SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 4

After the incredible sex with Garth he dropped me off at home. After yet another serious make out session, we exchanged numbers. Yes I actually exchanged numbers for the first time. The reason behind it, maybe having that earth shattering orgasm was all the reason I needed. Garth truly is a remarkable lay. Crude much you may ask but yea I say it as it is, I mean hell if you're that good then you're good.

I unlock the apartment door close it behind me, lean up against the door with a Cheshire cat grin and exhale. I am feeling giddy, dirty and in desperate need of a hot bath. I am sure I have sand in nooks and crannies where there isn't supposed to be sand. I am clouded in darkness and silence. Two thoughts go through my mind at this point where the fuck is Shak and I really need a hot bath. I walk through to my bathroom turn on the water add some oils and strip out of my clothes. I can still smell Garth on my clothes and my skin. It's calming as well as getting my temperature flaring up again. I look at myself in the mirror,

"Good lord, was that not enough" I chastise myself. My muscles hurt in all the right places.

The bathroom is starting to steam up. I add some cold water to the bath and get in. My muscles instantly relax as I lay back, I exhale and let the oils and hot water work their magic. My eyes close involuntarily ..........

I am startled awake, spilling now luke warm water on the bathroom floor, by banging, laughing and talking.

"Shit" I mutter to myself realising that I dozed off in the bath. I grab my bathrobe from behind the door and leave the silence and confines of the bathroom, heading towards the noise which is now in the kitchen.

Shak is up on the counter with a guy between her thighs. He is like a rabid dog who can't stop devouring till the last morsel is gone.

"Holy fuck" I say quickly turning around and end up in the chest and arms of an unknown man.

My hands are resting on his biceps and my face is tilted down. That smell. His smell now radiating around me and assaulting my senses. Garth. What the fuck.

"Watch them beautiful," he says still holding me close to his chest but turning me around so that I can see how Michael is devouring my best friend. My breath hitches at Garth's closeness and the sight before me.

"Look how much Michael is enjoying eating that pussy, how much Shakira is enjoying it." He whispers into my ear. My pulse is now racing. I have this incredible urge to move closer to not be just an innocent bystander, watching this happen in front of me. I want in on the action but I have never done anything like this before. Seeing Shak like this. She is fucking beautiful.

Garth wraps his arms around me, my eyes shut of their own volition,

"You smell heavenly beautiful" my gown I am wearing is now open. One of Garth's hands is sprawled open on my stomach and his other is cupping my sex.

"You like this, don't you beautiful" he says it sounding more like a statement and not a question. I can't respond. I can't seem to form words. My response is a mewing sound from the back of my throat. I don't even recognise myself at this point.

"Open your eyes baby, look at them, you are so fucking wet, you are definitely enjoying this"

My breath is uneven and I am battling to gain control, when my eyes finally open, I look at the show Shakira and Michael are giving us.

Shakira is moaning in pure extasy. Michael has her legs and her lips sprawled wide. He has latched onto her sensitive nub, sucking and nibbling while his two fingers are knuckle deep penetrating her relentlessly. Her cries of extasy are erratic and I sense she is close to her own explosion. Her eyes are closed and she is pulling Michael even closer to her. I am sure if she could have Michael inside of her right now she would be in heaven. As if Michael was reading my thoughts he unlatches himself from Shak and lifts her to the floor where he roughly places her over the kitchen counter and in one swift movement he mounts her thrusting himself balls deep inside of her.

He looks up for the first time finally noticing that we are there, watching them. Garth has his fingers buried deep inside me while still holding me up with his other arm.

Michael grabs a fistful of Shakira's hair and pulls her head back, while he thrusts relentlessly into her. He whispers something into her ear and she opens her eyes and looks at Garth and I watching them. She smiles closes her eyes and rejoins Michael in all their glory.

"Fuck baby, I am gonna cum," he shouts while convulsing on top of her. Shak let's go and moans as her climax takes over pushing them both to the brink of no return.

I explode around Garth's fingers moving inside of me and at the sight of seeing my best friend being thoroughly fucked and coming undone in front of me.

"Now my beautiful, you owe me one" Garth says whispering in my ear. I turn really wanting to return the favour but Garth stops my movements.

"Oh no babe, not now, you guys have a flight to catch, if I am not mistaken, when you return, you will be mine, all mine, got it baby?" He says the implications of his words not being lost on me at all. I am left dumb struck, stunned, silenced and left in anticipation of what's yet to come.

He kisses me on my nose and walks out of the apartment. Leaving me gaping like an idiot after him.

What has this man done to me?

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