Lace undone

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He’s consumed each and every crevice of my mind but he doesn’t exist. Or so I thought. He’s dark. Mysterious. Need I say Dangerous? Do I want this? Am I willing to obey his commands? This man I don’t know but I’ve thought about for months without even knowing he was real. He is real and all I want is his hands on me just like I’ve been dreaming about but he wants more than that. More than a night or two. He wants to control me. I want that to don’t I ? Am I willing to submit myself to him? I think I might be....

Jules P
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Chapter 1

I laid there with my hand buried between my thighs and the other caressing my breasts. I began wishing they were someone else’s hands and not my own. The need for release growing as I plunged my fingers into my slit.

I looked down tugging hard on my nipples as I bit down on my lip letting a moan escape me.


My eyes wandered out the window eyeing the dark haired man staring back at me. His breathing quickened as he saw me staring but it only amplified my arousal.

I took in the sight of him as my hands vigorously pleased me. The smirk he now wore knowing I was getting off to him watching consumed me.

His dark tailored suit matched the eyes they belonged to. My gaze trailing down to his full lips as his tongue made his way across the plump lips. His hands began moving in two different directions. One towards his trousers adjusting himself as they began to tighten, my mouth salivating at the silhouette now teasing me. The other up to his face rubbing along his jawline as if to nervously scratch at his beard.

I begged for them to touch me. Pleaded for dear life to make me cum as I increased my pace nearing an orgasm.

I loved that I now had an audience. He intently watched the way my hands worked and the responses I had to them.


Breathy moans filled the room but my focus was on the man watching intently as my pleasure rippled through me. I shuttered in ecstasy as the spot underneath me soaked. My sensitive nub throbbing with relief as my need had began to subside.

I laid there for a few minutes coming down from my dazed high. My legs no longer shaking and my back no longer arched.

I took a deep breath trying to regain my composure, my eyes opened and focused outside the window. To the spot where he should be, but as always his presence was a mere figment of my imagination.

One dirty fucked up imagination.

I sat up adjusting my dress before sliding my panties back on and heading down the hall still in a haze.

Why do I always think of him? Who is he? Have I seen him before? The sound of a car horn tearing me from my thoughts. I washed my hands and grabbed my jacket before making my way outside.

Let the night begin.

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