Yes, Daddy

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Chapter Four

She looked at him as he sat there, patiently waiting for her to be back on this plane of existence. When he saw that she was coming back to herself and her body, he was already playing with the things he had claimed as his. Her breasts were open to the open air and remained hard tipped and ready for his touch. He rolled her nipples at the same time with both of his hands as he played with the weight of them as he smiled to himself at the size. “Defiantly more than a handful.” He said as he played and adjust his hands. “They are simply perfect for me to play with. I think these and your pussy will become my favorite playthings, my dear.”

“You do?” she asked.

“Oh, yes.” He said as he licked his lips as he watched her awakening to her more sensual side. He knew he was the reason, and that made him even more happy to have this innocent little creature in front of him. The things he wanted to do to her were running through his mind.

“Like how?” she asked softly.

“Do not get me wrong. I do want to know you more personally, but I can see that these will be the perfect things to wake up too. Your pussy will be the best thing to fall asleep in. It is warm and inviting, but only for me. Some of the others like to share their baby’s. You will not join that rank. This is mine. I will be the only one to fill you in your cunt. This cock is the one that will ride you. You understand that?” he said as he was still palming her tits as he looked in her eyes. “The only exception to that is when you use a toy of my choosing to pleasure yourself in front of me.”

“You want me to do that?” she asked.

“I want to watch you play with your pussy with certain toys, yes. Then I can watch you cum on them, and then I will show you how the real thing feels.” He said. She was now in the water again, still facing him as he felt her hands on his cock. She was palming his balls with one hand and running the length of his hardened member with the other. “oh yes, you are a good girl by doing that baby.” She began to tighten her grip on his cock, and he placed his head back on the rim of the tub. He slid out of the water and watched her as she moved forward instinctively. “Naughty girl.”

“Daddy, can I suck you?” she asked as she looked up at him with a pleading look.

“you want to make daddy happy, baby?” he asked, and she nodded slightly.

“Then show daddy how you want to make him happy, baby.” He said as he moved her hair so he could watch as she began licking his entire length. When she circled around the tip and mapped the whole length with her tongue, he was groaning. When she closed her mouth on the tip of him and began to suck gently, he pushed himself more into her mouth. He had his hand in her hair, and unlike the last time, he was moving her up and down as she sucked harder. He felt the pressure of her tongue rubbing on his skin as she sucked and took more and more of him in her mouth. He was enjoying this as he was getting rougher with her, and she was moaning more and more. She was enjoying this too as she looked up to him with her doe eyes, and he released her, and Sera licked the tip again as she released his cock from her mouth.

He pulled on her hair as his mouth came crashing down upon her as he roughly let his tongue, which still tasted of her pussy, into her mouth. He was lifting her as he sat in the water again. He moved his cock as he moved up and down the length with his own hand before having her sit down, impaling herself on the steel rod that was his cock. Her breast bouncing on the surface of the water, and he lifted and let her fall back down. She leaned back a little as she forced her clit to rub against him as he finally let her have all of him. She moaned, and he groaned as he pushed himself further into the warm tight depths of her pussy. The tightness was grabbing hold of the skin of his cock and gave him even more, a feeling of being rubbed when he moved himself in her. The friction of the walls of her cunt was driving him beyond anything he had felt before. He wanted to relish the feeling, but he also wanted to punish her for having that much control over his cock.

He pressed up into her again, now moving slowly. As he saw her as also riding high while she was wrapped around his length. She squeezed the muscles in her cunt, and he moaned louder. He lifted her and moved her out of the tub. He pushed her to the fence like siding and made her look away from him. He moved a small step that would be used for a table and then made her kneel on it, looking out at the city before them. He moved in back of her as she sat there wet and naked before him. He pressed her legs together and lifted her ass in the air. He was running his cock down until he reached her opening again. He went past that and moved the head of his cock in between all of her slit until he reached the end. It was tight to do as she had her legs together, then he moved his cock by twitching, just rubbing her clit ever so much. He then backed out and then repeated the process. He was working her up again. When she moved her hips backward to help him in the motion, he smacked her ass.

“Stay there or get another spanking baby.” He grunted out. She moaned as his hand had connected. “You like that baby. You want to be spanked like the naughty girl you are?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Serafina cried out. He moved her so her torso was now propped up against his chest and her arms were bracing the barrier. He hands connected again this time. He felt the smack deep inside her as his cock was now buried in her. Her moan was enough to edge him on again as he moved harder into her; he smacked her ass again and again.

“My baby is a bad girl. You like this, don’t you?” he grunted from behind her. “Your pussy gets wetter ever time.”

“Yes, daddy.” She pleaded ad he reached in front of her and smacked her pussy lighter than her ass, but the pressure on her clit was enough to make her grab her breasts and start playing with them as he rode her from behind.

“Now, you show me how much of a naughty baby you are.” He said as he rode her harder, and he rubbed her ass to ease the sting from his smacks. He removed himself from her and then picked her up and brought her inside. “I have had enough of from behind. I want to watch you as you take me in your tight ass cunt. Someday I will have your ass as well. Remember, baby, every part of you is mine to have.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She cried as he laid her down on the counter that was for the open kitchen, he pushed her legs open and drove his cock in slowly as he watched her tiny tight pussy take him on.

“Baby, I like watching this.” He said as he moved deeper into her. Her back against the cold marble and her legs flung wide open to let him watch himself move in, and out of her, she felt the absence of something against her clit. The thing that would drive her to oblivion again. He had already worked her up to that point a few times now but had denied her the chance to jump off into the abyss. She left her hand slide down to her open pussy, and he watched as she began to play with herself as his cock plunged into her. His hands moved to her bouncing tits with every thrust it sent them moving and bouncing around. He just held them as anchors as he continued harder and more.

“Play with your clit baby. Show me how you like it.” He said as he moved his hand to under hers. “Teach me to make you cum all over me. Then I want you to lick not suck it off of my cock. I want to see you lick yourself off of me.”

As he increased the pressure on her clit under the guise of her showing him how she liked to play with herself, he watched her eyes start to roll back a bit as they fluttered down, and she moans got more. He felt the tightness begin to grab at his cock more. He wanted nothing more to cum with her as he braced her shoulder tighter and held her in place as her tits were moving now in the most hypnotic way. She was getting tighter and tighter as the onslaught of her orgasm was growing. When she screamed out for him, he slowed the pace and let her roll through the waves before he went in deep three times before releasing himself deep within her.

He pulled out of her well-used pussy, and without thought, walked around the counter she was lying to where her head was and placed his cock in her mouth. She moaned with an absolute delight that he found more erotic then the acts that had already taken place. Then he took himself out of her mouth and picked her up and moved to the couch where he sat and placed her between his legs on the floor. “Continue cleaning my cock, baby.”

“hmm.” She said as she licked him over and over. She then sucked hard as she went more and more down on him. He watched with hooded eyes as her head bobbed up and down, and the warm wetness of her mouth was only rivaled by the warm tightness of her pussy, which he had marked and claimed as his. this mouth was his as well.

“Baby, that is so good.” He said as he looked down at her as she looked up with his cock deep in her mouth. “just like that baby. God, your pretty mouth is going to make me hard again, and then you will have to suck me off again.”

“Mmmm,” she said as she looked up with light as Sera ran her tongue up the length she had in her mouth.

“Good girl, baby. God, yes.” He said. “I think you have cleaned up your mess enough for now. When we shower in a bit, you can wash my cock thoroughly. Now I want you to curl up in my lap.”

She released his cock from her mouth and moved to stand up and then curl up in his lap. His mouth kissed her slowly and gently. He ran his hand down her neck and then her back. His mouth took her nipple in his mouth and then released it as he went back to her mouth. He simply held her there as he tenderly kissed her and rubbed her body that he had already thoroughly claimed as his own.

“This is nice, baby. I think I want to have you wear nothing at all most of the time.” He said as he looked down at her. “My good girl rest for now. There will be much more playing tonight.”

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