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Caera Jackson. Twenty five year old sex goddess. Her body has led many men astray. She has selective taste and only beds the hot and steamy. Caera and her best friend Shakira Daniels, travel overseas from sunny South Africa and these are only some of her conquests. Some end up happening in very compromising places and just add to her thrill factor. Caera is looking for something or could she be looking for someone. Someone special who can fill the obvious void she has in her life and heart. Where does she find him? Does she find him? I am hoping that by the end of this book that there might be a sequel. Here's hoping the best Some of the sex scenes are written from personal experience. So enjoy the story

Sacha Britz
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Chapter 1

"Caera, you ready babe, we going to be late?" Shakira my best friend of almost fifteen years yells at me while bursting through my bedroom door.

"Yea, yea babe, almost done. Just putting the final touches then ....... ready " I reply smacking my cherry coloured lips together. I grab my phedora and head towards the full length mirror where I put it on and check out tonight's masterpiece.

I basically never go out partying without it. My waist length blond hair frames my face and breasts perfectly. My pouty red lips really pop against the fair skin of my face, which is in total contrast to the tanned bronze of my body. My dark eyebrows frame my brown eyes.

Tonight I am wearing my skimpy black denim shorts over black fishnets, a skin tight black halterneck midriff top, that shows off my breasts perfectly. Thigh high flat suede boots with a funky black denim jacket. The black phedora finishes off the look I was going for. I feel like a million bucks tonight.

"Ready, let's go" I finally say looking over at Shakira for the first time since she entered my room tonight.

"Wow babe, you look fucking hot tonight" Shakira says before downing the rest of the cabernet in her glass.

"You don't look to shabby yourself Shak" I say raising my eyebrows at her in a playful manor. Which has her laughing at my response.

Shakira is wearing her skin tight black denims answer a midriff t-shirt with a delicate diamanté pattern on. Her black leather knee length boots. Her black curly hair hangs loosely over her back and shoulders. Her pearcing green eyes, pop with the smokey eye make-up she is wearing tonight. Her dark skin due to hours of lying around the beach all day.

Tonight is our final night in sunny Durban before we head out to do a tour and see family in no particular order, America, London, Italy, Australia, Paris and Scotland before returning home again.

My cell beeps informing me of an incoming whatsapp message which must come from James. While removing my phone from my back denim pocket I see it is James.

James is our friend and all round designated driver, thanks to the fact that James doesn't drink. He always parties with us though and prefers to call himself our bodyguard. Where we go James is not far behind. James and I grew up together living in the same neighbourhood and going to the same primary school.

"James is downstairs, let's go babe" we grab our things, lock up and leave for the evening.

"Good evening ladies, so where are headed off too tonight?" James asks sounding really excited.

"Hey James" I say kissing his cheek while taking my seat.

"For starters we thought Club Med, will you be meeting Stace there tonight?"I ask almost bursting at the seams.

Stacey and James have been dating what feels like forever. They are the oddest couple, like chalk and cheese, complete opposites, it works for them so it's all good.

"Yea, she just finished work, she will meet up with us later" he says still getting all blushed and rosy when talking about Stace. They are truly sweet together.

Stacey took a major disliking in me in the beginning of the friendship accusing me and James of having something on the go. There has never been anything between James and myself beside him being like my overprotective big brother. She finally got the message and backed off. We have been thick as thieves since then.

We pull up outside Club Med and there is already a line a mile long of people waiting to get in. Luckily my friends and I are like celebrities here we don't line up at all. Besides it also helps having friends in high places. Friends like Jakes.

Jakes is in his late twenties, hot as hell and downright gorgeous. Thighs like a rugby player that can squeeze the life right out of you, a solid ass, small waist and shoulders that can definitely carry the weight of the world, I am sure they are so broad. His jet black hair and square facial features. Delish. His chocolate brown eyes that melt straight into your soul. He has a tattoo on his lower abdomen that I just want to run my tounge over. How do I know this? Because I have seen it, lol. Not up close and personal gee I wish. I have always had a thing for Jakes but I don't want to ruin this good vibe we have going.

"Hey there sexy" he says to Shakira looking her up and down, like she is going to be his next meal, before embracing her and kissing her on her cheek.

"Hey there Jakes," she says slapping him on his shoulder.

Man, Jakes voice is deep, husky and so masculine, he practically has me dripping. He looks over at me and gives his signature drop at the knees side grin. I feel like a lamb being stalked by a wolf.

"Hey gorgeous, you look sexy as fuck tonight" he says picking me up in his arms and spins me around.

"Come on love when you gonna let me tap that mmm?" He whispers into my ear before placing my feet back on solid ground.

"Hey handsome, still smooth as ever," I respond smiling back at him.

He swats at my ass.

"You are still the hottest piece of ass on this planet" he says slowly releasing me checking me up and down. I blush and can feel the heat radiating of my skin.

"You will be lucky if you get to tap this" I say smacking my ass cheek as I add extra sway to my hips while walking away. I look over my shoulder and yes a home run. Jakes is staring longingly at my ass with his hand over his heart. His head is shaking and he has this expression on his handsome face that says he will tap this.

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