IVY Flame Marked

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Chapter 7 Shimmer

Chapter 7 Shimmer

I spin around and see my mate glaring at me and I raise my chin and glare back at him.

“What the fuck is this? Who is this guy?!”

Jason snarls looking like he is crazed.

“That is none of your business.”

I hiss at him and Mr green eyes put his hand on my shoulder and squeeze it gently. Jason is obviously to angry to realize that this man holds a lot of power. He must also have missed his dominance or he simply doesn’t care because he let out a threatening growl.

“Get your fucking hands off her, no one touches what’s mine!”

Jason snarls at him and clench his hands into fists and I raise my eyebrows. Is Jason really prepared to fight Mr Green over me?

“Ivy is her own person.”

He calmly answers Jason and I can’t help but look at him in awe. He just said that I am my own person and it makes me all warm inside. Jason takes a step closer and I step in between the two of them. I do not want Mr Green to lose his cool because he can be scary as shit and he just met my parents. Not that I care what they think, okay, I do, but I don’t want anyone to fear him.

“Ivy, leave now!”

Jason snarls at me and my temper gets the better of me. I walk straight up to him and shove him in his hard chest with a threatening growl of my own.

“Back the fuck off Jason! Or I make you regret it and he is right, I am my own person and I am definitely not yours.”

“Everyone calm down and sit so that we can talk.”

Trey says and eyes Mr. green carefully, clearly not comfortable in his presence. Mr Green is the first one to sit down and I am happy that he did, he is not only showing respect to my parents, but he also shows them that he’s not a threat.

I sit down beside him and give him a bright smile and hear Jason growl again. My wolf snorts at him and I can practically hear Jason’s Lycan whine from her rejection, but I don’t feel sorry for him. He brought, this is for himself and he has no right to come here ordering me around and trying to act like my mate. Mr green shows no sign of fear, but he doesn’t take his eyes off Jason.

“Jason sit down or leave!”

Greyson growls at him and Jason bows his head in respect and slump down on a chair across from me. But he is far from happy about being ordered to sit. His eyes seem to burn my skin and I try my hardest to ignore him and look at my parents.

My Mr green puts his hand on my shoulder and I immediately feel calm again. Wait, what? Since when did he become mine? He is not mine! He is a friend, no, not even that. He is the man who helped me, the man I made a deal with nothing more and nothing less.

I glance at him and see a small smile tug on his lips, damn him and his I know what you are thinking. But he said that he doesn’t know what I am thinking… I am the one giving him the thoughts, how does that work?

Like a mind link? But you only have mind links between your pack members, family and your mate. He said that a mating bond holds nothing over him, what does that mean? Why did he give me a flower? And how did he know that I was upset over him?

Does he like me? Like really like me? We have been umm very close to each other and you don’t get that close to people you don’t like right? Do I like him? No, I don’t! Of course not, right? He is hot and nice, this man is so many things, no he is not!

And see now he has done it again, my brain has turned into goo and my thoughts are completely crazy. But he is so… no! And it doesn’t feel good to be with him or close to him. I feel so many things and it confuses me.

A part of me wants to run away, while the other one just wants him to do all those dirty things to me that I have been thinking about since I met him. My cheeks turn bright red when his eyes find mine and he gives me a look that says that he knows exactly what I ramble in my head.

“Little Wolf I can hear you, stop thinking so much.”

He tells me and I want to disappear under the table and hide there. I feel everyone’s eyes on us and they must be wondering what he meant by that. I swallow hard, I should look away, but I can’t. I should move away from him, but I move closer.

Like I always do. It is absolutely crazy and strange, this pull he has on me is so strong that I don’t know what I am doing around him. My bond to Jason is strong, but this is something entirely different, it’s almost unreal.

Unreal like he is, too beautiful to be in this world. I hear Jason growl, but I can’t stop myself and I place my hand on his arm. I stroke his arm gently, I feel the muscles of his biceps flex under my touch and look at it. He is here, he is real and I’m not the only one seeing him. I narrow my eyes and ask

“What are you?”
“Little Wolf we have been talking about this already.”

“What? Have you two seen each other behind my back?” I hear Jason snarl but I ignore him
“Why… what are you doing to ?”

I know that this is probably a conversation we should have alone, but something tells me that he will be gone when we are done here. The thought makes my wolf whine and I scold her. Damn wolf! Stop begging for his attention! Okay, I might not be any better, but I at least try. But all I can think about is his lips against my neck, why hasn’t he kissed me? Do I want him to do that? He looks down at his arm with raised eyebrows and I gasp in horror when I see that I have been digging my claws into his flesh.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

I jump up and run out from the room to grab a towel. This time it is my wolf who is scolding me, she is not happy that I hurt him and she thinks that I am a complete idiot and I can only agree. When I come back everyone is stareing at me and I snarl at them


I walk up to him and pull up his sleeve feeling the sticky blood on his pale skin. I carefully start to dry it off apologizing over and over again when he says

“Ivy its okay and that is really not necessary.”

I realize that there’s no wound, he has healed. I look up at him surprised and then down at his arm again. Only wolves and Lycans heal this fast, but he is none of those things and he even healed faster than we do. I narrow my eyes and think that I am about to faint when I see it. His skin shimmers like black marble, but the skin is still cream colored. I pull my hands away and I rub my eyes in confusion before I look at him again. His eyes sparkle apple green and when I look back down on his skin the shimmer is gone. I rub his arm and at the exact same second my skin touches his, it starts to shimmer again.

“What? How? Why?”

I must both sound and look like a fish on dry land opening and closing my mouth. I pull my hands away and take a step back and I see hurt flash in his eyes.

“Tell me now!” I demand
“You are the one doing that.”

“Me? How? Does it hurt? Oh my god have I been hurting you by touching you?”

I shriek and I hear Jason behind me, but I don’t listen. Mr green stands up and shakes his head.

“No Ivy it doesn’t hurt, quite the opposite.” He tells me and glance at my parents
“I told you that I have been waiting for you for a very long time.”

Then I’m being yanked away from him and suddenly I’m standing behind Jasons back.

“I don’t know who or what you are but stay away from my mate!”

He snarls, but Mr green eyes doesn’t even spare him a glance

“Now you tell me what you are doing with my daughter and we demand to know who you are!”

My father Greyson says and I can clearly hear the anger and the threat in his voice. Mr green turn towards him with an unreadable expression and I can feel the air in the room shift. No, no! I brush past Jason and place my hand on Mr Greens firm muscular chest.

“No one orders me around.”

He calmly tells him, but his voice still feels like a scream. My father seems to be unfaced by it and walk slowly towards us, followed by my mother and Trey. They are either stupid or brave, I’m not sure about which it is. But I’m thankful that I have parents that would face any danger to keep me and my siblings safe.

“And no one hurts or take advantage of our daughter! So speak up kid.” He growls and Mr green snorts

“I’m not hurting your daughter or taking advantage of her! But believe me, if I wanted to there wouldn’t be anything you could do about it. I am sick and tired of feeling her pain every day when that sorry excuse of an Alpha hurt her. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t even be here today. Maybe you should focus on that instead of me. She might be confused about me, but I have done nothing to hurt her.”

He snaps and my parents actually look away. Not that I want them to interfere in my relationship with Jason but he has a very good point in what he is saying. His eyes turn darker when he continues to speak

“That wolf hurt her today and I had enough of it. I left the flower for her because I wanted her not to feel so confused about me, but I only managed to make her sad. So that’s why I am standing here right now to ask for her forgiveness, I never intended to hurt her. But I am not answering anyone of your questions before I have given them to her.”

“Then please tell me.”

I beg him and when he looks at me, I know that he won’t be answering anything. When he lifts his hand to stroke my cheek, Jason loses it and I hear him snarl, then he is shifting. Then I hear nothing more than silence. I turn around and see that everyone is frosen on the spot. I turn back to look at him and he gives me an apologetic look

“I don’t want to hurt the Lycan, if I do, you will be hurting too.”

He simply says and I nod. He takes my head between his hands and look at me like he is searching for something. He must find whatever it was he was looking for because the apple green sparkles starts to dance in his eyes, then he looks down on my lips.

“This is selfish of me.”

He says and his soft lips brush over mine. The touch is so light, but the emotions are so strong that I feel dizzy and like he knows it, he wraps his arms around me to keep me steady. My heart swells from the small gesture of affection, I am so going to scold myself later for being a love sick puppy! When I feel his lips pressed agains mine, I am convinced that I’m free falling through time. Suddenly I’m warm, too warm and he is the reason it feels like that, it is like he was made of fire.

He is burning my outside and inside, but it doesn’t hurt like it did when he kissed my shoulder in the cave. It feels good and so overwhelming that I can’t grasp all the feelings that rush through me. Bubbly excitement, trust, fear, lust and passion is just a few of them. I part my lips for him and when our tongue meets and slowly dance with each others I can’t help but moan into his mouth.

He tastes sweet, dangerous and like he is forbidden. I have kissed three guys in my life, Jason included and I never experienced anything like this before. This isn’t a kiss, this is him making love to my mouth. We could have been standing here kissing for a minute or maybe it has been for days, I don’t know. The time has stopped around us, literally stopped. I whimper when he pulls away and leans his forehead against mine. I want him to kiss me again, I want more and I never want him to stop.

“What was that?”

I ask and he smiles, his lips brushing over mine again. I tremble from the featherlight touch and my head is starting to swim with emotions once more.

“That can be whatever you want it to be.”

I say and pull away, blinking, so I went from gaping like a fish to blink like an owl. Sexy Ivy mhmm super yummy! He pulls me to him and wraps his arms around me and I sigh when his warmth once again invades my body and reach all the way deep down into my soul. My wolf purrs like she can physically feel his touch too.

“It can be curiosity, lust, desire, a mistake, love or meant to be. It can be something you never want to experience again or something you will long for. It can be the beginning or the end. It can be anything you want it to be. It is your choice little Wolf.”

“Okay… but what was that for you?”

I ask and hold my breath when he sighs and pull away from me taking the warmth with him.

“It was me being selfish, I told you that. I need to leave, take care little Wolf.”
“What? Why?”

I yell and grab his arm and the shimmer appears on his skin. I never saw that before because this is the only time I have met him in daylight.

“I need to go home, I can’t stay here. This is… I don’t belong here”

He places his hand on mine and loosen my grip on him.

“You can belong anywhere you want to! Please, don’t go.”

I say when he turns around, he looks over his shoulder with a sad smile.

“Sometimes we don’t have a choice.”

Then he walks out the front door and when I hurry after him he is gone. I stand there stareing out the door when my mother places her hand on my shoulder.

“Ivy you can not see that man again, he is dangerous.”

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