SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 3

We are entangled in a Web of lust and heat, nothing and no-one else exists on this space of the beach, but us. Garth and I are at a very dark secluded spot just past Addington beach with nothing but distant street lights, the waves crashing ahead of us and the still warm sand, beneath our bodies.

I am straddling Garth, slowly lifting his t-shirt over his well defined chest and broad shoulders. Kissing and licking my up the path his shirt just followed. I can see via the moonlight that Garth has tattoos peppered all over his arms and chest. They look so picturesque spread all over his torso. He looks shit hot, a god from the heavens above who kisses like an angel.

I run my manicured fingernails over his chest, then slide them down further over his washboard abs. My tounge rolls seductively over my teeth and I bite down on my lower lip. Trying to stem the overwhelming urge to just jump his bones here and now. This man can and does have the power to drive me to my breaking point.

Garth makes quick work of relieving me of my top. His gaze penatrating my very soul, heating me up from the inside out.

"So fucking perfect" he growls. His husky voice making me drip and moisten my already soaked lace panties. He tweaks my already hardened nipples standing at attention, through my black lace bra, before swiftly removing it in one quick foul swoop. His eyes scanning my now bare chest and he eyes out my tattoo under my breasts. His hands gliding over my already heightened and sensitive skin, almost as if he is saving it all to memory.

Before I can even fathom or process my next move, I am laying flat on my back with him pressing his well endowed member on my very moist and sensitive pussy.

"You are the most beautiful creature, I have had the privilege of laying my hands on" he says whispering in my ear. His breath sends shock waves down my spine. My nipples pucker further looking like ripe cherries. His hands now cupping and messaging at the tender mounds that are screaming for more attention. He places the one nipple in his hot mouth. He sucks on it, then twists hus tounge around it nipping it between his teeth, sucking and pulling on it, till it pops from between his lips. The pleasure is unspeakable. I am moaning as he pays homage to the other nipple in the same manner.

My pulse has risen, I can hear my blood rushing in my ears, my breath is rugged and my senses are all on hyper alert.

The sand underneath my body feels like sandpaper. My brain tells me this is going to hurt, my body tells me that right now, it just doesn't give a fuck. The pleasure is going to outweigh the pain and that is all I am concentrating on. The pleasure is overwhelming and all too welcoming.

He gets onto his knees and pulls his jeans down freeing himself from the confines. I gulp at the sheer size of his large and impressive cock. It's not just big but the circumference is impressive. He starts unbuckling my belt and swiftly removes my shorts then to add more heat to the situation he rips my stockings from my body.

"Way to much clothing babe, besides you look so fucking sexy like this, I don't know if I can restrain myself much longer", he growls. His lips have attached themselves to my earlobe, with a gentle but firm nip and pull, I find myself tearing my nails into his taught back. He let's out a muffled moan as his mouth descends to my breasts once again.

He moves lower nipping licking and kissing hus way over the tattoo, over my stomach till he reaches my pelvic bone. He lifts his lust filled eyes till he is looking straight into my eyes.

"Hope you're ready for this baby?" His eyes are glistening in the moonlight, they are filled with anticipation, lust and excitement.

His head lowers between my thighs, he runs his nose between my folds and he inhales deeply. I blush crimson and wish the sand would swallow me in but no such luck.

"You smell so fucking delicious and edible," he proceeds to open me wider and delves face and tounge first. Lapping up the juices my body has excreted up until this point. His mouth hungry for more, latches onto my clip where he proceeds to torment me with his skillful mouth and tounge.

He inserts one finger, then another, fully coating his fingers in more of my juices.

"So fucking tight" he says not removing his face from my core.

I moan in response. I can't find the strength to articulate or form any coherent words. My back arches off the sand in extasy as Garth's fingers delve in and out of me in a slow tortured manner. Driving me closer to the brink of an explosive orgasm.

Garth is underneath me once again. He is a gloriously defined individual and I find that I want to worship his body the same way he worshipped mine. My hands are on a mission of their own volition. I am now face to face with his impressive cock. I tastefully lick my lips as I take his cock in my hands and licking from the Base till the head sucking it in and licking off the pre-cum.

He inhales and releases a hissing sound from between his teeth, as I slip my mouth further down his shaft, ever so gently scraping my teeth along his shaft on my way back up to the head. I grab the Base of his cock and start pumping and licking all around him, sucking him off like he is my favourite lollipop. I feel victorious at his moaning and writhing underneath me and it urges me on. By the moans and the fucks flowing freely and then the added hair pulling moves me to place his cock between my thighs. I glide over his shaft so that Garth can feel how wet and slick I am for him before literally swallowing him in whole.

It's a tight fit as I slide down his shaft till I have every inch of him buried deep inside me.

He fills me to capacity, he pushes me back so that he is on top again. His pace is now relentless, thrusting vigorously into me as the tension and the pleasure builds between us. He lifts my one leg and places it over his shoulder while my other is wrapped possessively around his waist. I can feel Garth deep inside of me with every thrust as I pull him in closer. The pleasure feels like a freight train rolling in. I can't stop or control the empending amount of pleasure that is about to wash all over me.

An explosion of all proportions wracks through our bodies that we are literally seeing stars as our bodies convulse with ecstasy.

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