SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 5

Shak and I are still buzzing from this mornings escapades. My friend and I were close but now, I have never felt this close to her as I do right now, since this experience. This is difenitely something I could get into. It was always a secret passion to be watched by someone else, or to watch someone else in the throws of passion. I have never mentioned it to Shak or anybody in the fear they might find me too weird or outlandish. I always wondered if there was something wrong with me. I am unnatural a freak of nature.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect my friend to be into this kind of stuff either.

We both look at each other and it's as if no words are necessary, a mutual understanding passes between us.

"Just one more thing to be said about this morning," I say looking at Shakira who is blushing profusely.

"You seriously looked shit hot in those compromising positions babe, the way you were spread open and how Michael was ..... anyways you guys looked shit hot and it turned me well, us on, big time"

Shakira looks me straight in the eyes and her response practically knocks me on my ass.

"Dido babe, when Michael pulled my hair and asked me to open my eyes and look up. I was surprised to see you guys standing there but it excited me and then to see you standing there knees bent and open, your tits on display and Garth's hand working you like a maestro. Your mouth agape your rapid breathing, fuck babe, it seriously was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, you seriously pushed me over the edge"

"Mmmm, and here I thought it was all Michael" I say nudging Shakira making her burst into laughter.

"Oh believe me, that man is seriously talented" she says hugging me while we still laugh.

After bathing and freshening up we make sure all out documents and passports and money is in our bags and we head downstairs to meet James. My God send is having a man like James on our side that would do anything for us at a drop of a hat.

James drops us off at King Shaka International Airport. We have 3 hours to kill before we have to board our plane. We do our check in and then head over to a restaurant to catch a quick meal and to have a few drinks.

Shakira and I have have totally lost track of time. Our flights have been called and now here we are running through a crowded Durban Airport. Okay now picture this if you will.

Mistake 1) I am wearing tight blue denims.

Mistake 2) I am wearing red high heels.

Mistake 3) I am wearing a skimpy red camisole top.

And now lastly

Mistake 4) I have a handbag and my tog bag.

Shakira is ahead of me. I am struggling with all my luggage and these damn high heels. I am literally a disaster about to happen.

My right heel goes flying of my shoe and I am now, arms flailing about, my handbag goes flying, I am lying face and belly down in the middle of the fucking airport. I am dying of embarrassment and want to just lie here and cry my eyes out. Instead I am lying in the middle of the airport laughing so hard the tears are running down my cheeks. Great now my mascara and eye liner have been running and I am sure I look like a petrified raccoon.

"Sorry miss, are you alright, do you need any help?" A voice out of nowhere asks me. A hand is held out in my direction. And now I want to die a thousand deaths. I look into Cobalt blue eyes. A smile that goes on for miles. A voice so deep he literally sends vibrations directly to my clit.

Where the hell did this Italian fall from.

Shakira whistles at me trying to get my attention

"Babe, we gonna miss our flight, get the hell up will you" I am quickly pulled from my thoughts. I accept the help and beeline, no sorry hobble, for our flight.

Thankfully the line is long and we make it in time.

Shak is laughing at me and I am being looked at funny and some people are staring at me disapprovingly. I am holding my broken heel in my hand with my handbag and tog bag,

"Mam, I need your ticket please?" I grab my bag and I don't see my ticket in my bag.

"Oh shit, I dropped my ticket" I say now in a state of panic. I hear the same deep voice behind me

"Caera Jackson, I believe this is yours?" I turn to face the Italian yet again. He hands over my ticket and softly kisses me on my cheek.

"A beautiful name, for a beautiful woman" he says. I am speechless and dumbfounded.

What the hell?

The lady behind the counter snatches my ticket pulls off the stub and ushers me forward.

How bladdy rude.

"You need to see your face babe, you need a restroom as soon as possible" Shakira laughs uncontrollably at me.

We finally make it to the plane and to our seats.

I kind of figured I look absolutely rediculous. I need to change my shoes and freshen myself up. Thankfully I have my red vans in my bag and head to the small toilet cubicle to freshen up before take off.

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