SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 8. (Part 1)

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Just having Giovanni this close to me has ignited a fire deep within my soul. His hand rubbing circles on my thigh, scorches me, with every touch. His breath on my neck, makes my head spin. My breath is hitching and I am feeling so out of control. What has this man done to me.

I have never ached for any man, like I ache for Giovanni. This is all so new and foreign to me. Sitting here in a crowded restaurant with this man's hand slowly going up my thigh. Making my heart rate rise, making my breath hitch. Oh dear lord, I am loving this.

My legs part willingly, while his hand continues the path up my thigh, till he grazes over my now soaked lace underwear.

"Remove them and hand them over?" He asks me suddenly. His voice so deep with want I don't recognise it at all. I look around in embarrassment.

"Don't look, don't think, just do it, slide them down your legs, bend, pick them up and hand them over"

I blush profusely but as discreetly as possible I do as he says.

I lift myself slightly off of my chair and wriggle myself slightly till I have my lacy panties past my buttocks. I lean forward pulling them further over my thighs and past my knees, I let them drop, unceremoniously onto the floor. I dip my head under the table and pick them up. They are so wet from all this excitement. I roll them into a small ballad hold them in the palm of my hand. I discreetly sit back and hand them over to Gio. He looks very pleased with himself and I am looking around to see if anybody has noticed or seen what I just did. No one has taken any notice at all of me, so I exhale the breath I was holding. I am so incredibly nervous. Gio takes the underwear and holds it flush under his nose and inhales deeply, "Damn Caera, you smell heavenly, I can't wait to feast on you later" he says making my heart skip a beat.

"Why wait?"I ask. Not realising I spoke out loud. My damn brain to mouth filter must be malfunctioning again. Seriously what the hell am I thinking. We are in a restaurant with lots of people around. I must be ill as I feel my body temperature rise and I am about to explode with heat.

Giovanni looks over at me. The sexual tension oozing from him. "You, my precious Caera, I will take my time with you tonight, I will feast on you slowly, but first," he says pulling me closer to him, licking his lips, while his hand roams under my dress towards my already soaked and aching pussy. He has turned slightly in his seat facing me for easier access. I am so wet that his middle finger and his pointer finger slips right between my folds without hesitation. His thumb rubbing endlessly on the bundle of nerves that has me already, ready to sing to the heavens above. I am beyond excited at everything, the thought of coming in a public place, that someone could see what we were doing, it all just added to the pleasure that Giovanni was adding to my body.

A man walks up to the table while Giovanni has his hand knuckles deep buried inside me and sparks up quite a lengthy conversation. Gio doesn't let up or stop, he carries on as if he isn't doing anything wrong. I feel like I am about to climb on the table and fuck Gio right here and now. I am about to erupt. Keeping my moans and facial expressions under wraps in no way is an easy feat, what makes it worse is that I am trying to control myself but Giovanni is relentless and hasn't stopped or slowed down at all. He has kept his pace quite evenly throughout it all.

I have gripped the edge of table, I am holding my breath all in the hopes of keeping off the empending explosion I know will take place shortly.

When the man finally leaves Giovanni looks over at me with this wicked smirk on his face. The look I can quite literally slap off right about now.

"Ok now baby, come for me now" as if I could stem the release any longer, I breath out and just relax into the pleasure. My body shaking and convulsing in extasy. There have been incoherent sounds which have people staring at me as I have my head back and breathing eratically. I am feeling so sated right now, I don't care if the world was watching me come undone to the hands of this remarkable man next to me. It is well fucking worth it.

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