Yes, Daddy

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Chapter Seven

The next week flew by for Serafina. A complete and utter whirlwind of activity from Mitsuhide taking her out the day after their first night and insisting on just buying her more comfortable clothes for her to wear before the movers could move all of her things into the space he had given her in the apartment. She had insisted that nothing really needed to be changed, but he told her to make it a home.

When she had gone back to her apartment to get a few of her personal items and to tell Mandy what was going to happen, she could see the anger in the other woman’s eyes as they flashed. Though Sera had not said anything about the money or the job itself, it was there in the middle of the room like an elephant just waiting to be addressed.

“So, he is just having you live with him?” Mandy asked snidely. “I mean seriously Serafina is his dick that good that you want to give up your freedom?”

“It isn’t like that, and you are the one who set me up completely. Did you think that it was a good idea to send me there and not tell me what I was supposedly going to do? I have never been more like a fish out of water than when I saw what was going on. A little warning would have been nice.”

“I thought you were smart enough to figure it out.” Mandy spat out, “You are the one with the fancy degree.”

“Really, so you tried to embarrass me instead for what because I went to school?” Sera asked back. She was trying her hardest to not lose her temper and ruin the friendship that she hoped would work itself out in time. The idea her friend had set her up, though, was too much. Now with the reason because she had busted her ass in college and got a degree was the reason, she wanted to blow up more than she did before.

“You needed a dose of the real world, Sera. You needed to stop looking down your nose at us who didn’t get the same chance.” Mandy said as he looked over the woman before her. Sera felt every one of the words as a stabbing pain in her chest. She had never looked down at her friend for her lack of schooling. She had not once brought it up, nor had she ever thought too. It simply did not matter to her in the least. She was not going to cry. She just turned and packed three suitcases with her things. She really didn’t have much to begin with, but she loaded and cramped everything she owed into those three bags and went for the door. The bags were near bursting, and they were heavy. Sera didn’t seem to notice, though, as she lugged them to the door.

“I will send my half of the rent at the end of every month for the rest of the lease we signed. I will not be re-upping my half of it, so don’t ask me to co-sign with you again. Anything that is left you can have.” Serafina said over her shoulder as she struggled with the bags to the elevator.

When she got to the street, she hailed a cab and loaded up her bags into the trunk. She sat back in the back seat and told the taxi where to go. She didn’t think of anything but getting back to Mitsuhide’s apartment. She had met the security guards all yesterday as she was given access to the building with her own entrance code. She didn’t want to have to call him to come and open the door for her every time she went out to do something. She wanted to get to her new home, and then she would break down. She tried to keep her breathing even as she focused on the simple prize in front of her. Getting home.

He had gone into work that day. The past few, he had stayed at home doing all of his meetings by conference call. Though they had spent time together during the day and the teasing comments, he had eased her into just sleeping next to him. They had only had sex one time at the apartment. She knew then it was as he said. He really just wanted a friend near him. Right now, her focus was getting to the apartment, and then she could let her emotions out. She didn’t want to do that in front of him anyway. It was the only good thing about him not being at the apartment right now.

Mitsuhide sat across the desk from his boss and father, which was one and the same. He was thinking about getting back to the apartment and wondered why he even went into the office today. Having her at the apartment all the time was honestly the best decision he ever made. He was more relaxed then he had been in years.

“Your mother heard some rumors from her friends about you.” His father said.

“Really? About me?” Mitsuhide said with a grin that normally infuriated the older man. ”Whatever could they be?”

“Some of her friends who also have apartments in the same building as you said that you have a cheap whore staying at your apartment for your amusement.” His father said, and as he looked over his glasses toward his son, the older man could see something he usually did not ever see when it came to his oldest son, anger. “Now, I would not care if you did or didn’t, but you scoffed at the idea of your marriage to the Berkshirer girl, and your mother has not gotten over that.”

“Why the hell would mother care at all about that? You were the one who stood to gain millions from me marrying that troll.” Mitsuhide said back as he leaned back in the chair. His fingers pressed in a steeple as he tried to control his rising temper. He knew things like this would be said, but the idea someone did say them about Sera was too much for his composure to take.

“Your mother was promised to enter some group with her mother sponsoring her.” His father said with a chuckle, “Not everything is about money, Mitsuhide.”

“For you two, it is,” Mitsuhide said. “However, you can tell mother my guest is not a cheap whore. She is nothing of the sort. She is not cheap. She is not a whore. End of story.”

“The reports were you kissed her in the hallway.” His father said.

“And I am not allowed to show affection?” Mitsuhide asked. “Who kisses a whore father? I mean, that is something you should know well.”

“You are out of line.” His father countered.

“Am I?” Mitsuhide asked. “You insult my guest by calling her a whore, but you have had at least one on the side since before I can remember. How many half-siblings do I have now, father?”

“Defensive.” His father chuckled, “now, the claws come out as well.”

“Do not talk more and become even more of a hypocrite, father,” Mitsuhide said. “Tell mother when you see her whenever that is, that my guest is my friend and none of her business.”

“Mitsuhide, you need to marry.” His father stated.

“Why ever would I wish to do that?” Mitsuhide countered.

“It is what is expected of you.” His father said.

“Father, I do not give a damn about what is expected of me. I make you more money in a year than anyone else. I also save you more than that amount a year, as well. I have worked hard for this company, and I have dedicated my life to it. You and mother do not get to dictate this part of my life as well. That is not part of any bargain.” Mitsuhide said.

“You really can’t have a mistress without a wife.” His father said right before Mitsuhide was about ready to walk out the door to his father’s office. He was already planning on leaving, but this from his father was about ready to set his anger level, something he never showed to anyone, over his own threshold. He knew if this continued, he would snap and say or do something that might not be in his best interest.

“Maybe I will just marry the mistress, then she can be both roles,” Mitsuhide said as he closed the door behind him with a slam as he walked to his office across the hall and grabbed his suit jacket and his briefcase. He also shouldered his computer as he walked out of the office. He went down to the lobby and walked out into the cities air. He was just trying to catch his breath as he hailed a cab and sat back during the ride.

She saw the other cab pull up as she was struggling to get her third bag out of the trunk of the car. The cabbie who was standing there waiting for her to get the bag out was not helping her in any fashion. “Would go faster if anyone would help.” She muttered under her breath. She felt a hand on her back and looked up into gold color eyes who reached around her and lifted the bag with ease.

“What is wrong?” he asked as she looked near to tears.

“Nothing Mitsuhide.” She said as she choked back the emotion. She took the two bags and started toward the door. He lifted the other and followed her.

“Something is wrong.” He said. “Why do you have these?”

“I moved out. Saved money on the movers. I didn’t have all that much. Everything left she can have.” Serafina said she was still trying to hold on to her sanity until she got up to the apartment. Mitsuhide knew by the way she was short with her answers that something was very wrong despite what she had said.

“Sera,” Mitsuhide said as he followed her into the elevator. “Tell me what it is.”

“Not now, Mitsuhide,” Sera said.

“At the front door.” He said as he saw in her eyes, the tears starting to build up, and he knew she was trying her best not to make a scene. He tucked her under his arm as he kissed her temple softly. The doors opened up to his mother’s friends, who looked at him with wide eyes. He was not surprised by the sight of them together. They probably even had his mother on the phone with them. He wondered if they had seen him get out of the cab and had planned this ambush.

“Please tell my mother you saw us,” Mitsuhide said as he looked at the two women with a glare that would have been more like a laser. “By the way, she is not my whore, nor is she cheap. Also, tell her that.”

“Mitsuhide,” Sera said softly as she looked up to him.

“It is okay, sweetheart. These are just two old harpies that my mother likes for some reason.” Mitsuhide said as the door closed without them getting on. “That was probably the smartest thing they have ever done.”

“What was?” Sera asked.

“Not getting on this car,” Mitsuhide said as he looked down. He knew he could talk to her, but she was more important right now. The fact she had tears in her eyes made him want to kill someone. She was his, and right now, he had a need to try to be comforting to her. As the elevator finally reached his floor, the doors opened, and he got out, and she followed as he went to his door and opened it. He placed his things down and her suitcase. She walked in behind him, and he reached for her bags and took them, and then placed them on the floor next to the other. She closed the door behind her, and he heard the first sob. She turned around, and he opened his arms, and she walked into them and fell apart.

He didn’t think. He didn’t have too. He picked Sera up and brought her to the couch, where he sat her in his lap and stroked her hair and her back as she just cried. He was trying to follow along with her words, but half of them didn’t make any sense. He was more apt to chuckle.

“Sweetheart. Breathe, my dear. I cannot fix a problem I don’t understand.” Mitsuhide calmly stated as he kissed her temple gently.

“I don’t need you to fix a problem.” She said softly as the sobbing had ended, and she was just curled up against his chest. She looked at his shirt. “I need to wash this tonight.”

“Sera, do you honestly think I care about the shirt?” Mitsuhide asked. “Now, tell me what happened.”

Sera did tell him, and the anger came back into him almost instantly. The concern for her was still outweighing it. Yet, the fact, so many people had tried to hurt her today. Some she didn’t even know about was making him full of a rage he didn’t typically have, and he indeed never showed if he did have it. It wasn’t like him to care about another person. He was often beyond that in the world he lived in. this small woman in his arms had become the only one he would let into the point he was enraged.

“Do you want out of our contract?” Mitsuhide asked softly.

“Do you want out of our contract?” Sera asked, knowing that would be the final straw if he said yes.

“Why would you ask me that?” Mitsuhide asked as he peered down to her.

“Why would you ask me that?” she repeated back to him.

“Sera, I never thought people would care about what you or I did. Your friend just attacked you, I just received a lecture from my father of all people, and those old hens are probably on the phone with my mother right now spreading more falsehoods about us both. I would understand if you wanted out of the contract to protect yourself.” Mitsuhide said with a sigh.

“I don’t,” Sera said softly. “Right now, you seem to be the only one who does care.”

“I do care, baby.” He said as he looked down at her, “it is my job to protect you, and I am not doing a good job of that.”

“Mitsuhide, I just want to lay down,” Sera said softly.

“Alright.” He said as she went to stand.

“Are you coming?” Sera asked as she looked over her shoulder to him as she held out her hand.

“I will always come for you.” He said as he took it and kissed her knuckles as they both went up the stairs to the bedroom they shared.

“Good.” She said as she looked up into his eyes. “After resting and getting myself together again. We can try out those new toys you ordered.”

“That is a way to have my attention for the rest of the night.” He said with a grin.

“I already had that.”

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