The first Alpha´s son

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BOOK 2 IN THE ALPHA OF THE ALPHA`S SERIES. FIRST BOOK THE BLACK MOON My name is Nyx (which means night, an immense power born out of chaos) I´m an Alpha that have no desire to be one. When you're standing there and your life just turned upside down, what do you do? When you stand there and just learned that all the stories you were told as a child are true what do you do? Well, you do what I do you leave your pack. When the night meets Sol (meaning the sun) Can the "Sun" and the night find a way to be United? Or is this just going to turn into chaos?

Erotica / Fantasy
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!COPYRIGHT! Nothing in this story or my other stories can be copied without permission from me, the author Lex. If you want to use something that I have published, written, or created on this page, you will need a personally written approval. This is my own creation, and this is an original story with original characters. Copying this without permission will lead to me taking legal actions!/LEX



Hi! Thank you for reading my story, I have dyslexia so you will find mistakes. I hope you will like it anyway. Please remember that this is a Fantasy/Erotica. There are bad language and violence in this story. Love to you/Lex

Note from author 4 October 2020. This story is going through some changes, the storyline will be the same but I am trying to make it "better" lol so you know if you get updates.


I drag my fingers through my black hair with a sigh. I’m not angry at all, just disappointed. Everyone, including myself, has always believed that Greyson is my real dad, although I have always seen Trey as my dad to. My mother has two mates, and Trey and Greyson have always treated my four siblings and me in the same way.

The pack as asked why it is that Greyson has three biological kids with Iphi and Trey just two. Now I know because neither Trey nor Greyson is my dad. My dad’s name is Barghest, the first Alpha. I haven’t been told the truth, and now when I know, it makes both sense and not.

I have heard the story about my mother many times. The story about how she found out how she got her powers and found her mates, but what’s new is the story about me, and it is just… fucked up!

“Nyx, please, I understand that you’re angry, but...”

My mother pleads with me, and I snap at her.

“Stop Mom! You don’t get it at all!”

My mother, Iphi Winter’s the Alpha of the Alpha’s, the now strongest living wolf or at least I thought so, but apparently, I am the strongest one. She is the most lovable and caring woman I know, but I am so disappointed in her that I just want to leave. She looks at me with sad eyes when she speaks

“I am so sorry Nyx! I... We just wanted to protect you. Protect you from all the dangers that would come your way if they knew who you were and from all the mistrust that would have come with it.”


“You’re the first Alphan’s son, the strongest of them all, and we made the decision never to tell anyone for your protection, and I would do it again.”

“So why tell me now?” I snarl at her
“You are going to be the Alpha of the Alpha’s when you find your Luna....”

“What the fuck! I don’t want to be Alpha, and I don’t want a Luna!”

I roar angrily at her, and my dads, Trey and Greyson, growl a warning at me. I roll my eyes before I turn towards them. I look them up and down like I have never seen them before, like I don’t know them, and in a way, I don’t know if I do anymore. I shake my head at them, not knowing what to say.

“You’re only twenty years old, and I understand better than you can imagine what it feels like not wanting to find a mate. But son, you will, and it is better if you just accept that because she will probably give you hell if you don’t.”

Greyson tells me, looking at my mom with a crooked smile. Everyone knows everything thanks to Uncle Gus, how my mom and Greyson have been arguing since day one, and Gus spares us no details. Details that no child wants to know about their parents. The mere thought makes me want to throw up. Trey paths me on my shoulder before he squeezes it.

“I understand that you are angry and disappointed in us, but what your mom says is true. We did it to protect you, not to hurt you. Take the time you need, and no one says you have to become Alpha today. We are still the toughest Alpha’s in the nation, and we aren’t going to quit any time soon.”

Trey says, giving me a playful punch in my shoulder, and I chuckle at him. I’m almost a head taller than both of them and have far more muscles. I know I could kick their asses in a heartbeat, and they know it too.

Everyone has always wondered how it is possible that Greyson has two Alpha sons. Now I understand why my parents have three Alpha sons in the family because we all have different dads.

All Alphas firstborn are always a boy who is also Alpha, but most of my siblings are Alphas, thanks to my mother’s magic. No wonder my parents sometimes almost torn their hair off in frustration when three guys and two girls argue about whos the strongest and toughest one. But I’ve always let my little siblings win because I have no desire to be Alpha just like my mom.

“I’m going out with the boys!”

I say and leave the house without waiting for an answer. I meet up with Marco and Lucas in town, and together we go to Fang the night club. The music flows out from the speakers, and bodies are crowded on the dance floor. The smell of sex and alcohol tickles my nose as I empty my beer in a few gulps.

“Are you okay?” Marco asks me
“Yes, everything is great!”


He says, and my friends look at each other. I look out over the dance floor, and I let my gaze slide over the she-wolves until I find what I’m looking for. Her hair is long, raven black, and she is slim with small breasts. But best of all, she doesn’t belong to my pack or anyone of the packs close to mine. Just what I need, I stand up and walk up to her.

“Hey, beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?”

I ask, and she looks up at me and averts her gaze and nods. Everyone does that, look away because of the strong dominance that rolls of me, and I hate it. I pull her with me to one of the booths in the nightclub, and after a drink and some flirting, I put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer.

She is tensed, but I can feel the smell of her desire and a hint of fear. I growl in appreciation in her ear, and she sighs when I nip the sensitive skin on her neck. I put my hand on her silky smooth thighs and let it slowly slip up under her dress.

She parts her legs for me to give me better access to her heat. I let my fingers slowly slide up and down over her panties before I let my hand slip inside of them and push one finger inside her. Moaning, she leans her head against my shoulder, and I start to move my hand slowly, teasing until she squirms against me.

“Please!” She begs me
“What do you want beautiful?”


She moans out when I slip my finger back deep inside her. Her small hand finds its way down from my abs to my pants, and she starts stroking my hard cock through the fabric.

“If we don’t leave now I’m going to fuck you here in front of everyone.”

I tell her, and she whines and pushes herself closer to me when I pull my hand away. I give her a teasing smile and lick her juices from my fingers. She bites her lower lip watching me with desire when I stand up and drag her with me and out of the nightclub.

We walk into the alley, and I lose my patience and push her up against the brick wall. We kiss each other wildly while I pull up her dress to the waist and open my pants. I hoist her up and pin her to the wall and push her panties aside, and with one thrust, I bury myself inside her. She whimpers and bites her lower lip to hold in the scream.

“Does it hurt?” I ask even though I know the answer
“Yes.. but it feels good!”

I wait, giving her time before I start to thrust in and out of her first gently, then harder and harder until she begs me to let her come. She is so tight and wet around me that I have to use all my will power to not explode inside her.

“So fucking beautiful!”

I whisper in her ear until she moans out her orgasm. I pull myself out and push her down on her knees, and she eagerly takes me in her mouth and sucks until I, with a low growl, come inside her mouth. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and smiles up at me.

Someone clears his throat, and the girl whose name I’ve never asked about jumps up and stands behind me while I close my pants and look at who it is that dares to bother us. Fucking Greyson. I growl at him, and he raises his eyebrows.

“Oh, my God! Is that the Alpha of the Alpha’s?”

The girl behind me whispers, and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah, it’s my... Dad.”

I say and turn around, she sucks in a deep breath, and her eyes are wide with shock. She looks down at her shoes when she realizes who I am..

“Alpha Nyx, I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you...”

She starts to say, so I grab her chin and force her to look at me. I give her a soft smile, and she smiles back.

“You have nothing to apologize for, so stop worrying about it. But I need to talk to him if you excuse me?”

I say and let her go, then she nods. I turn back to my dad with an annoyed look when the girl hurries away. I cross my arms over my chest and glare at him.


I spit out, and he raises an eyebrow at my disrespecting tone.

“I didn’t say anything.” He says
“What do you want?”

“We need to talk.”

He tells me with a sigh, and I can clearly see the pain and regret in his eyes.

“About what?”

He turns his head and looks after the girl then back at me.

“Who was that?” He asks, and I shrug
“No idea. I didn’t ask her name.”

“I wasn’t an angel in your age, and I didn’t treat girls the way they deserved to be treated. I was a real asshole, but you are not. Don’t take out your anger on someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

Annoyed, I walk up to him so that we almost stand chest to chest, but he doesn’t back away, and for the first time in my life I want him to bow down for me. I clench my hands into fists when a million emotions swirl inside me, and I feel a stir of something that I have never felt before.

“I’m not like you because you’re not my dad! And you are still an asshole.”

I snarl, and he sighs. I can see that my words hurt, but I don’t care.

“You are right. I’m not your real dad, but I love you, and I will always see you as my son. I don’t want to see you make the same mistakes I made. You’re better than that, much better than me.”

“I am going to leave Smokey Mountain.”

I say to my own surprise, and his eyes go wide.

“You heard what I said!”

I hiss and realize that it is a good idea to get away for a while.

“Where are you going?” He asks me
“I don’t know... I need to get away for a while. See something else.”

He nods and looks away.

“If that’s what you want, then I will support you.”

He tells me, and I feel the anger disappear.

“Thank you!”

I say and leave him standing there alone. When I get home, I pack a bag and leave a note to my mother. I tell her not to worry and that I will be back then I jump into my car and leave Smokey Mountain, not knowing where to go.

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