The first Alpha´s son

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BOOK 2 IN THE ALPHA OF THE ALPHA`S SERIES. FIRST BOOK THE BLACK MOON My name is Nyx, which means night, an immense power born out of chaos. I am an Alpha who has no desire to be one. Soon I find myself standing there confused and angry at those I love. When you stand there and just learned that all the stories you were told as a child are true, what do you do? What do you do when you find out that your father isn't your father? That the meaning of your name should mean something more? There are no signs of any immense power in me, and my birth father died a long time ago. So what do you do? Well, you do what I did. You leave your pack. Then “the night” meets Sol which means sun in Swedish. Can the sun and the night find a way to be united? Or is this just going to turn into chaos? Dark magic is looming in the forest, nothing is what it seems to be, and no one is safe anymore.

Erotica / Fantasy
Sandra Johansson
4.7 124 reviews
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Copyright © 2020 Sandra Johansson. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2020 Sandra Johansson. All Rights Reserved.

Using my copyrighted material (images or written) without my PERSONALLY WRITTEN permission will end up in a lawsuit where you can be forced to way a sum of more than $150,000.

My name is Sandra Johansson, username on i_me_andlex, used to write under the alias Lex until recently, and I am an author who owns all rights to my stories and covers.

The originals and rewritten versions to which I alone own the exclusive copyrights can be found at or my Patreon ONLY.

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