Yes, Daddy

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Chapter Two

“What?” Sera asked.

“We will go over your terms and conditions in a bit. The contract can be standard with your caveats, of course. However, right now, I would like to see what is mine. Shall we go somewhere a bit more private, or do you want to do this right here?” Sera’s new friend asked with his deep voice that reverberated through her body, “I do have to say that I would not think that you would.”

“You want to sample?” she asked.

“No, I want to see what is mine and mine alone, my dear.” He said as he stood. “I do, however, not know your name currently either.”

“Serafina.” She said.

“Well, my dear princess Serafina.” He said as he moved to an out cove, “I would like to see these now.” He began to lower her dress down her shoulders. Her breast fell out, and his eyes glazed over. “Oh, my love, these are beautiful. Do I have your permission to touch what is mine?”

“Yes.” She breathed as the cold air ran over her skin. His hands roamed over them, and he was smiling.

“Since I can touch, I can always taste them as well.” He said as he leaned forward as he settled on his knees before her as he took one of her hardened nipples in his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. She let out a little sigh, and he looked up to meet her gaze. He began sucking harder on them as he had his hand around her steading her. He moved to the other breast, leaving the tip of the other still wet and getting harder. His hand massaging gently as he sucked harder on her nipples. He then stood again.

“I think I want you to do something for me, baby.” He said softly and, in her ear, as he kissed her neck softly. He took her hand that was gripping on to his arms to keep standing. He started to bring it to his pants. He then waited as she began to run her hand up and down the hardness there. She was gripping it as she did. She looked at him.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” she asked.

“Ask properly, baby.” He said softly.

“Do you want me to suck your cock, daddy?” she asked as he looked at him in the eyes.

“Yes, baby.” He said softly. She settled on her knees before him as he helped her only take his hardened cock out, and then as she moved her head closer to it and it began to twitch with anticipation. She opened her mouth and then began to lick the tip as she kept her mouth open and kept eye contact with him. She knew she was good at this part.

As she licked deeper on his length, he was damn near hissing as the contact was there but not enough. When she took him in her mouth and closed it and then began moving her head back and forth, he had his fingers in her hair holding her there. Though he was doing nothing to guide her, she knew he wanted more. As she twisted her tongue as she slowed down the pace, his head was thrown back, and he was trying not to groan and failing with that small task. She moved her head and then took him in deeper, and he moved his head to watch her. Her lips still closed on his cock, and now a hand had slipped into his pants as he felt a tiny touch on his balls as she was fondling them gently and then pulling so lightly. The deeper she took him in her mouth, the more he wanted to completely release in her mouth and watch her lick up the rest. Though he had other plans now. His golden eyes were planning things for the two of them.

“Baby, stand up.” He said in a strained voice. It had gotten even deeper and more ragged as he tried to speak. He then pushed her face-first into the wall gently. “Place your arms out in front of you.” He began lifting the back of her dress as he did slowly. Inch by inch, one hand lifted the skirt while the other played with her exposed tits. He was rolling her nipples between his fingers and moving between the two of them. When the dress was high enough for him, he moved to place his cock in between her ass cheek and start to rub. He reached around her thighs and pulled her closer to him as he began to play with her panties.

“My naughty little girl.” He whispered in her ear. “Look how wet you are. You enjoy this almost as if you really want to be exposed and have people watching you as you were watching them.”

“Daddy.” She pleaded as she wanted more than just the touches, he was giving her. She began to grind her ass on his cock and get closer to him.

“Oh, my sweet little girl. I think you want to show off what you have. Should I allow you to ride me right here in the open or shall I have you from behind and kept you to myself?” he said.

“From behind, daddy. I’m yours, no one else’s.” Sera said as she couldn’t believe her own ears.

“Good girl, and you shall be rewarded for thinking like that.” He said as he pushed her panties down to the floor. “Step out of those. You won’t be needing them anymore.”

She did as he asked. Then he moved his cock on her completely bare ass. He was rubbing the tip of himself up and down her ass crack. He brought her closer to him. “This is better than just a contract.” He said as he slipped one finger into her dripping wet pussy. Then he moved two into its place. He let her ride his fingers, and until he could feel the tension building in her. He slipped his cock there in the area of his fingers as he reached around her and started to coat her nipples with the fluids that came from her pussy. “A snack for later.”

She moaned at the idea, and then his cock moving in and out of her harder each time. She slipped her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit as he pounded into her. She was panting as he stopped and the turned her. “You like to play with yourself, huh? I am not enough?” he asked.

“I needed to rub my clit, daddy.” She said.

“You want your clit rubbed baby as I fuck you?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy.” She said as he lifted the front of her dress, and he sat down. He pulled her to sit on his cock and straddle him with her legs now wide open on either side of him. Her tits rubbing up against his suit that was still entirely in place.

“Then ride me, baby.” He said as he cupped her ass, moving his finger closer to her asshole. He began to rub gently and then to start pressure on it as it gave way just a little as she was going up and down. He was helping lift her, and then one hand went to the front of her, and he began repeating the process of rubbing her clit as he was doing with her ass.

“Daddy, I am going to cum.” She said.

“Good girl.” He grunted out. “Cum on my cock, baby.”

She rode for another five minutes hard, and then he felt the beginning of the pull from her walls. He forced himself to continue as he lifted her and then let her slide down. Her rhythm was going, but as he continued, she let out a squeak, and then he felt her go completely as her walls pulled hard around him.

She felt him pulse within her as he let himself go. “Good girl.” He said as he brushed through her hair. “Stay right there for a few minutes.”

“Why?” she asked softly.

“Because this is the part where we talk numbers.” He said with a chuckle. “We should remember what just happened as well. You wrapped around my cock as tight as you are makes me glad to know you haven’t been with anyone else in a while. This pussy belongs to me now, and you do feel so good, baby. Just like these tits. They are mine. Now the hard part of the talking.”

“Why is this hard?” she asked.

“Because you are making me hard again.” He chuckled. “For your allowance, what would you say to ten thousand?”

“A year?” she asked.

“A week.” He countered.

“What?” she asked.

“Ten thousand a week, but you have to stay with me at my apartment at least five nights a week. You should be there on the weekend so just plan on that. If I have to travel, you will need to come with me. Health care will be taken by me. Clothes will be a different allowance.” He said.

“You want to pay me that much?” she asked.

“For that to happen again. Yes.” He replied.

“Then I am in,” she said.

“I do have to warn you, though.” He said.

“About?” she asked.

“Daddy’s get territorial over their baby’s. You will not go near any other like this get together again. We also may try things out.” He said.

“Try things out?” she asked.

“I think we can experiment with some different things during and before sex.” He said. “I want to try things I have dreamt about, but you are my first baby, Serafina.” He said softly.

“I don’t know your name,” she said.

“Mitsuhide Akechi, at your Service, my dear.” He said. “Now come with me. I do have a room here. We shall endeavor to get you cleaned up a bit. Then maybe I will have another taste or two. Our contract begins now.”

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