SEXCaPADES of a Wanted Woman

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Chapter 9 (Part 2)

"You are seriously gorgeous when you come" Giovanni says kissing me on my neck.

"Now we will have to move this next part to somewhere more private" he says pulling me from my seat.

I shuffle my dress down as I am still minus my underwear, which is now safely stowed in Giovanni's jacket pocket.

We move swiftly to the outside where a taxi is already waiting for us. The look of disbelief must be clearly written on my face because without a word he starts explaining that the man he was talking to inside the restaurant was his brother Marcos. He told Marcos to give us ten minutes and to have a cab here waiting to take us back to the hotel.

I am literally being dragged through the lobby, trailing hopelessly behind Gio, giggling like a little girl. The looks we are receiving from th clients and staff alike is precious varying from disgust to appalled. Not that Giovanni is paying them any mind as I am pulled into the elevator.

This whole caveman routine of beating his chest and claiming me as his before dragging me to his cave, I found is actually sexually very appealing.

In this small enclosed space, the air is electrified, you can literally feel the sparks igniting against your skin. I am also very sure that you can smell our arousal from a hundred miles away. The stench lingers in the air, only adding fuel to the already burning flames.

I am pushed up against the elevator wall as the doors close behind us. Not waiting a second longer, Giovanni has my legs wrapped around his waist. We are dueling tounges and gasping mess. We are both battling to come up for air. Our mouths mesh together as if they were designed for each other, fitting perfectly and we synchronised perfectly together knowing exactly what, where and how to please each other.

The doors to the elevator opens and Giovanni steps out and towards his room. Not letting go of my mouth for even a second. He pushes me up against the door jam while fumbling for his rooms key card. When the door finally opens we step inside and he slams the door shut.

He takes me to the bedroom where he places me gently on the bed, finally removing his lips from mine for the first time since the elevator.

We are both breathing fast erratic breaths, he is shrouded over me putting all his pressure on his arms, looking deep into my eyes.

"You totally disarm me, you make me loose myself Caera, you are truly breathtaking" he says, planting his luscious lips on that sweet spot on my neck just under my ear.

I can't contain myself for much longer and find myself clawing and ripping at his clothes trying real hard to get them removed, my hands are fumbling and I feel like a virgin again trying to strip a man down for the first time. "IDIOT" I chastise myself mentally.

"I think you have that the wrong way round babe, you disarm me, now can you shut the fuck up and fuck me already" I pant wanting more.

"Mmm you very hasty Caera, I have a plan to slow you down somewhat " he says that wicked gleam back in his eyes. He stands up and walks over to his cupboard stripping himself of some of his clothing and returns with two ties and wearing just his pants. I finally got my dress off while I was trying to catch my breath.

When I see the ties I start to panic slightly.

"What the hell are those for?" I ask a hitch in my voice, laced with some excitement.

"Oh come on baby, don't tell me you're afraid" he teases while holding up the two pieces of material.

"Scared no, weary yes" I reply. I have never been tied down before but as my anxiety levels rise, so does my excitement.

Giovanni straddles my hips then ties first my left hand to the headboard then the right.

"Now Caera, you have to trust me, trust me to handle your pleasure, I promise, I will take good care of you" he lowers his head and attaches his mouth to first one breasts which are hard as pebbles already. He nibbles, bites, sucks, licks then slaps my breast. Then does the same to the other breast. Then does it again before nibbling and licking his way down further south.

"You really are quite beautiful Bella, I could look upon your beauty, tied up like this everyday" his head then nestles between my thighs. I am open and vulnerable while his tounge delves deeper into my core than I have ever felt before.

"So wet, so ready," he says sliding two fingers into my hot, wet core.

"You taste and smell divine baby" he says before his mouth latches onto my very sensitive nub and he sucks me in. My legs snake around his shoulders pulling him in closer to me, while I ride his face.

"You will not come yet baby?" He demands

"I can't hold it anymore" I respond before Giovanni pulls away from me.

"No Caera, not yet, I will punish you if you come" he says before latching his face to my sensitive nub again.

All sensation comes rushing full steam ahead and before I could control it, I exploded in pleasure releasing juices all over Giovanni's face and fingers.

"Very nice to squirt like that baby, but you didn't listen" he says tsking.

I lay completely sated, sprawled out over the bed. Now I seriously don't mind what punishment Gio dishes out, it will be well worth it. I think to myself.


What shall your punishment be?" He contemplates rubbing his chin. Almost like a eureka moment he suggests that considering I am usually so wet and very responsive to his touch that he will make me come continually until I really can't function properly. I will be so tired and hoarse from screaming his name that i will pray and beg for him to stop and that's exactly what he did for the following three fucking hours. It was total torture. He would bring to to climax only to leave me hanging. Over and over again until I was begging and pleading for him to either make me come or to please just stop tormenting me. The climax was totally and utterly worth it in the end.

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