Yes, Daddy

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Chapter Six

The next morning, he awoke with having a slight pressure on his chest. He looked down and saw Sera’s tiny head there as he had smiled to himself. Last night had been enjoyable, to say the least, he thought as he replayed the entire night in his mind. He was not one to ever have thought that a woman could have entranced him the way this one had. It was almost instinctual that he wanted to care for her in a way that meant virtually nothing to him. He had money. It was merely there from his earliest days. So, the fact this small creature needed to work, and he needed someone to take care of him in a way he neglected to do for himself. This was a perfect arrangement for the both of them.

When she had asked last night about the time frame of how long some of these type deals actually last, he was taken back. He would provide her with whatever she wanted or needed without question. However, the idea that she may only want this for a few years was almost hurtful. He didn’t quite understand how much that one question had thrown him for a loop. She was the first of her kind in his life. He never wanted one like her before, and he didn’t think he would wish to have another after her either. Though he knew he could have one or two others at a time, he simply liked her too much already. It would be akin to cheating on her in his mind. That was not something he would do.

He knew his personality was not one many could get used to. He could be grating. He was the one who knew everything about everyone. He was good at finding out those secrets that everyone wanted to keep buried. That was why he was at the baby convention in the first place. He could enter without question, but he looked but never touched before. He was there to see or overhear something from one of his rivals who often went to the conventions to act on the newcomers. Some of the opponents in business that were in question had many of these girls stashed all over the place. One here or in a neighboring town. He knew of one man that had at least five girls to call his own. Mitsuhide never understood why some men needed so many. He had grown up knowing about his parent’s loveless marriage. Still, his own father had many other lovers, probably his mother too. Though his mother had kept her affairs quiet, his father had not.

Mitsuhide was not one to judge the other men but knew that in the long run, men let things slip when they were trying to make some of the deals for a new contract. He entered his as straight forward as he could. He was straightforward with his wants. It did not have to be based on sex though after finding that release within her, he was glad it was not off the table for them. It was still very much the table itself for the two of them. He wanted more than that with her.

She stretched next to him and looked up to his face. “Good morning, my sweet.” Mitsuhide’s deep voice filled the air as he brushed his hand through her hair. ’Oh yes, I could get used to this.’ He thought to himself as her eyes sparkled when she looked at him.

“Morning.” She replied softly as she still stretched out next to him.

“Well, my dear, what exactly are your plans for the rest of the day?” He asked with a chuckle.

“I don’t or didn’t have any.” She stated as she thought about everything that had happened between them in the past few hours.

“Well, then. I guess I can keep you for myself then.” He said as he looked at her.

“I do need to get some more clothes.” She said with a smile. “My dress probably needs a good washing after last night.”

“That it probably does.” He said with a grin. “This week, we will arrange for your things to be moved into the apartment. You will have your own space in it. I think, though, before all that, we should give you a tour of it, and that way you can change anything you wish.”

“Is that the way it normally works. I wouldn’t think it was.” Sera asked as she looked somewhat surprised.

“Though we have a contract that my lawyers will rewrite for us with our own details on Monday that we both will sign. I suggest we forge our own way beside the “normal” baby/daddy relationship. No, most of the men do not give free rein to the woman who will either stay at their own place and be on beck and call, or the ones who do have access to the living space are ordered not to touch anything. I, however, am requesting that you stay entirely with me, so it is only fair that I allow you to change whatever to make it more to your tastes. I have been told many times that I have no taste.” Mitsuhide said as he looked at her. “I can be demanding with things at times. I can be more sarcastic at times. You will learn that those times, it is best to stay away from me. The cues will be there, but at the same time, I can see that maybe having you there will ease all that. I hope that is the case, at least.”

“Are we really going to have a different type of relationship than most?” Sera asked.

“I hope so, mouse.” He said. “As for your friend, I do not believe it would be good to discuss our payment arrangement. I do believe whereas she maybe someone’s baby, it is not one of the top levels of our groups. She will probably not be in the same circles that you and I will be moving around in.”

“What are you saying?” Sear asked.

“Like society, there are many circles that we will be moving in. The business ones with my associates. One of the societies that I was born into. Your friend is probably a baby of a lower level daddy, so to speak. Our deal is just our beginning point. We could change the contract in six months or a year if you chose to renegotiate your terms. I do not believe she may even have a contract. Most of our circle would take much better care than just rent and a little spending cash.” Mitsuhide said. “That almost is absurd to think about when a woman is the one most at risk in this.”

“There is more to this than just throwing out numbers?” she asked.

“A lot more.” Mitsuhide smiled. “I want a companion Serafina. I want someone who will be there when I get home or is there when I do work from home. Someone I can talk to and bounce ideas off of. I want a friend who I know is completely devoted to me. The idea that we could be and do seem to be compatible in the bedroom is an added bonus to me, but it was never a major thing. I didn’t know what I wanted until I saw you.”

“Why am I so different?” Serafina asked.

“I am not sure, to be honest. You just are. The money I listed earlier, Sera, the things I can do to help you, those do not phase me at all. I want to make sure you have things that you want and need. That is how this will work between us.” He said as he leaned forward and kissed her softly. “I want to make one thing clear. You are not my whore. I do not pay you to have sex with me.”

“People will say that about me now, won’t they?” Sera asked as she met his eyes.

“Some people will not understand this or be open to understanding it. This, however, is you and me.” Mitsuhide said. “No one else is in this but us. Do not listen to the women who will say such things about you or me. They just wouldn’t understand what I hope will be a growing friendship.”

“So, what am I exactly beside your baby? An employee?” Serafina asked.

“How about we say you are my friend, and that comes with certain benefits?” he asked back.

“So, like a friend with benefits deal except you pay me, and I live with you,” Sera replied, and he chuckled.

“That sounds fine.” He said with a grin. “Now, since we have the entire day.”

“Again?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Again.” He said as he nodded. He brought her face to his and let her take the lead this time. Her mouth gave way to his, and he let her have the freedom to do the things she wanted too. She slowly was burning in the same way he was. Her hands touching and grabbing as the two kissed each other and worked the other up with nothing more than simple touches. “You show me what you want to do.”

“Mitsu.” She whined.

“Good girl.” He whispered as he went to ear and sucked on the lobe gently as he also nipped at it with his teeth. Her hands running up and down his well-toned chest slowly was raising his temperature with such a simple touch. Her hand drifted lower and finally reached the already throbbing cock there. Her hand wrapped around the base and pumped her hand up and down its length a few times as she then traced the soft skin of the head, which was twitching against her fingers.

“My baby likes teasing me.” He grounded out through clenched teeth.

“I think I do like to see you like that.” She said softly, and his other hand pulled her hair and brought her mouth to his.

“Are you going to keep doing that, or are you going to do something more than that?” he asked in a hissing voice as she moved back to pumping his length harder with more pressure from her hand as she squeezed tighter on his cock. “As much as I like your hand, I want more than that, you know.”

“Oh, and what do you want?” she asked in a lower, more sultry tone than he had heard from her before.

“Ride me.” He said as he reached down and grabbed her hips and helped raise her to sit on him. “Ride me until you cum all over my cock, baby. I want your pussy dripping with my cum for the rest of the day. I want to know that your pussy will be wet with me all day. Then after we do go out and we go back to the apartment, I will have you again and fill you again. This pussy is mine, and I plan on it being wet for me all the time.”

She moved her body to place his cock at the entrance of her pussy as she slowly slid down and took him on. He pushed the pillows behind him, so he was sitting more in an excellent position to have her ride him as she moved up and down on his cock, bouncing her tits in front of him. His hands went there to bring her massive breasts to his mouth. When he began to suck more and more on them, her head thrown back as she continued to ride up and down as she squeezed her walls around his cock, and he was groaning as she was moaning and getting ready to cum again.

“I’m gonna cum.” She cried out.

“Cum for daddy, baby.” He said as he was breathing harder as his hands went her waist to keep her moving up and down on his cock. He was going to pump into her the entire time she was spasming around him.

“Daddy.” She cried out as he kept her moving. He felt the pull from her pussy and knew. “Daddy!” she whined.

“Good baby. Cum on daddy’s cock. Then I will cum in you.” He said.

“Daddy, I’m cumming.” She cried out, and he felt it. This orgasm was the hardest she had of the entire night. The sounds of her pussy with the complete wetness from her dripping orgasm was filling the air as he kept thrusting into her though her body had going limp. He filled her again at her core and then just held her there on his cock as she slumped on his chest.

“That is my good girl. Rest now. Daddy will be right here.” He said.

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