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Abandoned at birth, Ca's mom dies giving birth. His father mysteriously dissapears with out a word or a trace. The Dr. that helped deliver him takes him in as his own son. Ca is subjected to experiments and molestation till he frees himself.

Erotica / Action
Michael T. Cothron
Age Rating:

CH. I-Complete


"I dont remember much of my childhood, but I know my mom died giving birth to me. I also know my dad was sucked into a Interdimensional Vortex. I was left abandoned and alone on the streets of Dallas Tx. In the year of 1990, at least that what my birth certificate says."

"Someone found me and took me to the hospital, that's when this all started. A Dr. by the name of Mathew McDay took me in as his...son, pet, what ever he wanted to call me. For 14 years this man done unspeakable things to me. He is part of the reason I'm what I am today."

"I was about 6yrs old when he wanted to play games, not really the type of games a 6yrs old boy wants to play. My name is Camous, or Ca for short. This is my story."


The man in the white trench coat looked at Ca as he made his way into the room. "Its ok Camous, I'll be here the whole time, so you wont have to be scared. Ok" The Dr. said. Ca looked at the man and smiled. "I know. You will always be here for me, thank you daddy." Ca said as he hugged the Dr's neck from the chair as he played with a toy car.

"So Camous. Would you like to play a couple games with me?" The Dr. ask as he placed a hand on Camous' butt as he almost fell. "Careful Camous, you are very important, the games we will play will be so much fun." The man said as he smiled a devilish grin.

"Yea. I love games. When can we start the games?" Ca asked as he looked at the man in the white coat. "Oh some fun games for the both of us. We can start the games now. You wont like some of the games tho. The first game will be blood test. Do you think you can manage that Camous?" The Dr. Asked as he smiled as he kept his hand on Camous's butt. As Ca drove the car on the back of the chair.

"I know. It's ok. We can play blood test." Ca said as he turned around and looked at the Dr. "Alright, come on son." He said as he reached with his other hand and picked Ca up by his butt, and held on to him tightly that way till they entered a room. The Dr. sat Ca down on a bed as he walked over to a stand as he picked up a tray and a needle.

"Alright Camous this is going to sting for just a min and all will be better. K." The Dr said as he put the needle to Camous' arm. "3." He said as Camous winced in pain as the Dr. Grabbed the tubs. Pressing the tube into the end of the needle, Camous blood started to fill the tube. "There! You see. Everything will be just fine." The Dr. Said as he smiled at Camous.

"I hate shots, they hurt really bad." Camous said as he looked at the Dr. "I know you do bud. Now, this shot will take away all your pain. How does that sound." The Dr. Said as he smiled at Ca. "You promise it wont hurt, you know I dont like shots." Ca said as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Yes. I promise you, this shot will hurt just a little then you wont feel anything at all." He said smiling at Ca as he filled another needle up with a liquid. "Ok. Go ahead." Ca said as he held out his arm and used his free hand to cover his eyes. "Alright. 1, 2,..." the Dr. Said as he gave Ca the shot. "Ouch! That hurt. I thought it wasnt going to hurt..." Ca said as his eyelids stared getting heavy.

"Its going to be alright Camous, I'll take care of you. I promise you." The Dr. stated as he picked Ca up by his butt again. The Dr. Moved Camous from the bed room to a white room that had a life support machine in it as well as a cold steel table that he laid Camous on.

"Now the fun game start." He said as he looked at Camous. Taking off Camous' shirt, removing his shoes, socks, pants and his underwear. The Dr. looks at Camous' little body as he loosens his tie, as he takes it off unbuttoned his shirt, kicks off his shoes, undone his pants as he slides his pants and his boxers off. The Dr. Got on the metal table as he laid on top of Camous as he hissed his lips and touched his body.

"You are so sweet Camous, you are going to love this game." He said as he deeply kissed Camous. The dr grabbed lube from the metal stand as he poured some in his hands, as he rubbed the liquid all over Camous' body. From head to toe front and back. The Dr. looked down as his cock was it's full 9 1/2in long. The Dr. runs some on his cock as he turns Camous over and shoves his cock in Ca's ass.


Camous opens his eyes as he stairs into a bright light, being strapped to a metal table. Camous was naked and afraid, Ca didnt care much for the Dr. any more. He dont even call him daddy anymore, he dont even use Dr. as a title either. "Morning beautiful. How is Daddy's sexy boy doing today?" The Dr. asked as he kissed Ca on the lips and caressed his naked body. The Dr. took a syringe full of silver liquid as he pushed the needle into Camous' arm.

"Dont worry my sexy little man, everything will be just fine." The Dr. said as he placed a hand on Ca's cock, as he smiled and kissed Camous on the lips.


"Mind you I'm only 12, this man...this scum injected my with liquid metal. Whe I was 7 he slit my wrists and watched me bleed out, he watched as my life left me. The Scumbag watched as I came back to life 34,857,746,734 times. Each time was worse than the last, there was times he would molest me and slit my throat and fuck me and get off as I died infront of him."

"Six yrs old and he done unspeakable things to me. I'm sorry. I just wanted to pipe in and tell you what was going on. In case you were confused. I'll continue where I left at."


"My blood is burning, please make it stop." Camous begged as the Dr. quickly stripped down naked as he poured lube in both hands as he rubbed it all over Ca.

"Damn my sexy boy, you are hot. Dont worry, this part is more for me than you." He said as he flipped Ca over as he got on top of him and drove his coxk deep in to Camous' ass. Letting out a moan of pain as he felt his temp getting higher.

Ca screamed and cried as the liquid burnt from the inside out, his blood boiled this way for 60 days, as his insides cooked. Ca died on the table just as the Dr. finished having fun with him. Before the Dr. could do any thing Ca gasped for a breath of air.

"See now, wasnt that fun." The Dr. said as he kissed Ca's ass as he turned Ca over as he shoved his cock into his mouth. Ca gagged as the meat was huge, the Dr. Too Ca's cock into his mouth as he made him cum.

Camous died more than 100 times, the last time he died his temp was 1,284°F. The Dr. took a scalpel as he slit Ca's wrists and throat, the blood Ca choked on felt hot on the Dr. cock as he lost control as he cummed. Tho when the Dr. took his cock out of Ca's mouth, the warm liquid was silver instead of red.

"Well, it seems that your blood is silver instead of red, that's something to behold. Dont you see Camous...I'm making you better, im your god. I'm rewriting your DNA and your whole everything Camous.

Camous looked at the Dr as both his throat wound and wrist wounds healed, no visible sign of a scar. "Why...why doing...this...please go." Camous cried as he begged the Dr. to stop. "Sshhh...its going to alright Camous. You will see." He said as the door opened as a man walked in with a green camouflage outfit on. "Aahh...General. the Silver works, his blood is no longer red, it's the silver metal you gave me." The Dr. said as he let the General see. "My gods...son are you alright?" Asked the General as he touched the boys chest.

"Help me...please...he hurts me....he puts side me." Ca cries as he looks at the man before him. "Its ok. He wont be the only one that hurts you." The general said as he looked at Camous and smiled as he moved his hand down to Camous' cock.


Camous coughs as he spits out the Generals cum. "Wow, he is good." The general said as he kissed Ca on the mouth as his hand finished stroking Ca's cock as he shortly cummed after wards. "Man oh man. Get him ready for the next tests." The General said as he again kissed Ca.

"Yes sir." Said a man as he pulls a machine into the room as he plugs itin the wall outlet. Turned it on, the Dr. put 25 syringes in the machine, each with a different liquid in them. Ca looked at the machine as the man placed 1 of the 25 hoses to goggles and placed the goggles over Ca's eyes.

The 2nd one he hooked up to a type of penis pump and placed it over Camous' cock. Others were connected to his mouth ears, nose and mouth as well as every body part. The Dr. turned on the machine as it started to boil the liquids as they were introduced to Camous, Ca tried to cry out, but the price in his mouth disnt allow it.

Ca cloaked and gurgled in the liquid as he drounded in the liquid that was introduced into his mouth and lungs. The machine the was hooked upto also kept up with his vitals. Ca died 1,532 more times, the General loved hearing Ca moan in pain as each liquid was emptied into the young man body.

The other guy took the empty syringes out as he replaced them with 25 more syringes with 25 different colors. This process went on for the next 99 days. The bile the General got form millions of mutants were all introduced to Ca. They torched, killed, rapped, and killed Ca over and over again.


Both the General and the Dr. fucked Ca at the same time, they both made him cum more than once. He didnt care, he still hated both the pigs that were in the room with him. "That was some good exercise, wouldnt you agree Dr?" Asked the General as he looked at the Dr. as they both kissed Ca on the lips as they both took turns sucking his cock till he cummed.

"When I get out of here, you two will be the first to die." Ca said as he let loose of his seed. "Oh least we both will die with a smile on our face." The General said as he looked at Ca then to the Dr. "Come on now Camous, I've been with you...since you were left here by your father." The Dr. said as he placed a hand on Ca's thigh.

"Dont touch me. I trusted you and you rapped me for years, done tests on me like I was a lab rat." Ca said as he spit at the both of them. "Camous come on, you loved the games as much as I did, if you didnt you would have never gotten hard from any of it." The Dr. said with a evil smile.

The General smiled. "Well if your all powerful, then why dont you kill us now." The General said as he smiled and looked over at the Dr. "I dont think aging him on is a good idea. We dont know what he can do, if he can do anything." The Dr. said as he looked from the General back to Camous.

"Fine." Ca said as his clouded silver eyes turned black as he looked at the General. Going back to their cloudy silver color. Ca smiled as he looked at the two of them. As the table and the bed started to shake as the straps that were used to restrain him were worping and making weird moaning sounds, almost as if they were under distress.

The metal band that held Ca's hand and feet to the table twisted and broke as Ca used telekinesis as he levitated off the bed as he sent it and the table flying in the direction of the door as they both hit hard. Knocking a dent into the door as the guards couldnt get it to open.

Ca landed gently on the ground as his naked body was more define than it normally was. "Let's play shall we. He said as a peice of the table broke off as it collided with the General, as the metal fused with the wall as he could not move.

"You are going to wish you never messed with me the way you did." Ca said as he looked at the Dr. "Wh...what" He asked as fear came from him. "I'm going to do to you what you did to me." He said as the bile cart was still in the room and the syringes still had a small amount of liquid in them. Still using his telekinesis, Ca flicked his wrist as all 25 tubes jabbed themselves into the Dr.

"Aahhh...please...stop." the Dr. yelled in pain as he fell to the floor. Tubes sticking out of the Dr. where he placed them on Ca. " Now you will suffer." Ca said as he forced the liquid into the Dr. "Aahhh...." He yelled and screamed as Ca grabbed part of the handle of the bed and ripped it off with his strength as he shoved the broken handle up the Dr's ass. "Aahh.." Yelled the Dr.

"Now die." He said as he flicked his wrist as his telekinesis snapped the Dr's neck. As the Dr. dropped to the floor dead. Turning to face the General, Ca smiles as he again used his telekinesis to make the metal break up and weave it's way thru the Generals body.

"Aahhh...C...Camous...please dont..." He cries in pain as tears run down his face. "Oh dont worry, you will die with a smile on your face General." Ca said as he smiled. "You...wont get...away will...hunt you...down...a...and" He screams as the metal wraps its self around his bones and snaps all of them. The General tells again as a few smaller strands of metal make their way thru his skin they they come to his mouth.

"Aaaaahhh...." He screamed as he felt every last bone in his body broke and shattered. Then he felt 2 thin slivers made his way to his mouth as they created sticking affects that made a smile on his face. "Please...dont do...this..." he started to say when the metal snapped his throat as his heart was pierced by the metal. He coughed and chocked on his blood till there wasnt any life left in his body.

Ca fell to the ground dizzy from using his powers, looking at the General and the Dr. that for so many years he considered his father. "Just remember Dr. you did this to your self those many years ago when you first rapped me." He said as he looked at the ceiling as a hole was bore thru to the outside as he felt the sun for the first time in many years as he jumped clear thu. Landing on the roof of the building he scanned for miles, tho he was almost blinded by the sun. His sight was different.

Ca made his way to the ladder as he slid down it, he jumped in a car as he turned the key and drove off. He didnt know how but for some reason he knew how to drive the car. "First thing first I need some clothing, I'm not so sure other would want to see me naked." He stated as he just drove down the highway going as fast as the car would let him.

Seeing a convenience store on the side of the road Ca pulls over and looks at the machine as he picked up the nozzle as he placed it in the tank, looking at it again it clicked on with his telekinesis as the gas started pumping. A man came out as he seen Ca naked, bloody and bruises.

"Sir...are you alright. Is there anything I can do to help you. Do I need to call the EMT? I can help you if need be." The man stated as he looked at Ca. Looking at the man and smiled a faint smile. "Please. I need some clothes, do you happen to have any with you?" Ca asked as he heard the pump click off. "Uuhh...yea. I have an extra set of clothing inside. Come on in. Get something to eat and drink." The man said as he looked at Ca.

"Thank you." Ca said as he fallowed the man into his store as he looked around. "Go ahead and get you something to drink and eat. I'll get you the clothing." The man said as he dissapeared into the back. Ca got him a soda and a couple sandwiches as he waited for the man to come back. "Here, they may be a little big, but it's better than going anywhere naked." The man said as he watched Ca get dressed, open the door and get to the vehicle and drive off with a full tank of gas. As Ca never looked back, not even once.

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