SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 10

Sorry peeps. Been having some trouble with this chapter so it will be a real short one. I promise to make the next one longer and worth while. I just stopped feeling this chapter. Will edit and add to it later I promise.

After the most exhilarating and even if I must say so myself, one of the most frustrating evenings of my life. I fell asleep snuggled into Giovanni's side with my head resting on his chest. It was the most peaceful, I have slept in years.

When I finally awoke, I was no longer cradled in the warm embrace of Giovanni. Instead I found a vast space of nothing but cold sheets and emptiness. On Giovanni's pillow is a note. I pull the paper between my fingers unfold it and read the inscription that is written for me.

My dearest Caera.

You looked like an angel while sleeping, I couldn't find it in my heart to awaken you, especially after keeping you awake and on edge for so many hours. You have surpassed my greatest expectations of a woman.

Please if you ever find yourself in Italy please don't hesitate to look me up. I can teach you so much more about that sweet body of yours.

Forever Giovanni.

PS: Your moans of extasy will keep me remembering you....

I hope to see you again soon.

PPS: Number attached Bella.

I am excited, well giddy, swooning like a preteen.

What the fuck is up with that, I mean really?

I grab for my bag and save Giovanni's number. I gather my things together and finally notice that Giovanni doesn't have a regular room here at the hotel like Shak and I. Oh hell no, this man has a suite, like with a butler and all, wow exclusive my ass. This is just like over the top.

I grab my stuff and head out, back to mine and Shak's room.

Shak is sitting on the couch with her phone in her hand smiling.

"And what has you smiling like that babe?" I ask full of smiles myself.

"Well now, ah uh, you first babe, you look like you had fun last night?" Shak says smiling widely.

"Fun, try amazing and frustrating" I replied seeming rather smug.

"Well spill babe, you are literally glowing and I wanna know why" she says pulling me, so that I am sitting on the couch next to her.

"You were there for dinner, but after dinner, Giovanni requested my underwear, well kind of demanded more like it. Then he proceeded to finger me at the table, not stopping through a conversation with his brother until I fell apart round his fingers and in silence."

"You what?" Shak says in shock.

"Yea, ou heard me correctly, then we went back to his suite, oh God it was unbelievable, the way he manipulated me with his fingers and his tounge. He drives me utterly insane with need, and when I came I squirted everywhere, damn babe the bed was soaked" I am blushing profusely now.

The way that mans hands glide over my skin, the sensations he provoked from my skin were intense, explosive and magic.

"I don't know if I could ever look at having sex, the same way again." I look at Shak and it's as if I can see the understanding behind her eyes.

"I get that babe, I really do" she says squeezing my hand.

"Ok so can you please explain that look on your face?" I ask pointing my fingers around her face.

"What look?"

"That look, absolute happiness, it's scarey babe, like WTF" I say.

"Seriously! It's all Michael. Michael is just so ......" she says fading off.

"Ok, right babe let's enjoy the rest of London for the next few days, before we are off to Scotland okay. Now can you lay off the phone for awhile so we can have some fun babe?"

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