SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 7

To say Shakira is pissed at me, would be an understatement. The death glare she is throwing my way confirms it. I am in deeper than I expected.

"Babe, not cool," she says glaring at me and pouting like a petulant school girl with her arms crossed. The only thing missing in her little show of tantrums is the stomping of her foot. But I am sure if we were not still in the aeroplane, that's exactly what I would've gotten.

"Sorry hun, but ...." she cuts me off immediately, waving her manicured hands in the air.

"Oh, oh, oh no, don't you dare "hun" me babe, why the he'll do you think, I am pissed at you?" She asks me straight faced.

I am trying desperately not to laugh at Shakira because I know this will only piss her off more, if I do.

I blush at the prospect of it being that I have ditched her this whole flight to shack up with Giovanni.

"Because of Gio......" she cuts me off again.

"No, it's not because of Mr Hotty over there" she says pointing at Giovanni.

"No babe, it's because you left me alone, next to a woman, who hasn't shut up for the past four fucking hours" Now I can't stop myself from laughing at her expression of the "legless donkey" that has finally, thank fuck, gone to sleep.

So after my apologies and back and forth banter and me informing Shak, on all things Giovanni, we are asked to fasten our seat belts as we will be landing shortly.

Finally after eleven hours we are finally free and on solid ground yet again. Our bags collected, my jaw is probably hanging on the floor, as I stare up at the Hotel Savoy. It is close to the bustling Covent Garden district, it's an eight minute walk from Trafalgar Square and a 14-minute walk from the London Eye. This will be our new home for the next two weeks.

We have been here three days already and we have basically spent the first two days sleeping.

Today however, Shak and I are planning on shopping and then we will be doing some sight seeing. The highlight of my day will be supper at Salieri. It's Giovanni's place. I have been itching and dreaming of finally getting to finished what was started in the plane. I might finally get Giovanni out of my system. I might finally get over the daydreams of incredible sex on restaurant tables. That dream of him I had in the plane has been a constant reminder and has been running on a loop since then.

The constant ache between my thighs and the need to have Gio touch, lick and fuck me, has been playing havoc with my labido. It's a thirst only Giovanni can quench. No amount of phone sex with Garth or playing with myself has even come close to be satisfying enough.

Tonight I have decided to leave my hair down, faint almost natural make-up. I have chosen an off red thigh high strapped tight fitting dress with teal eight inch heels, with a teal handbag. I am feeling sexy in this outfit and I have replayed a few scenarios in my head which of none have me returning to this room tonight.

Shak is looking stunning in a tight black little number, but for some reason she looks really off. I can see she is trying to hide it but she is failing miserably. I guess because I know her so well. We are ready to kill this joint tonight. Everything's been prearranged with Giovanni all we need to do is get there. Maybe tonight before Gio joins us, Shak and I can talk, I mean really talk about what's bugging her.

The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous, shick and very exclusive. Shakira and I are led to a quiet reserved table. There is already a bottle of wine chilling at the table.

We take our seats and wine is being poured for us. Two glasses of wine later, conversation flowing easier now. I look up to see Giovanni headed towards our table.

"Ah Caera, bellisima, you look absolutely breath taking tonight" he says kissing both my cheeks. Lingering just a little too long. He looks over at Shakira.

"And you pretty lady must be Shakira, the best friend. I am Giovanni, pleased to finally meet you?" He says kissing her cheek before taking a seat next to me. His hand finding a comfortable spot on my thigh, which immediately makes me blush.

We make inane conversation before ordering our meals. Our glasses are refilled and Giovanni is called to the kitchen to sort out a problem.

I look at Shak who has her phone out and is texting someone. I ask Shakira the dreaded question.

"Ok babe, spill, what's up with you?" I ask full of concern for my best friend.

She tells me all about her and Michael, how they haven't stopped having contact since that day, and then she drops the two bombshells that I didn't expect.

"I really miss him babe, the way he makes me feel, he says he feels this connection between us. A magnetic pull that neither of us wants to ignore. We want to start dating, to see where this could lead, for us." She says. The sincerity showing on her face. She is happy but she is scared, scared of disappointing me.

"I love you babe, you are my bestie, always and forever. I want you to find love and be happy, I will not stand in the way of that. Hell, I want that for myself one day aswell. I knew that things would change for us one day" I say in all honesty and sincerity.

She grabs my hand and squeezes it tight for good measure.

"You sure, you okay with this?" She asks and I nod my head yes in response.

"Good because Michael will be joining us in Italy?"

Giovanni joins us yet again and with him comes our meal. Shakira is saved from this conversation, for now. After our glorious meal, we praise the chef and thank Giovanni for a wonderful evening.

Shakira calls it a night excusing herself as three is a crowd, leaving just Giovanni and myself at the table.

"I was kind of wondering if we would find time to be alone tonight. You really do have a promise to adhere to" I say running his hand further up my naked thigh.

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