Valentina Bound - Book 1

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Paradise Lost

It has taken us a few days to truly recover from the weekend with his parents. They, as expected, did not take to us the way my parents did. I made Tommy fill me in on every conversation he had with them when I wasn’t with them. As painful as they were to hear, I need to know what I am up against. His parents are hoping that I am just an interesting new toy that some of his friends have. I can’t say I enjoy spending time with them all that much anyway.

“We aren’t up against anything? What my parents think is their issue and don’t have to be ours. I love you and they will just have to learn to love you as well.”

I try to have faith that love will win over everything else. I am too logical.

“It’s normal that you don’t get along with my parents, none of my parents get along with my grand parents.”

“But you mesh perfectly into my family.”

“Because your family is awesome.”

“Look, my parent are so busy. The only reason they don’t leave town more is because of the business. Once I start working there, my dad will be free to take my mom away all the time. They will barely be in our lives.”

Did any of you catch that? He is for sure going to work fro his dad after graduation. So know this, why am I still on this ledge, ready to take a leap of faith with Tommy?

Our love making is fierce and rigorous, is this stress sex? They say that when a person is stressed, it changes the way they want and crave sex. Not that I am complaining, it all provokes the more erotic side of me. Tommy distracting himself with finding new ways towards satiety broadens our frontier. Discovery is my happy place, so I am extremely elated. This also seems to stall conversations about our pending trip.

It’s March 15th and spring break starts March 26th, we do need to figure this out. I either need to go to New York or submit an amazing assignment to keep me in Jessica’s vision. It’s hard to get used to Tommy’s last minute planning. For him, money isn’t an issue. I am used to planning in advance to get the best deal on flights and hotels. Kindly remaining him that we only have a week until break starts, not wanting to overstep since he will be funding the entire trip. My nerves are shot, I don’t like being in flux, being left to alway be guessing of what next. We must work on his lack of urgency.

“I’ve got it!” Tommy bursts. He is so excited and tickled pink.

“Got what babe?”

“How about Kauaʻi, it’s not anywhere other college students will go and yet it’s closer than Mystic?”

“Sounds great babe. I will leave it all up to you because right now I am so overwhelmed with schoolwork. You are a rather fun but distracting boyfriend.”


“Don’t be.”

“I will plan the most romantic trip to make it up to you.”

Tommy is the romantic in this relationship. Not sure if it’s because I don’t have the funds to be so creative or if he is just better at it then I am. He does love doing it, so I let him. In fact, I am letting go more and more everyday. It feels nice to be taken care of for once versus being the one taking care of everything for everyone else. With Benji and Jodi, we are equal in favors and being each other's rock. One would think that this strategy would seep out into the rest of my life. Is it because the ensemble of the three of us just works that away? I never really thought about it until now. Once Nate helped me out of my fantasy of he and I, releasing control of everything else in my life is easier. As the man in the relationship it feels okay that Tommy takes the lead. Just like ballroom, which is the only time I follow a leader, my body is at his whim. Life's dance is working for us.

Not only has Tommy planned everything, he has also packed my bags for me. Making the most of the break, we leave immediately after my last class. No time to change my mind. There are so many emotions I am feeling in this moment; guilt, gratitude, excitement and even deserving. The guilty part is coupled with a bit of unbefitting as we are seated in first class. No shocker here, only the best from my darling. Feeling so lucky, I kiss him once we are seated on the plane. A quiet thank you, showing my readiness to receive such extravagance.

“To us!” Tommy toasts after the flight attendant hands us champagne. I just might be able to get used to this.

Kauaʻi is truly paradise, the spiritual essence of the land inspires one to reach inwards. Considering that this is an important time for self exploration, Tommy could not have picked a more perfect place. The white-sand beaches are stunning, the emerald green mountains are lush and the vibe is simply natural. Strip me down to a bikini while the island bares my soul.

St. Regis Princeville is luxurious and sophisticated. Tommy did not hold back by any means. We are escorted to the Bali Hai Suite which is two stories with stunning views of this multidimensional island. Soaking in the tub to the view and sound of ocean waves will make taking a bath anywhere else shameful.

“I picked a two story suite in case you prefer that we have slightly separate sleeping quarters.”

“This just might be the perfect place to test the possibility of sleeping through a night together.”

It’s hard for Tommy to hide his excitement at the thought of this. Something tells me that this place will shed a lot of my barriers and protective layers. From the moment we landed, I can feel the magic here.

“Would you like to have lunch on the terrace or in the room?”

“Let’s have lunch here in the room. I can take a bath while you sort out or meal plan.” It feels good not to think.

Tommy and I really enjoy our alone time from the rest of the world. Whether it’s sitting at opposite ends of the couch playing footsies while we are both typing away on our lap tops. Or watching movies and cuddling in bed. We even manage to spend time in separate rooms at the Sausalito house at times, organic spacing. There is this casualness to us no matter when it’s just the two of us.

“There is a lot for us to do here.” Tommy sits on the edge of the tub and hands me a glass of champagne.

“That is all on you babe. I am far away from school and my responsibilities. You are welcome to do all of our thinking for us.”

I can sense that Tommy rather likes this idea. He already has a list of places he wants to capture with his camera. I can not wait to pull out my sketch book. He even arranges for paint and an easel for our balcony. We can go everywhere and see everything or do absolutely nothing.

“What was it like growing up with a sibling?” Tommy asks as we bask in the sun from our terrace.

One thing I do love is sunbathing naked. In the bay area, that is nearly impossible. When I was in Manhattan, Nate took me to the roof top of his friends high-rise so that I could bake in the sun. Thanks to my Italian roots, I do turn a nice shade of bronze. The two of us out here fully exposed.

“Like everything else in life, it has it’s good and bad. Whenever I was made at Stella, I would remind my parents that life as an only child would have been just fine for me. Yet I am exactly who I am thanks to that little shit.”

Tommy laughs as he flashes back to all of his encounters with Stella. We managed another weekend at the Perotti’s. This time he met all zie e zii. Once they heard about his visit, they all insisted on meeting him. He charmed them all of course. As for me, they are excited that I finally have a boyfriend.

“I would gladly deal with that little shit just to have someone to grow up with.”

“Is it hard to be an only child?”

“It’s lonely. Yes, I am rather spoiled, even if I do try not to live like it. But it’s hard to not have someone to empathize with or have familial experiences with. My parents have a good set of friends with children that I grew up with.”

There is suddenly a stabbing pain in my heart and my gut feels as if it has been punched hard. Quickly I am reminded of Brittany. Tommy sees that something shifts on my face.

“I am so sorry babe, I just realized how that statement must trigger a painful memory.”

“It’s okay, we both had lives before one another.”

“Does this mean there are skeletons in your closet that I might run into someday?”

“The Queen of One-Night-Stands? I would have to remember their faces first.”

“Ouch! I am truly relieved that I managed to dodge that curse.”

“How is one night of amazing sex ever a curse?”

“It would have been bane of my existence if I had only one night with you.”

This man really knows all the right things to say, I think to myself. The best part of this is the ocean breeze manages to blow away any deep reflection. Hawaii is a surprise for me. This may make me sound simple but I thought Hawaii couldn’t be a real paradise if it’s one of our fifty states. Yet this is unequivocally blissful.

“Funny how in this short time we have been together, I can not seem to remember life without you.” Tommy reveals easily.

Funny how I feel the same way about him. I know I should express those thoughts as easily as he does, but I am not used to wearing my heart on my sleeve, even to my constant lover.

“Without sounding corny, I feel like I have known you many lifetimes.”

Boy, the brochures weren’t kidding when they said this island evokes our spirituality. This conversation is one that I have with my dance crew; they live mantras of mind, body and soul connections.

“Not corny at all love. Any woman would be so lucky to have a man that whispers such adulation.”

Tommy moves from his seat to refill my glass, and steel a kiss. A consuming, long and passionate kiss. If it weren’t for room service ringing the door bell, we would be on our way to more than kissing. I slip on my sun dress as Tommy heads towards the door.

“Uh-um.” I clear my throat, pointing to his distraction.

Tommy detours to the bathroom and wraps a rob around him, the heavy terry manages to ebb his jubilance.

Not wanting to be indoors just yet we have dinner set up on the balcony. Once the gentleman leaves, we are naked again. A form of titillation fills the space between us. In Sausalito, we spend late nights unclothed but never daylight as we could have unexpected guests pop in at any moment there. Dining au naturel just might be a daily routine here.

“Having a sister, even if Stella is more of a burden then help most times, does lessen my concerns about my parents aging. It must be really heavy for you at times.”

“Well, you have met the Brooks, they are two intense humans in very different ways. Not to whine, but, it’s really maddening at times to think of having to take care of them both. Growing up, while most kids at school were out causing trouble on the weekends, I was usually escorting my mom to the theater or ballet. Dad works and works, so unless the social event meant he could make connections or impress a client, he prefers to stay home and work. I often wonder if they even realize what they were doing to me. Not to sound ungrateful, but no child should date their parent.”

“Nor should a child maturate to the substitution of their parent.”

“No one grows up unscathed.”

“No we don’t.’

“That’s why we must never loose sight of where we are headed. Our past is something to reflect upon and learn from but not how we should be defined.”

At times I am perplexed as to whether Tommy says the things he does for me to hear or if he is justing thinking out loud.

“We are both blessed to have the families that we do and the experience around our growth.” I offer.

“No doubt, and now we are blessed to have each other.”

“Amen, hallelujah!” Clinking glasses with giant smiles.

Exhausted from life in general, we decide to lay low tonight. We have six days to fully explore. The sunset here is beyond words. If you have never visited, you must for this color splendor. As a child we are taught how to mix the primary colors to create other colors. The color of the sun alters the greens, browns and blues of the island backdrop.

Once the darkness is upon us, the moon alters the shades of life here. My lungs are getting their workout, breathtaking notes and breathlessness all around. Eye provoking yoga breaths. Initially this sense of leisure is uncomfortable. Followed by exhilaration at the awareness that it’s just the two of us, stress free. Conceding to the gift of this time to really know each other. This is what it would be like once we are out of college and it’s just the two of us against the world. Maybe with a bit less beach miles. Although people do live in paradise, could we? Speaking of living together, would it serve me better to talk about New York City now or towards the end of the trip when he is more acceptable. Decidedly after, who knows, maybe this turns into the worse trip possible and we realize that our reality in California is the fantasy. Stranger things have happened.

Our newest guilty pleasure is watching all the amazing shows on Netflix. Having grown up loving superhero, comic books and animations, we are psyched for the revival of the Marvel sagas. We are now up to the series where all of the characters we know as of far team up to fight together, The Defenders. Cuddled on the couch, Tommy’s back to my chest so that I can massage his shoulders. I have a great set of hands; this and my cooking are two ways I get to spoil Tommy. Tommy usually moves back and forth between paying attention and taking a snooze. We used to rewind the episodes when this happens but that made it impossible to finish a season.

“How nice is it to be forever naked with you?” Tommy nuzzles his head into my shoulders, tilting it back enough for us to kiss.

Just like earlier, we simply enjoy the kiss. No rush to move it past the tenderness and significance of such a perfect pleasure. As I rub his back his hands squeeze along my legs. We delight in this for hours. Dinner is a repeat of lunch, amazing food, wine and conversation.

“Where is the one place you want to travel to most?” Tommy asks all the deep questions of the day.

“Italy of course. Mainly Fierenza, where my mother’s family are from. How about you?”

“Italy as well, but to the island of Ischia. Growing up there was this amazing Italian restaurant in our neighborhood, La Dolce Vita, this is where I first started cooking real Italian dishes. The owner, Raphael was so cool and we would hang out between the lunch and dinner serving and he would tell stories of his life. Raphael grew up on Ischia. Naturally, it’s my dream place. I remember so much of the site and scenes he shared and want to photograph them.”

“That’s so beautiful. Speaking of La Dolce Vita, the movie that is, can we watch that after this series is finished?”

“As you wish my Queen.”

“Ooh, I like the sound of that.” As I go in for another make out session.

I wonder if I will ever stop wanting his kisses, I doubt it. Picturing us in Italy, as best as I can at least since I have never been there. Often I would google Italy and read all the stories on Lonely Planet and the reviews on Trip Advisor. Flipping through photos other people have taken and shared in an attempt to piece together an experience to reach for. It’s crazy how many selfie there are versus scenic views people post. My aunts and uncles have a few photo that they whip out during moments of nostalgia. All this is me trying my hardest to know this place that is my ancestry.

Once we both start falling asleep, we decide to take our weary bones to bed. Tommy spoons me and I sing us a lullaby. I wait to hear his purring before I allow myself to drift to sleep. Conscious of my snoring, I don’t feel as if I actually ever move beyond Beta.

A few hours into our slumber, Tommy stirs. Or at least a yummy part of him stirs. The part that pulls the response of my desire. Ever slight motion my backside feel from him, my pussy responds with a pulse, a heartbeat, as if it were coming alive for the first time ever. Testing it’s surroundings. I guess this is one of the many perks of staying the night.

“Is he asleep?” I wonder.

“Do I pretend to be asleep and not notice?” A part of me wants to reach back and stroke him.

“What if he is sleepwalking or in his case, sleep growing? You know what they say about waking a sleepwalker.” All these questions I am suddenly faced with.

“Is he dreaming of us making love?” I question how hard he is getting.

I decide that I would let said scenario play it self out. Benji told me about “morning woods”, but he made that seem as if it’s because the man needs to pee. The part of me that really wants to respond to his instinctive nudging takes over. I reach my hand behind me and start massaging his cock.


Now that I know he is somewhat cognitive, I flip onto my other side so that I can face him. Tommy shifts so that I could have a better angle to jerk him. His eyes are still closed but he has a big smile on his face. This is sweet and funny all in one. After a bit I hover my mouth over the tip of his cock.

“Oh, yeah baby. Don’t tease me.” His voice sexy and raspy.

First my tongue plays around. He has a different scent in then usual, oh yeah, we need a bit of me on him. Soon, right now I am enjoying this BJ. It’s like having your favorite desert on a stick. The the cake pops arrived in Starbucks I decide everything is better on a stick. This stick is my favorite by far. The longer I play, the harder and longer he grows and the more wet my girl gets.

Rolling Tommy completely onto his back, I straddle him, easing him into me.

“God, I love you so much woman.”

No talking needed, just motion. My eyes closed, I allow my sense of touch to completely take over. Trying to decimate every cellular feedback. From the contrast of soft and firm to that of access versus limitation. As he hits the limitation of my vagina, he pushes deeper and I give way to him. Just as he absorbs my moisture, his tip hits the perfect spot and I drench him again. His cock is like this perfectly shaped sponge that keeps absorbing all that he irrigates. I love being on top, it allows me to move at the speed that my body craves. At times he is triggering a spasm in me and my entirety quivers and so I need to slow down and shift a bit left or right. Then moments where he stirs such an intense want, and irrational chase for divine pleasure that I bear down and ride fast. When I am ready for my orgasm, I now know how to get his without his control. This allows me to time our orgasm together. My hips rock back and forth, his hands help to set the rhythm. This all feels to amazing to allow it to stop just yet, but I can feel that he is about to come. I reach down so that I can lubricate my fingers. Reaching back, I slide my finger into his ass, massaging his prostate. This is how I can control his ability to release as well as get him to come when I am ready. By massaging his prostate, he can’t squirt. Then as his cock fucks me to brink of orgasm, my finger fucks him. In motion, in time with one another.

“Baby, oh baby.”

“Yes Tommy.”

“Val, I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Oh God yes, Tommy, yes!”

Our passion overflows and we are sated. Breathing hard, every organ pulsing and sweaty we silently delight in love.

“Perfetto amore mio. Grazie mille.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

This time, I pass out into sweet dreams. No worries about whether or not my snoring will keep us him awake. Funny, in this moment, I realize that I have not had my reoccurring dream in a long time. Instead, tonight, I dream of Italy. Our conversation replays and now I can really see us there.

“I think our next trip together should be Italy.” My dream inspired me.

“I agree whole heartedly.”

Over the next several days we agree that we will push ourselves, try everything this island has to offer. Cliff diving, surfing, hiking, swimming under the waterfalls, running on the beach and hiking. We bask naked under every sun set and sunrise. As if its the cycle of the sun that regenerates us.

We try all the flavors this island has to offer. Being both tourists and locals. It seems we both make friends easily and have probably an unsafe trusting of strangers. A few of the employees here at the resort has take us out to their spots to meet their friends. Or to have meals at their homes. It’s only been one week and it feels as if we have been here for a month. If we weren’t returning to finals of our last college term, we would extend our stay. For once we have found something more meaningful then school. I don’t know about Tommy but that speaks volumes of me.

We manage to make love in some of the most stunning places on the island. When you can open your eyes and draw in all the beauty that is around you when you are making love, you can see the orgasms bleed into the colors of the landscape. When you can feel the land against your skin, your fire can almost set the the world a blaze. A whole new meaning to the art of sex.

During our meals and moments of transportation we get to know each other more and more. Sharing stories of our childhood. Revealing our fears and anxieties. Even during our sexual interludes, we manage to engage in our curiosities, easing each other into the ways we like to play. Taking bewilderments into action and expanding beyond even that. My only regret is that I will have to thank Stella for planting the seed for this trip. It is exactly what we needed to really test the gravity of our feelings for one another.

As our compatibility increases, our love deepens. We can talk: cars, sports, Shakespeare, theater, music of all genres, travel, crazy family issues, art, politics and even religion. The only subject we don’t seem to be discussing is our destination after graduation. I know that Tommy is stuck. Or at least he thinks he is. Listening to his stories open my eyes to his family dynamics. With that being said, all dynamics may be changed. It takes two to tango, but only one to stop dancing. Just as I have been conditioned to think the way I do about my responsibilities, Tommy has been groomed, Pavlov’s dog. No matter, we do need to talk this out, sooner than later.

“So, I am thinking in a few weeks I should head to New York. Before finals. I really need to meet with Jessica and all the editors she wants me to meet at INK.”

“Oh, babe, I forgot to tell you, my parents have a yearly gala that we must attend the second weekend in May.”

“Okay. It’s the end of March now, I could try and go in April, this way my trip won’t interfere with the gala. Although it would probably be smartest if I go the weekend of the gala so I can’t be there to spoil it for your mom.” The Yankees tickets that I bought for Nate and his dad are for April 7th, wouldn’t that be the perfect surprise if I could be in New York then and join them?

“First of all, don’t be silly, just like champagne, you make everything better. Secondly, we agreed that we would attend all of these functions together.”

So Val, here we are. Here is the chance for you to talk to him about Nate. I am unsure if I can do this without exposing my curiosities about Nate. Benji says that he sees it in my eye whenever I talk about Nate, this adoration and admiration. I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. If he finds out later, it taints our beautiful trip. If I tell him now, well, I may be flying home alone.

“Let me see what my commitments are these final weeks at the fraternity then we can see if we can find a few days to head to New York. Believe it or not, I have never been. Not sure why my parents never travel there, considering my dad's business but they seem to strongly agree on that front.”

I have stopped over reading into the strange behaviors of others, it makes me fit in more comfortably when surrounded by weirdos.

“How would you feel if I wanted to go to New York alone?”

The hurt in Tommy’s eyes, does me in. I can’t do this to him.

“I mean, if you can’t make the time happen with your schedule. But your are right, we agree to be inseparable. And I don't want to be separated from you.”

“Oh phew! I though thought you didn’t want me to go because you have some guy there.” Tommy jokes.

“Thank you,” I toast Tommy as our waiter delivers us our champagne.

“For what?”

“For you, for this, for us. When I started falling in love with you, I was so scared that I would loose myself in the typical way most relationships I have witnessed do. Yet here we are; relaxing, surfing and compromising.” I confess for the first time.

“I have so enjoyed watching you come to life these last several days.”

“I have enjoyed getting to know everything about you. I never want this to end.”

“It doesn’t have to.” Then Tommy kneels down in front of me. “Valentina, would you do the honor of making sure all my days to come are spent just like the days we have had so far?”

My eyes tear up as he opens up a small box, displaying a gorgeous ring that I eyed in one of the shops a few days back, but did not dare to even inquire about. It has three beautiful diamonds of different shades lined together. Not a typical engagement ring and surely not what I intended when I saw it. It was just so beautifully set and the colors dances in the rays of sunlight just as this island does.

“Yes, oh Tommy! Yes!” I cried and wrapped my arms around him. I never want us to be anything other then who we are at this moment.

“You have just made me the happiest man alive.”

“Just promise me that we will live just like this, adventurous and free. I have so loved watching you capture our lives on camera. You are such an amazing photographer. And seeing you engage with people, so charming and compassionate. I want us to always enjoy everything around us.”

“I can’t promise you it will be just like this but I can promise to try and keep it as close to this as possible. Back to San Francisco is back to reality. I will promise however to make a million babies with you. I want us to have mini versions of us running around everywhere.” Not realizing he just changed the subject. I am too happy and too in love.

“I know, there is just a soulful side of you here. And I can’t wait to travel the world with you. Experience all the place we can allow ourselves to be.” Trying to imprint my desires into his thoughts.

“Let’s see how it all goes, for now, one day at a time. Lets enjoy this moment.”

“Cheers to that.” I raise my glass to meet his. We sit, cuddled on an empty terrace, watching the sunset.

Why is this terrace empty? Suddenly this feeling of us missing out on some news, I half expect a tsunami to disrupt us. What is the likelihood of every guest being somewhere else then here.

“Did you arrange for us to be the only ones here?” I wouldn’t put it past him.

“I wish I had been that brilliant, I am not sure why the terrace is empty, but I am not one to question a serendipitous moment.”

We walk back to our hotel room, hand-in-hand. All smiles, swinging our hands as if we were little children. It’s how I feel in this moment. Like a little girl on Christmas, happy and excited for everything that is about to come.

As we stand outside the hotel room, Tommy scoops me into his arms and carries me into the room. He walks me to the bed and lies me down. Kissing me first on my lips, smooth and easy, pinning me to the bed. I gave into his need to take control, as I always do. I quite enjoy being his pleasure, and following his lead. I remember our first night together, he held great command of our love making. Always aware of what triggers created the best response from my body. Careful to note the things that I found pleasureful and pushed me towards my curiosity. I did not realize that being tied up and restrained was anything I would enjoy, let alone crave. Fully giving into someone and trusting them. His voice that night carefully instructed and eased me all the same. Just like now.

“I want to kiss you from head to toe. I want to taste every inch of you.” As he spoke these words, he carefully tied my hands and legs to the bed. We found in a shop in San Francisco with these amazing restraints, still wonder what they may have thought of us at the airport. I am sure they have seen it all through those scanners. I close my eyes and allow my body to give in completely.

Tommy moves meticulously from my lips, to my cheeks and ears. Whispering his desires. Making my body arch and squirm for him. His hands are soft and determined in their exploration. As he nuzzles into my neck, nibbling at the flesh. If he could bite me and taste my blood, I am sure he would. The thought of that excited me even more. Feeling my pulse beat faster and stronger against his cheek. His moan vibrates my throat, making me crave the feel of his cock deep in my mouth. As if reading my thoughts, his fingers play at my lips and in my mouth, caressing my teeth. The taste of where he just left my body on the tips of his fingers. I suck and tease at his fingers as his lips suck and tease on my nipples. Nibbling when he nibbles, sucking on his finger when he suckles and biting down when he bites. The pleasure and pain, making me wet and hungry. My body wanting him to rip off my clothes, aching to be skin to skin. Knowing this, he takes his time, torturing me.

Once I am completely naked and exposed, he steps away. I let out a slight cry, missing his weight on me. As he undresses he holds my stare, as if daring me to speak, I do not. My eyes delight in the vision of him, one article of clothing at a time hits the floor, showing me more of him. Gods this man is so beautiful. All his hard work to keep his physique shows, for my entertainment and pleasure, lucky me. Tommy’s cock is stunning. I lick my lips as he stands naked before me. Slowly he kisses at my calves, moving diligently up my inner legs, massaging and gripping at my legs, exciting and easing them. He pauses to lavish my taste. His tongue skilled in it’s movement. His hands massage my ass, squeezing and pinching. Pulling my hips against his face so he can move deeper inside of me. Making me come over and over again into his mouth. Enjoying the way he makes me shake and quiver.

Slowly crawling up my body, knowing I want to feel his cock deep inside of me. His knees nudge my legs apart, making room for him between them. His hands lift my ass as he enters me. With force he goes deep hard and fast. Making me scream in pleasure. He sits with my ass on his thighs as he works himself deeper and harder and faster. Pushing me to the edge of an orgasm. Slowing down to make me want and crave more. Then as I moisten and open he delves deeper. This time with sheer animalistic rhythm. Hard and fast. Fucking me. Pleasuring us both. I can feel him grow and harden to his limit. Knowing soon he will come inside of me. I finally speak, begging him to fuck me harder, faster and deeper. He responds to my wants. We move hard and fast together until we both come simultaneously. Allowing him to pulse and release inside of me. Holding and enjoying my pussy griping onto him as I come.

Breathless he falls on top of me. Holding me tight.

“You are spectacular.” He breaths into my ears.

“You are masterful!”

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