IVY Flame Marked

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Chapter 8 Then I will go

Chapter 8 Then I will go

Both my fathers nod in agreement with my mother. I blink and try to process the words. You cannot see that man again, he is dangerous. Sure, she has a point he is dangerous, anyone who can use magic is and he is scary.

He might not look scary, no he looks like a god damn angel that fell down from heaven. Even the guys in underwear commercials look dull compared to him, not that I have seen him naked but I’m sure he wouldn’t disappoint in that department.

No the scary part is what you feel, the power to surrounds him is almost overwhelming. The dominance that rolls of him is so strong that it vibrates through you. You feel it in your bones and it was scary at first, but now I am not scared. I’m sure I could be if he got mad but he is sweet and gentle.

He treats me with respect and he sees me. That is the impression he gives me, sure it could be a trick but I trust him. Maybe that is stupid, but I trust my instincts.

Mum is worried I get that, but mum is always worried and fuss over me and my siblings like we are toddlers. So I kind of expected that, but what I didn’t expect was that both Trey and Greyson would agree and order me to not see him.

I look at them, the three of them, I have always admired their strength and how powerful they are together. How they work as a team and all that endless love they share and all the love they have always showered us with.

But right now all I can see is fear and I feel disrespected. The way they said it, they ordered me to stay away and they did it as a team as the Alpha of the Alphas not as my parents. I shake my head at them

“Mum you said it yourself, I am a grown woman and I make my own decisions. I will see him again if he comes back.”

“Ivy, I don’t know what he just did, but I can sense the magic. I can smell it in the air and this is a magic I have never come across before. The magic of the Black Moon looks pale in comparison to this, it is dangerous. I rather lock you up than let you see him. We love you and I refuse to see you get hurt!”

I see Jason in the corner of my eye, but I refuse to look at him. He is probably enjoying this like the asshole he is.

“I understand that you are worried, but he is no threat to me or to us!”

I say with certainty. My mother shakes her head and tears are forming in her eyes, a pair of eyes that looks almost like mine.

“I have told you the story about what happened to me and where we come from. This is important, Ivy you are probably under a spell just like I was. I almost killed my own mates, I did awfull things because of that. We have just found out that you have powers and that you have been withholding that information from us. So that this man shows up can’t be a coincidence.”

No its not a coincidence, he came because of me, because I needed help to save my family. Should I tell them that? I snort at her and for the first time in my life I feel like I am about to slip and do something stupid.

I walk back into the room and take my black rose and look at it. No, I am not under some spell! I touch my lips with the tip of my finger, they still tingle from our kiss. He said it can mean whatever I wanted it to mean, that I was the one deciding what it meant. He said that he was selfish for doing it..

Does that mean that he has feelings for me? Did he mean that he likes me, but shouldn’t? I want to tear my hair out from all the questions he has left behind. Why is it so hard to just say it?

“Ivy you are going to listen to your mother!”

Greyson says in that tone that the Alpha in me hates and I tense up

“Yes, you are, we are putting a guard on you.”

Trey tells me and I spin around and gape at them. A guard? Like I’m a teenager that runs off during night time.

“You can’t be serious.” I say in disbelief and my parents gives me an apologetic look

“We are and Gus will be by your side at all times, when you sleep there will be two guards outside your room, then you will follow Jason to Whitefish and stay there with him so that we can figure this out.”

“No! You can’t do this, I’m a grown woman!”

I yell and see Jason smirk. Sam or whatever his name is where right, they should be more worried about Jason hurting me.

“It is not up for discussion we have made up our minds. You know the rules and even if you are our daughter they apply to you too. You will either obey our order or... you will be considered to be a rogue.”

“That man is the reason that Nyx is alive and he is also the reason that Nyx didn’t lose his mate!”

I scream out in anger

“What?! Is that the man you made a deal with? Are you completely insane?” Greyson yells at me

“Yes and I think that instead of acting the way you do, you should be thankful!”

I hiss at him and feel my fangs emerge when Greyson steps up in my face. He might be a powerful Alpha but he doesn’t scare me

“That mark on your shoulder, it was he right? You know what it is and what it means, tell us now! Don’t test me Ivy and don’t you dare lie.”

Jason growls and I look at him. He is more than angry right now.

“He put a mark on you?”

He asks, trying to rein in his Lycan. I can see the beast pacing and snarling just under the surface and he wants to rip everything in his way to shreds. My wolf watches Jason intently and I scold her when she starts to wag her tail, hoping that our jealous mate now will understand that he belongs to her, to us.

“I’m not telling anyone of you anything. This is between him and me, it is not your business!”

I tell them and clench my hands into fists when the anger flares bright red inside of me. Greyson put his hands on my shoulders and squeezes them firmly but not painfully.

“Ivy, tell me now, or I swear to god! You have already lied to us once, I will not forgive you if you do it again”

He tells me, he is almost begging me. A part of me know that he is worried and just wants me to be happy and safe, but I am furious with him, with them. I shove him off me

“Don’t touch me ever again! I’m not going to lie because I will not tell you anything! That mark is my business and not yours. He helped me save Nyx and Lia. I was willing to give my life for them and I would do it again. But if you are so desperate to get me out of here, then I will go with that!”

I say, pointing at Jason, who lets out a growl

“If that is your way of keeping me safe and happy then I will obey your fucking orders! I leave tonight and if the asshole has a problem with leaving now then I go to Whitefish on my own. Because I’m not staying here, I can’t even look at anyone of you right now.”

“Ivy it is just so he won’t know that you are here, to buy us some time to figure it out.”

Trey says, using his calm voice that usually calms everyone down. I smirk at them and say

“You are so fucking stupid, all three of you!”

Mr Green will find me no matter where I am. He found me here and I never told him where my home is. Sure, it might not have been so hard to figure out, but I doubt that he have been running around Whitefish asking about me.

If he had been doing that then Jason would have let me know. I head upstairs and start packing my things, tears stream down my cheeks the whole time. When there’s a knock on the door, I slam it open and scream

“Leave me alone!”

Gus raises his eyebrows at me and crosses his arms over his broad chest.

“You know I kick your ass if you scream at me like that again.” He says with a smirk and I roll my eyes
“I thought you were someone else.”

“Yeah, I just got the news, I’m sorry Ivy. But going to Whitefish isn’t the end of the world and you should be at least a little happy because you get to spend time with me.”

“What? So they are sending you to babysit me?” I growl, taking out my frustration on him

“Hey, don’t bite my head off, I am just the messenger and I am not your babysitter. I am there for your protection and to make sure that Jason behaves.”

I snort and turn around to finish my packing and Gus steps inside the room. He lays down on my bed and gives me a shit eating grin.

“So you got a bad boy as your boyfriend?”
“Geez Gus he isn’t my boyfriend!”

“Are you sure about that because I can smell him on you. What happened? Iphi said something about a strong magic and then both you and what was his name? Oh Sam, wasn’t in the room anymore. Did he use his magic so that the two of you could hook up with out Jason seeing it?”

My cheeks turn bright red and I huff at him when he starts laughing

“We didn’t hook up! We just talked without them and he stopped Jason from attacking him.”

“That is a shame he should have kicked the assholes ass instead. You know that you don’t have to rub yourself agains someone to talk to them?”

“I didn’t rub myself on him!”

But I kind of did, didn’t I? What is wrong with me! What is wrong with him?!

“Jason certainly saw it like that, he is so pissed off that Trey had to take him out for a run. Not to mention Greyson, he hates the guy he said and I quote I saw how he looked at her, like she was a piece of meat and if he ever touches her again I cut his dick off. So tell me what happened during your little magic hour.”

“Gus nothing happened. We talked and he kissed me goodbye, that is it.”

I say feeling my cheeks heat up from the memory of his lips against mine.

“Blushing now are we? It must have been a damn good kiss if Ivy Winter´s cheeks turn red.”

He taunts me and I throw my hair brush at him. He chuckles and stands up.

“I’m not judging you, go out and have some fun. I haven’t even met the guy and as long as he treats you good and don’t take advantage of you then he won’t be on the shit list. I know that Iphi is a little too worried most of the times and it sucks ass.

But I get it, she has gone through hell and she is scared that her children have to do the same and especially now after what happened to Nyx. Don’t hate them, they think that this is the only way of helping you right now. But I think that this is a stupid idea.”

“But I don’t need help!”
“Okay if you say so, but maybe you and Jason can work this out now and take the final step if that is what you want.”

Pain ripple my chest from his words and I rub the place right above my heart. Gus gives me a sad look.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have brought that up now.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine. I guess it could be a good time to try to convince him that we need to end this.”

With those words I finish packing and when I place my two bags in the car I can hear my parents approach me.

“Ivy, sweetheart…” My mother starts, but I interrupt her
“Fuck off!”

I say and then I jump into the car. I don’t want to hear it. I stare out the window, refusing to look at them when the car takes off towards Tennessee and the airport. It might be childish, but right now I can’t even look at them. Gus squeezes my hand and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep the tears at bay.

When we stand outside the packhouse in Whitefish and Jasons girlfriend comes running out and throws herself into his arms I know that this is going to be awful.

My wolf run off and hide as far back in my mind as she can. I really don’t want to look at them, but I can’t stop watching my mate kiss her like he wants to eat her alive. She moans into his mouth and then she looks at me with a smirk.

Jason orders some of the warriors to show me and Gus to our room before he takes her hand and lead her inside. I sit on my bed torturing myself with the sound of them going at it.

I’m sure he placed me next to his room just so he can rub it in. Rub in just how much he doesn’t want me. My body aches and the physical pain I feel from the way he treats me feels unbearable.

I don’t understand what I have done to deserve this… Why won’t he just unmate me? I try to talk to my wolf, but she doesn’t answer and I sigh. I lay down on the bed and place the pillow over my head, hoping to drown out the sounds of my mate pleasuring another woman.

A few day passes and I hardly see Jason and his girlfriend, which I am thankful for. I walk towards the forest and try to talk to my wolf again but she doesn’t answer. She is morning, I understand that. I feel the same way she feels and the sound of them together echoes in my head all the time.

I dry away traitorous tears from my cheek and sigh angrily. It is so unfair of her to hide from me, she is punishing me. I wanted Jason from the first time I saw him, I thought that he was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, but he treated us badly and now she is punishing me for it.

“Damn you!” I hiss out loud at my wolf

I have been so caught up in this pain that I haven’t even been thinking about Mr Green and now when I do I only feel worse. He left too, maybe mum was right… Maybe he has me under some kind of spell? A twig snaps behind me and I quickly spin around and come face to face with two men.

I know just by looking at them that these two guys are trouble.

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