SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 6

Eleven hours that's what it's going to take. Eleven hours of listening to some idiot woman and her physco babble. A nosy bladdy woman who is constantly asking intrusive questions. She sure as hell talks the hind legs off the donkey.

Shak is fast asleep next to me and this damn woman just won't let up.

I stand to grab my bag and hobble over to the small toilet cubicle so that I can change my shoes, wash my face and to reapply my make-up.

While applying the finishing touches to my face there's a knock on the cubicle door.

"Just a second" I yell quickly putting all my things away. This impatient shit knocks again.

"I said, just a second" pulling the cubicle door open, to yes again come face to face, with Mr Italian.

"Hello Bella, I saw you headed this way, I fear, I have you at a disadvantage" he says in that tone of voice that penatrates right to the centre of my core. I just stand staring at him, I am at a total loss of words. I am sure my mouth is gaping and I swear I must be drooling. This man must think I am a complete idiot, I have yet to speak or utter a single word or syllable around him.

He leans up against the cubicle resting his full weight on one arm while taking his finger and pushing my chin up, closing my mouth. He has this sexy smirk on his face that makes my knees go weak.

"My name is Giovanni, Giovanni Mifsud, say it Caera?" He says insisting.

I am now repeating his name like a mantra. His name finally slipping from between my parched lips.

"Come, come sit with me" he says dragging me behind him to his seat, not giving me room for disagreeing.

"I feel I need to thank you, Giovanni, for coming to my rescue twice back there, at the airport" my cheeks are now flushed as he looks me in my eyes.

"I love how my name sounds coming from your lips, sweet like honey. I couldn't just just leave a beautiful woman in distress" he admits running his hand through his already messy black hair.

We have been chatting for hours. I now know Giovanni owns four exclusive upmarket restaurants. One in Cape Town, Durban, London and Italy. I have promised Giovanni that while we are in London, that we will pay his restaurant in Covent Gardens a visit. I also know that we are staying at the same Hotel. Now isn't that coincidence or is it fate playing into my hands.

I have become rather tired. Well that is expected after the morning and day I have had so far. So while chatting to Giovanni I must've dozed off. I am dreaming of chocolate sauce, strawberries and fresh cream, of being fucked in very public restrooms and tables in exclusive restaurants while moaning Giovanni's name.

Heaven alone knows how long I was asleep for but when I kerk awake, we are covered in a blue blanket and Giovanni has a smile on his face as he looks at me with vast interest.

"Damn Bella, you really need to share that dream with me, I would love to know what I was doing to you, to elicit those delightful moans of pleasure, to make your skin flush that way and I would love to have you scream my name for real, not just in a dream." He says making want to hide myself because I was obviously loud in my dream and now I am embarrassed.

"No Caera, don't hide, I think it's beautiful, I am honoured that you dream of me already" he says taking hold of my hand and putting it under the blanket.

My hand is on his jean clad crotch, he is large and rock solid.

"Do you see, what having you moan like that and saying my name has done to me?" He says exhaling deeply and closing his beautiful blue eyes. Heaven alone knows where I get my courage from

"No Giovanni, open your eyes, look at me?" I say keeping my hand firmly attached to his crotch while fumbling around to get his button and zipper down. Anxious to release the animal that's been caged.

Finally his cock is freed. His eyes are now firmly attached to mine, as Ai hold on to his cock and run my hand up and down his thick girth. Tight enough to make his breath hitch and his eyes close momentarily. He licks his lips and slowly exhales as his eyes open. My hand continues on its path up and down, slow at first, then speeding up slightly.

"è così buona" he says struggling to keep himself together. His breathing has become more erotic. Hearing the Italian fall from his lips, only spurs me on further as I have no idea what he saying.

"Basta Bella vieni con me" he says immediately halting my hand. Fixing his clothing then pulls me up by my hand and leads me back to the cubicle before shutting us both in there. He immediately assaults my mouth with his. Kissing me hungrily before whispering against my lips.

"Sei bellisima lo sai?"

"What does that mean?" I ask breathlessly.

He laughs and then repeats it in English

"You're beautiful do you know that?"

I am now practically dripping.

"This will be quick Caera I am sorry but I can't hold it anymore." Giovanni says ripping at my jeans before sheathing his cock and thrusting himself balls deep into me.

This little tris has everything to do with Giovanni and his pleasure and very little to do with me. It seems unfair but after my dream and my promise to see Giovanni at his restaurant. I am all in for some one sided passion as it may.

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