieved when one puts faith in themselves and the one they love. Maneuvering and open mind flows much smoother than when focused on silly rules. We decide to spend this weekend coming up with my parents then the next with his. Boss is being so compassionate about my schedule. We did hire another bartender since this is my last year, but still, I am grateful for his leniency.

Now it’s time to bring him home to the family. This will prove to be rather interesting. Our commitment to one another has changed everything. Somehow after that weekend where Tommy pushed my limits in every way; breaking my heart then piecing it back together carefully, intensified our cohesiveness. It took his brutal honesty to get me to trust in my heart. Giving up some of the reins and releasing some of my control has given me breath. I feel as if so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

"My parents are so excited to meet you this weekend,” I share.

"Not as excited as I am. Can’t wait to hear all the great stories of how you misbehaved as a child."

“You may be disappointed. I was an extremely responsible child. I hope you brought your appetite. My Italian mother is very excited to cook for you. And I'm sure my sister will be throwing a million questions your way."

“Yeah, something tells me that she's the one I'm going to need to impress the most."

"And she is not an easy person to please. No pressure!” I laugh in warning.

"Something tells me that it's payback for my insensitive behavior."

"And you're okay with staying in the apartment above the bar? I know it's not as posh as you are used to." Yes, I avoided that on purpose, forward not backwards.

"I thought I've proven by now that I'm not quite the snob you keep accusing me of being."

"Says the man that only wears designer everything. Even your boxers are designer."

"Not my fault. My mother is the one that shops at all those fancy stores."

"You do realize that comment makes you sound even more spoiled than anything I have ever accused you of."

"It sucks when you are right."

“Well, prepare to enter a house full of people that love to be right."

"Oh yay! Can't wait!" We both laugh as he pulls up in front of my parent's house.

We are Italian so there is a lot of hugging and kissing when we greet one another. Tommy surprisingly takes well to it all. I haven't met his parents yet but he has told me that they are far from sugary people. All sweet love in the Perotti household.

"Tommy, it's great to meet you." My mother greets Tommy first.

“Mrs. Perotti, now I see where Valentina get’s her looks from.” I can see Stella rolling her eyes from the stairs so I beat her to her punch line.

“Oh come on babe, you can get more original than that.” I tease.

On the stairs is my sister Stella. I can tell she is surveying Tommy for his weakness so she can attack.

“Stella, play nice!” I warn.

"So you are the reason my sister is more relaxed these days,” says Stella, ignoring my warning.

Growing up, Stella complained that I was too uptight and I reminded her she was the reason. She would be too, if she had to help raise a child like her.

"I don't know, I thought I added more stress to her life,” Tommy teases, “at least she likes to tell me so all the time."

"I am happy that you all find comfort in making fun of me."

"Tommy." My dad gives Tommy a big bear hug, partly out of care and partly to instill caution. He is a very strong man and likes Tommy to be aware of this.

"It's nice to meet the man that taught this lady how to handle a bar." Smooth, not, poor guy is rather more nervous than he thinks.

"Come on in, I am just finishing up in the kitchen." My mom insists.

Funny, we all follow her into the kitchen. The only real renovation my parents did to the house was to remove the wall that separated the kitchen from the rest of the house. Our home isn't big and doesn't need to be since we all just congregate in the kitchen anyway. Mom does the majority of the cooking but we all do our part. Tommy washes his hands and joins in the cooking easily.

“Brown-noser!" Stella accuses Tommy.

This is a good sign, Stella is already treating him like a brother she’s never had. With her the more bratty she is towards you equates to how much she likes you. Backwards but that is Stella. We always knew which boys she crushed based on how mean she was to them. And if she punched them, then there were definitely the one she wanted.

"For your information, I love cooking. So I will never give up a chance to learn from a great cook like your mom."

"Now, he is brown-nosing.” I tease.

Never in my wildest dreams did I picture my boyfriend cooking side-by-side with my mom. Even as much fun as I had cooking with Nate's family this last summer, I never pictured he and I cooking here in the kitchen in which I grew up in. In fact, I don't even allow him in my kitchen. Now I know better, maybe we can start cooking together. It doesn't get more domesticated than that!

"Well I hope you like to eat as much as you like to cook. My wife seems to always make enough to feed an army."

"You complain, yet you manage to clear the fridge of any leftovers."

My dad actually takes the leftovers to work. His employees love it when he feeds them my mom’s cooking. He gets to look like a great boss and we don't have to eat eggplant parmigiana for three nights straight. It's a win-win. Shhhhh, my mom can never know.

"So Tommy, what are your intentions with my sister."

"Don't you start sis."

"It's okay, I have no issues expressing my feelings for Valentina, she on the other hand," I kick him to shut him up.

"So what are you studying at Stanford?”

Tommy looks my way showing that he is tickled pink that I have told my family more about him than he realizes.

“Yes, my sister has told us a thing or two about you. Although she keeps it rather vague."

"Oh, so she does that to you all too?"

"I call bullshit on all of you!" I defend myself. "Stella is just messing with you. You see how she is with her 100 questions so trust she has drilled me about you and knows more than she needs to know already."

“Oh, so she is who I should ask to see how you really feel about me?”

“Okay kids, please stop the banter and set the table.” Mommy saves the day.

“So Tommy, what are your plans for after graduation?” My father asks, protective dad looking after my dreams.

Dad tells me to always keep my focus on living the life I dream of fearlessly. To have gratitude from where I grew-up but never loose sight of where I am going. Seek out knowledge from every direction, broaden my imagination and creativity and stop to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.

“Well, up until meeting your daughter, I am meant to go work for my dad. Now we are leaving everything open for discussion, I hope.” Tommy smiles at me, proud of himself for showing that he is holding his end of the bargain to be open to compromise. “I guess I should start looking at options all around. Your daughter has put it out there that she doesn’t want to stick around here. She doesn’t think I listen to her, but I do. In fact, I was just going to ask Val if she want’s to head to London for spring break. My father has been considering expanding his office by adding a European presence. And I am sure that Val can find work in her field there as well. Or maybe even divert her studies back to art. She is quite the artist.”

“Wait, I thought Val was considering Manhattan for spring break.” Stella offers, getting me into trouble already.

“This is the first I have heard of this.” Tommy responds slightly irritated.

“Well, it seems we haven’t gotten as far as spring break in our plans yet because I didn’t know that you wanted to go to London. Nor did I know that you want me to give up my career before it even begins.”

“Why don’t you just both go to Manhattan together?” Stella, again making waves.

Realizing suddenly that I didn’t bring up New York City to Tommy because I am not sure if I am ready to share that part of my dream with him. As of now, Manhattan is the only thing that I have that’s all mine. Plus, Nate is there. Not that I am planning on breaking our vow of monogamy. Nate is to much of a gentleman and we are still considered to be long distance until I move there after college. With loosing his mom this last January, I want to be able to be with Nate, for Nate, when I visit.

“Maybe this isn’t the time to talk about spring break or what’s happening after graduation.” Mom suggests.

“Why don’t you guys go to Hawaii or Cancun like every other college person does. Then you guys don’t have to fight over who’s destination is the better idea.” Stella always has her own agenda, this is her setting mom and dad up to send her to Hawaii or Cancun a year from now.

“Nice try Stella.” My dad calls her out on it.

“What? Every college kid goes for their breaks. Why can’t I?”

Yup, here we are, all of a sudden it’s about Stella. This time however, I welcome the distraction from any discussion of the coming break.

“Only if you promise to work off the cost by putting in some hours working for me.” Dad teases. I love helping in the bar, Stella hates it.

“You don’t ever let me have any fun.” Stella pouts.

“Don’t you even get me started on the fun you have little lady.” Mommy doesn’t say much, but when she talks its spot on.

“Let’s take mom’s advice and talk about all of this later.” Dad clearly feels my discomfort about the subject.

“So Tommy, what is your family buisness?” Stella is back to her 100 questions.

“Stella, don’t be rude.” Mom hisses at her.

“It’s okay Mrs. Perotti.”

“Tommy, please, call me Nonna.”

“Thank you, Nonna. To answer your question, Miss Nosey, my father owns a hedge fund. I am studying Business and Finance at Stanford. As of this moment, my father wants me to work for him so he can groom me to take over the family business.”

Seems Tommy and I have a lot to talk about still. Once again, I am glad we have our daily lessons on communication. We need it more than I realize.

“But I do like the idea of a beach getaway now that Stella has brought it up.”

“I thought we agreed to put a pin in all of this.” I reply slightly agitated.

Tommy is clearly taking advantage that my family is here to potentially take his side. New York City for spring break is important to me. Jessica is so kind to offer to help me meet key people within INK and Nate needs me. Yet I can’t say anything because it’s not fair to Tommy that he wants to spend that week together, which I do as well. But there is a big part of me that needs to get to New York and I need to do it alone.

“It’s not such a bad idea, you know.” Mom agrees with Tommy. “You really could use some relaxation in your life, Bamabina. And we all know you well enough to know that you won’t relax in Manhattan.”

“If she won’t go I will! And she can manage the bar while I am gone.” Dad teases. This is his way of saying he is on board and I should be too.

“Or I could always go,” Stella sacrifices.

Even though I have a scholarship, additional costs of college is such a burden on them. My intention is to start work immediately after college to start paying them back. In order to guarantee this, I need to take the opportunity Jessica has put in front of me. My savings is for my moving expense to which every city my new job lands me. Stella will be starting college herself and they will need the money to help her the same way they help me, more actually since where she is applying, scholarships aren’t easy to come by. It would be very selfish and indulgent of me to do this, but the thought of a real vacation sounds divine. Hawaii is a place that I have never been and maybe I can write a piece comparing paradise destinations. Los Angeles does offer palm trees and beaches, and I know it well enough to write about it. Honolulu or Los Angeles, which is your idea of the perfect beach getaway? Or maybe we can go to Mystic or Jamaica. Then I could really practice writing a true travel piece. I suppose this could be as beneficial to me as going to meet with Jessica. Turning in another writing assignment would impress her just as much.

“Valentina, stop calculating expenses and options in your head.” My father interrupts my internal process, “you have worked very hard all your life to get where you are. You deserve to have a little fun. You can worry about helping us when we are too old to help ourselves. Until then, be a little selfish, my responsible child. Go and be a little irresponsible.”

“So it’s settled then? I am happy that I brought this up to you all. We all know if I didn’t have your support that I would be working on Valentina for days to convince her to spend that entire week with me in paradise.”

“Who says it’s settled?” My control freak side blurts out.

“Valentina, don’t be ungrateful to such an amazing opportunity.” Mommy always manages to make me feel bad about being too hard on myself. She says all the time that she wishes I were less serious.

“What if I promise to take us to Manhattan for a few days down the line? I am sure I could go convince my dad to consider an office there.”

Well, now I am stuck. I can’t tell him that I don’t want to go with him, that it’s a trip I want to do alone. Not the way to start our new commitment to us.

“I don’t think your dad will go for that.” I make a final attempt at my case.

“Let me worry about that.”

“So dinner number one with MY family and you are all on Tommy’s side already.”

“Don’t look at it that way. We are on your side,” logical father speaking. “Any of us would jump at this opportunity. You deserve it. Your relationship needs it. It’s important that couples get away.”

Says the man that has never taken his wife on a holiday. I can see the pain on my mother’s face as well as the “oh shit” look on my dad’s as he realizes how hypocritical he just sounded.

“That’s a great idea. I can’t take a vacation when you and mom have never had one. If anything, I should come down here during the break and work so that the two of you can go to Hawaii.”

“Bambina, your dad and I have our dream of going to Italy. We will do our couples getaway once you and Stella are on your own.”

Have any of you guys seen the animation UP? The couples dream about traveling to Paradise Falls, saving up their entire life. Yet one thing or another always comes up and they never make it together. This is what I worry for my parents. Again, why I need to keep my focus.

“What if we sleep on it? Like your parents have said, we can discuss all this another day.” Tommy’s way of saying that he is horny and we need to get a move on so he can get his groove on.

Tommy starts to clear the plates but mom makes Stella do it. This gives Tommy and dad a chance to talk. I excuse myself to the bathroom, I need a breather. Funny how I naturally head to the bathroom whenever I need alone time here. Staring at my faithful mirror, I look at my twenty-one years old self. My how I have changed.

Once we all finish with dishes, Tommy eventually insisted that we all do it together. Getting in all the points he can with my parents. I don’t blame him, he is correct, the key to me is through them.

“I will drive you to the apartment.” I offer, trying not to sound too eager.

“Are you sure? You have had a few glasses of wine. I can drive him.” Protective dad trying to keep his daughter from any potential sinning. So sweet.

“Um, I think you had way more to drink then I did and I am a much better drinker than you are.” We all laugh, “it’s okay, I slowed down a long time ago knowing that I would have to drive.”

Tommy says good-bye to everyone. The vision of him hugging my family and laughing with them melts my heart. I am fucked It's a funny thing this coming home with a boy. No matter how old I am, I feel sixteen. Of course, this is the first time I have ever known a boy long enough to bring home to the parents. Although Tommy and I have driven together so many times, this times it is different. This time I feel like a giddy little girls who is about to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend. Even hearing that word in my head makes me giggle. This persona that is anti-relationship seems to be just that. Now that I have a boyfriend I kick myself for not doing this sooner. I defiantly should have allowed Benji the chance. I owe him an apology. As we drive towards the apartment I can't help but smile. Holding Tommy's hand as if it's the first time we ever touched. Steeling glances at my beautiful and sweet man, I can feel the butterflies gathering inside of me. Who would have guessed that this would be me, be us. When we are together, everything I need, I find in his eyes. There, I see he is all I need and once that may have scared me, now I love it when it's just us. And we are enough. I hope I don’t fuck this up.

"Val, take the time and enjoy this moment. Stop overthinking and freaking out, just be happy." I seem to give myself this pep talk a lot.

As that part of me wants to slam my heart shut, Tommy squeezes my hands as if he were reading my mind. I try my hardest to just sit in this moment. Then that part of me that solves everything with sex kicks in. The sweetness moves into a sensual space in my being. I try to tap back into the sweetness, but the muscle memory of passion and desire is too great.

"Say something and get out of your head." Another pep talk I do so often.

Tommy is patient, waiting for me to move from uncomfortable to ease. After all these weeks he knows me that well. He knows when to give me the space I need to process. Otherwise my defensive side takes over.

“My sister gave me two thumbs up when she was hugging you.”

“Wow! I can’t imagine that’s an easy approval rating.”

“You fit in just a little too well.”

“I don’t know about all that. I only know where I would like to fit into right now.”

Tommy moves his hands to my thigh and gives it a squeeze. Massaging my thigh closest to him as I massage the back of his neck. We both slow down to enjoy the feel of each other's grip. Not realizing we are grabbing at each other's stress rhythmically. Feeling tension escape with each loving squeeze. Tommy makes the first move, sliding his hands up my thighs his fingers find their favorite spot. There is a perfect, little park between my house and the bar. I actually used to daydream about parking with my boyfriend there someday. I guess someday is today. Trying to remain focused until we get there, I say nothing. Instead I enjoy Tommy’s desperate kisses along my neck and his vigorous fingers at play. It’s nice to know that his inner sixteen years old boy is present as well, excited for his first time. I delight in the image of us, like little teens, sneaking off into the night to park and neck.

Once I put the car in park and turn of the engine, my seat is both thrusted back and down before I could take my foot of the brakes. I am not exaggerating when I say that Tommy is eager. I lie back and enjoy what is about to come. I am grateful I wore a dress for dinner. Tommy finds it easy to burry his face into my pussy. Placing one of my legs wedge between the window and steering wheel and throwing my other leg over his shoulder. He loves that I prefer commando; immediate access to pleasure. I close my eyes to relax into the feel of Tommy eating me hungrily, ironic since he just enjoyed an Italian five course meal. I am not one to point out the obvious. Instead I feed him. Coming into his mouth over and over again. The more I flow, the more ravenous he is. I love the feel of him feasting, the pleasure of knowing that no matter, it’s my juice that awakens his tastebuds. His hands work my breasts, caresses and massages my body as I lie back and take in all that I deserve in this moment.

Once I come a half dozen time, it’s my mouth that is now jealous. I quickly rotate my body into the passenger seat, enjoy his blue ball cry when I leave him in the driver seat. Only this time, it’s my turn to drive him. I push him down onto the back of the seat and undress him. I want his cock! I want it on my grip and on my lips. I want him gagging at my throat and pulsing in want. His penis is so beautiful. I could suck and kiss it all day. And knowing how much he enjoys being in my mouth only ignites my determination to work him in every way. Switching his feeling of loss, when I changed our tone, to gratification.

The hardest decision I seem to have to make these days is whether his cock should be deep in my throat or pussy. After torturing him and keeping him hard and unable to come for so long, I decide we both need synchronicity in our lives. I straddle him and burry his desire deep into my box. We both exhale oudly. Dear Lord, this man feels so damn good. I fucking love shagging him. So I do. I ride him hard, deep and fast. I don’t care if it makes him come sooner than he intends. I can’t help it. The lust he pulls out of me is desperate. So I ride him unbridled, commanding his pleasure. His hands help to move my hips move feverishly. I relax my back against the steering wheel, giving up all of the control. Tommy pushes and pulls rapidly at my hips. The both of us moaning and screaming and cursing because it all feel to damn good. Until he comes hard and deep inside of me, setting me off immediately. Both of our bodies pulsing and quivering. Breathless I fall into pure love for this man.

I drop him off at the apartment, an apartment that I remember Dad used often whenever he and my mother were fighting. As much as my mother loved being home and helping with us, there was a part of her that wasn't getting satisfied when she wasn't able to get on stage and perform. This always took a toll on my parents and they often fought more than I think they really meant to. I remember waiting up for Dad to get home, too young to understand that he was hiding out in his space. So I find the idea of having sex with Tommy there uncomfortable. A few sweet kisses to tuck him and and home I go. Recalling the way we just mastered the usage of play in the car, a few times almost getting caught by security driving past. This of course only makes the option more exciting and naughty.

It makes me happy to see how Tommy fits into our little clan. Dad even got him working behind the bar that Sunday morning while the ladies made Sunday lunch. With my family and friends here all approving of Tommy, I realize it’s time to tell Nate.

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