Yes, Daddy

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Chapter Three

Walking to the room, though not on this floor, was more difficult than Sera thought it would be. The simple act of trying to stand after sex that was like that was hard, let alone as she tried to pull herself together. He did, of course, as he almost growled when another man did try to approach her. The let them come to you comment made by her friend was now a real thing, and she understood why. As she tried to get the thoughts of what she had just done and what Sera would do in the near future sorted out in her mind, she was looking at and taking a cue from the man beside her.

The man was someone that intrigued her in ways she didn’t understand. He was here to look at the other people but not for himself until he saw her. She did not understand why. What was it about her that caught this man’s eye, and of all the things, how could some of these people actually do this for a living? Some of those women were much older than her though they had many enhancements done to look as young. They knew what their craft was as she didn’t know much about this or any type of arrangement like it.

Five days a week and two of those being the weekend she had to spend at his apartment. She didn’t know if it was for the whole night or part of the night. Ten thousand dollars a week. She could make more than her parents made for a year in a few months.

“You have grown quiet, mouse.” The man beside her said as they were now in a private elevator headed to the top floor.

“Just thinking.” She said.

“About?” he asked.

“Everything.” She said as she looked at him. “This is one of those things that does not happen to me but to other people.”

“Are you second-guessing our relationship?” he asked.

“No, not really just trying to understand it.” She said softly, “That is not something I would ever do before.”

“That is good to know. Caught up in the moment could be a good thing.” He said as he brushed his fingers through her hair, “Personally, I didn’t think I would ever partake in that much of that behavior.”

“But you did.” She said with a soft smile.

“And you did.” He replied. “I didn’t understand the overwhelming need to have something like another person until I saw you.”

“Oh.” She said as she looked up.

“I can’t say the idea hasn’t crossed my mind more than a few times before, but nothing has ever happened at one of those things before. I normally just watch the men to see what they get themselves into and how much of that could be used against them in the real world. Men do make some rather stupid decisions when the idea of getting some sex is involved. What they prefer in this world is not often how they want to look in the real one.” Mitsuhide said as the elevator door opened.

“I want to understand the whole thing. I get that we entered a contract and a business deal, but what other than sex do you get out of it?” Sera asked.

“Time.” He asked. “That is how I look at it. Some men look at it as almost a sub and dom relationship. Some more of a slave relationship. Some have better relationships with their baby, then they do with their wives. I simply want a bit of your time. How we as two adults share that time is no one else’s concern.”

“But you are going to pay me that much just to spend time with you, it makes no sense. You don’t need to pay someone to do that.” She said.

“However, I want exclusivity without question. When I take you, I want to know that you are mine without reservation. I want to have you waiting for me after a long day. I will not do anything you do not wish to do. We will talk. We will get to know each other. Our likes and dislikes. That is good for both of us. Tonight, however, is just the beginning and deserves to be as such.”

They walked to a room halfway down the hall. He pulled out his card and scanned it. As the door opened, she was taken back by the sheer size of it. She looked as he pressed gently on the small of her back. “Do I really have to call you daddy?” she asked with a laughing smile.

“Sometimes, it might be nice.” He said, “I find that I have that sort of kink, and I actually like it when you call me that. I plan on finding out more that I have, with you at my side.”

“I will try.” She said softly as she looked up to him.

“That is truly all I can ask for,” Mitsuhide said as he looked down at her. “Now, I do believe you should go into the hot tub for a bit to relax.”

“Hot tub?” she asked as she looked confused.

“On the balcony.” He said as he waved his hand. “Have you not ever stayed here before?”

“It is a little out of my normal price range.” She giggled softly.

“Well, it is not anymore.” He said as he took her shoulders and started to move her to the balcony. He was also slipping her dress off as he pushed her to the sliding glass door. “You will only know the best of everything while you are with me.”

As her dress completely slipped off her shoulders and then in a fluid moment dropped down to the floor. Mitsuhide stopped and looked at her in her complete nakedness. “I do think I did win the prize tonight.”

“I am not sure of that.” She said as she looked up at him. He was tugging at his tie, and he pulled that off and tossed it to the chair. His Suit jacket was next.

“Help me.” He said as he untucked his shirt. She went over and started to unbutton the shirt starting at the bottom and worked her way up to the top as he stood there with his hands gently gripping into her shoulders. He went to shrug himself out of it. Though he still had a white tee shirt underneath, she reached for the bottom of it and lifted it up and over his head. She ran her hands up his torso slightly with barely a touch. He softly groaned at the slightest touch. He brought her in closer and with a searing kiss of taking her mouth that was almost primal. His hands were at her breast, gently using them to pull her more to the open sliding glass doors and to the open air of the balcony. She reached down and undid the first buckle on his belt. He slowly stood to his full height as she removed the belt slowly and almost teasingly slow. He looked down at her, and then she moved to unclasp the button holding his pants in place.

As it opened, she could see the strain on his face from the pain of the confines of his pants was easing. She bent down and pulled gently at the seams of his pants. As they gave way, she also tugged on his loose-fitting boxers, but she had to lift the waistband over the large cock that was hard and standing completely erect. He stepped out of his pants, and in a move, she had never seen before she was in his arms as they went to the personal-sized hot tub that was on the balcony.

She looked around and saw that privacy was a given. Though both sides of the balcony were completely blocked off from view. She didn’t think Mitsuhide cared one way or another about privacy. He sat down first. Then placed her in the water above him. As she sat down, he moved his cock, so it was in the back of her like a stopper of sorts to keep her in place.

He took a nipple into his mouth as her chest was now directly in his face. He suckled hard and was happy running his tongue over them, almost making them sore. He would move from one to another as the sensitive area around the nipple was becoming impossible to not make moaning sounds. He was also taking the other in his hands and massaging it as he sucked hard on the other. When he released the tightened buds, he looked at her as she was almost ready to come undone just from that attention, “I think that is how I want to start my days from now on. Your tit in my mouth and sucking them until you moan for me.”

“Hmm.” She hummed as she was throbbing with a need.

“Or maybe your pussy.” He said as he moved closer. “That may become my favorite breakfast.”

He moved her off of him and had her balance on the edge of the tub. A good-sized barrier was right in back of her as he parted her legs and began moving forward. His head now completely nestled in between the middle of her legs, and his mouth now was at the core of her. The first run of his tongue over the wet and drip slit was a taste he had coated on her nipples, which he had found was one of the sweetest flavors he had ever had. Though she had water droplets running down her body from the hot tub, her wetness in her dripping pussy was nothing but desire. He made it his job to taste every part of her body. His mouth taking him her clit and sucking on that second. He found that as he moved his tongue, she moved her hips in time. He pushed away from her for a moment. His mouth glistening with the essence of her arousal on his lips and chin. “Such a good girl. So responsive. Do you like this baby?”

“Yes.” She nearly was begging for more.

“Yes, what?” he prompted.

“Yes. Daddy.” She cried out as he went back to her burning pussy. He would encircle her clit slowly with the tip of his tongue. Then he would run it up and down her slit, only stopping to enter the hole he already filled once tonight. As he held her hips in place, he could feel the tension in her build, and then Mitsuhide decided to help her relax more as he continued. His fingers moved to her ass, and he began encircling her asshole with the tips of his finger as he sucked harder on her clit.

Her hand found his hair as she moved her legs widen for him to be able to do what he wanted. “Good girl.” He said as he looked up and made eye contact with her. “Do you like this?”

“Yes, daddy.” She said as he watched him.

“What do you like, baby?” he asked, and then took another swipe up and down her core which she was still pushing her legs wider for him to have her entire pussy open to him to have.

“I like you eating me, daddy,” Serafina said as he looked at her. Her face flushed with her eyes bright with desire.

“Eating you where baby?” he asked.

“My pussy, daddy. Oh, god, like that.” She cried out as he took another swipe and then found her pussy being invaded by one finger. He was now watching his finger enter her slowly, and then he would lick around the hole as he gently removed his digit. He did this as he knew she was watching. His thumb still moving around her clit just barely enough pressure to have her feel it but not enough to give her the release he knew she wanted.

“Do you like this baby?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy.” She cried out.

“Do you want more, baby?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy!” she nearly screamed as he skipped two fingers and went straight to three. He increased the pressure on her clit, and then he watched her as her legs were completely wide to him, and he dove him as one hand was in her pussy moving with the increased pressure. Her mouth was licking her pussy lips up and down as they were glistening with her own juices. His other hand pressing on her asshole with the increased pressure that she was not resisting at all when he felt in his hands that she was there and ready to go over. He fingered her harder as he increased the pressure every, whereas he felt the tug on his fingers as she cried out. He waited a moment, and then he removed his hand and licked his fingers clean.

“You get a moment of rest, baby. Then you take on my cock again.” Mitsuhide said as he watched her come back to herself as she looked down at him with stars in her eyes. He watched as he played with her tits, and her pussy still open to him as Mitsuhide began to find he liked this game of learning how to get her more and more aroused before he would release her.

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