SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 2

Inside the club it's pumping, people are everywhere. I spot a few of our gals on the ever changing light box dance floor. They are seriously throwing out all the dance moves tonight. Strobe lights are flashing and the music is jamming. The dance floor is packed and the two bars are overwhelmed with drunk patrons. There are sweaty bodies everywhere you look.

DJ Mike is in the house tonight. He is like my brother from another mother. We are tight. He is my eyes and ears in the club. He scouts out talent for us and he always gives us the heads up, of who's who in the zoo.

"Hey, hey, hey" DJ Mike hollas over the mic.

"Look who decided to grace us with their presence people, it's Shakira and Caera" he says pointing his finger right in our direction.

And everyone goes wild. Taps on the back and woohoo's coming from all directions.

DJ Mike waves me over,which only means there is some juicy talent in the club tonight. While I head over to Mike, Shakira heads over to the already crowded bar to get us drinks.

Eyes are forever on us when we are here and we get greeted by people we know and by people who wish they knew us.

Mike pulls me into a tight embrace.

"Hey baby love" he says whispering into my neck.

"Hey babe" I respond in kind and kiss Mike on the cheek.

"You ready for tonight's show?" He says putting his hand in mine to retrieve my memory stick with tonight's songs on.

"Yea babe, do we ever come unprepared. Any talent worth mentioning?" I ask wiggling my eyebrows at Mike, which gets him laughing and shrugging his shoulders.

"Believe me baby love, you will get all the attention when you hit that dance floor tonight. They will find you" he says turning me around and hitting me on my ass. I just laugh and walk away, now looking for Shakira. I find her already swamped around the bar with plenty of wanted and I am sure unwanted male companionship. I push my way towards and move the boys out the way.

"Sorry boys, this one's already taken" I say winking at Shakira, grabbing her hand we push towards the dance floor. The utter shock etched looks follow us while we move.

Mike switches over to our song as we energy the dance floor. As us girls begin to grind and move to the seductive sounds flowing around us, moving in constant perfect synchronisation, the floor starts to empty out, the awws and gasps of fascination surround us. We are professional dancers and know how to shake what our mamma's gave us.

As our routine nears the end, Shak and I start making our way to the ladies room. We are laughing and praising each other after our breathless performance. We are headed to the ladies where we can quickly freshen up. We walk straight into two solid rock hard chests. They are drop dead gorgeous. Two of the hotest guys here tonight.

After our embarrassing and pretty formal introduction by who we now know is Garth and Michael who are lifesavers on North beach. They offer to buy us drinks. We excuse ourselves after promising to meet up with them as soon as we are done.

I pull Shak by the hand

"Oh my God, girl they are shit hot" I say giggling like a childish school girl.

"Mmmm babe, I think Michael can push his shoes under my bed" Shak says fanning her face with a wicked gleam on her face.

We rinse our faces and reapply our lips and faces then head back towards where Garth and Michael are.

They are sitting at a table in the dark corner of the club. I guess privacy will be the name of the game tonight. We walk towards the table when we get to them a hand grabs me and pulls me onto a very hard lap. I sit down with a thud and lift my eyes. I stare straight into the Blue eyes of this darkly tanned handsome devil. My my, he makes my knees weak.

After a few more drinks, me grinding up against Garth's hard member continuously, the hot kissing and basically us undressing each other in the Med. Garth takes me by the hand and leads me towards the exit of the club. His BMW 325 IS is parked by the front door.

"Wow, what a monster" I say standing by the door of the car.

"Baby, you haven't seen anything yet" he says pushing me up against the door pressing his hot swollen lips against my neck. I can feel my temperature rise and a blush form on face. I can just barely see all eyes are on us.

We ge into the car and we head off towards North Beach.

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