IVY Flame Marked

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Chapter 9 Loss

Chapter 9 Loss

The two men look me up and down and one of them makes a wolf whistle.

“That has to be her. It can’t be more than one she wolf with two colored eyes running around on Jason’s pack land.”

The first man tells the other one and they smile at each other. The air is filled with tension and I watch them, taking in all the details and study their movements. They won’t be a match for me.

“So you are Jason´s little whore aren’t you?”

The other man asks me and I snort. I call to my wolf who hasn’t even stirred by the threat these two men obviously are. I call again, then I yell at her but nothing. Cold chills run up my spine and my heart rate picks up.

Where is she and why isn’t she coming out? I feel the panic rise when I realize that I can’t even shift. I look around me trying to find a way out of this, but every time I move they move too. They smirk at me, they can feel my fear.

They can smell it, even I can. I am a good fighter even in my human form, but these two guys are big and if they shift, then I am in more than just trouble. I will be dead. What is it my mother always says, show no weakness, show no fear. I raise my chin and cross my arms over my chest.

“What do you want?” I ask with my sternest Alpha voice and their smiles go even bigger

“So Jasons little tail is an Alpha. He is going to love hearing about this. Make this easy and come with us, there’s someone who would love to meet you.”

“Who is it that would love to meet me and why?” I ask as calmly as I can

“Our Alpha.”

One of the guys says. From the looks of them, they have to be rogues. They are dirty and their clothes are ripped in a few places. Not to mention the wild look in their eyes. All rogues aren’t bad once, but there is bad seeds everywhere and this two are rotten eggs. Which probably means that who ever their Alpha is I won’t enjoy meeting him.

“I would love to meet him, but I am a little busy today, what about later this week?”

“Jason sure has proven that he is a bigger idiot than we first thought. Letting his little mate out alone in the woods, the woods here is a dangerous place. But I guess it’s a good way of getting rid of what you don’t want. But don’t worry little tail we will keep you safe and our Alpha will love you.”

They say and the pain that ripples through me almost brings me to my knees. Jason has told everyone that he doesn’t want me… I feel ashamed, everyone knows and they are probably laughing behind my back now. It must look like I follow him begging for scraps. They take a step towards me and I back away.

“Oh, Jason I am so happy that you are here!”

I say and look over their shoulders, when they turn around I take off running towards the pack house. I hear them curse behind me, they obviously didn’t think that my little trick was funny. I hear them shift and I push myself harder. I look over my shoulder and throw myself on the ground just in time before one of them slams into me.

I scramble to my feet and run. But it doesn’t take long before I get tackled to the ground. I land hard on my stomach and then I feel a piercing pain in my left shoulder. The Lycan who just bit me lets out a howl in pain and the weight of his body is gone.

I turn around stareing at the man writhing in pain on the ground. The other Lycan look at his friend with his head tilted. A million thought run through my head when the Lycan on the ground takes one last breath and goes limp.

Then the other one growls at me before he turns around and take off running back into the woods. I stand up and grab a stick and poke the guy in his side but he is dead. I stare at the Lycan in disbelief, what happened? Did I do that? I rub my aching shoulder and feel that I am still bleeding. I am not healing, has my wolf left me?

“Where are you? What are you doing?”

I say to her out loud, but there’s no answer

“Get back here! You can’t do this, we could have died!”

She doesn’t answer but at that second, I know that she doesn’t care and that she has given up. She doesn’t care if we live or die. Anger floods me, this is all Jasons fault!

I walk towards the pack house determined to make Jason suffer for doing this to me. His Lycan warriors look at me in horror when I stamp out from the forest fuming with anger and bleeding. I probably look like one of the rogues, dirty and covered with blood. One of the guys run up to me.

“Miss Winter´s what happened?”

I stop and glare at him until he looks down on the ground

“There are rogues in the forest and one of them are dead.”

A few of the warriors shift and takes off in the direction I came from. I walk into my room and undress in the bathroom. The wound isn’t deep, but not healed, damn it! I step into the shower and hiss when the water comes in contact with my wound.

It stings and burns and it makes me even angrier. When I am done cleaning myself up, I wrap the wound up as best as I can. Then I walk out of the room and towards Jason´s office. I burst into the room not caring a bit that Jason is in a meeting. All eyes turn to me in surprise and I growl at them

“Everybody out now!”

They look at Jason and I growl at them again making them scramble to their feet and rush out of the room. I walk up to him and slap him as hard as I can. He growls at me and grab my arm.

“If you ever do that again, I will make you regret it. Do you understand me pup?”

I yank my hand free and glare at him

“You are an even bigger asshole than I thought! Why are you running around telling everyone that you have rejected me and why haven’t you told me that there are rogues in the forest? If you want me dead so badly, then man up and do it yourself!”

He stands up and are by my side before I even have time to blink. He sniffs the air and pull down my shirt from my shoulder and I see anger flash in his brown eyes.

“Did you go to the forest alone? Did they do this?”

I hiss out and he looks at me with narrowed eyes

“Why aren’t you healing?” He asks and I swallow hard
“Probably Wolfsbane.”

I tell him, I’m not going to tell him that my wolf refused to come to me. That was probably what he wanted and I won’t give him that satisfaction. His eyes soften and for a second I am sure that he is about to wrap his arms around me but then he takes a step back.

“Stupid pup! You are not allowed to go anywhere alone! I will have someone drive you to Alissa.”
“I don’t take orders from you?”

“I am the Alpha here and you will obey me!”

I roll my eyes not even bothering to waste the energy to answer him. But if he thinks that I will obey him and be treated like a pup then he is wrong

“Who is Alissa?”
“You have already met her, the witch.”

I search my memory, Alissa? The witch that first called me flacără de foc. Maybe she knows who Mr hot is? I feel so excited on our way there that I don’t even listen to Gus scolding me for going into the woods alone. He nudges my ribs

“Ivy are you listening to me?”

“What is wrong with you? You said that you were going to take a nap and then you went to the forest.”

He says accusingly and I shrug my shoulder. I hiss out from the pain that burn from the wound and he gives me a worried look

“I changed my mind, I couldn’t find you so I went on my own.”
“Did you even look for me?”

“Um, no. But You said that you aren’t my babysitter.”
“Ivy! Iphi is going to kill me when she finds out about this.” He snarls at me and I roll my eyes

“That is easily solved. Don’t tell them.”

He sighs and shakes his head at me.

“Are you okay? Wolfsbane hurt like hell”
“I’m fine.”

I tell him and look out the window, none of us speaks another word. When we arrive to the witch house I step out from the car she comes out from her house. She look at me, then she look around like she is searching for something and I can smell her fear. Who is she scared of? I walk up to her and she flinches like I slapped her when I speak

“It’s nice to see you again.”

Is she scared of me?

“Come in and let me take a look at you, but only you can enter.”

She says and walk back into the house. I guess she isn’t so happy to see me. I give Gus a teasing look and he huffs but doesn’t argue. The tension that is coming from Alissa is so thick that I’m sure that I could touch it if I tried. She roams around in a cabinet glancing at me over her shoulder. Every time our eyes meet she looks away quickly.

“What is wrong?” I ask offended by her behavior
“Is he here?”

She asks and I look at her in confusion. I thought that she and Jason were friends, what happened between them?

“No Jason is at the packhouse.”
“No, not him… L… the other man.”

She says and turns around looking at me. Is she talking about Sam?

“No, he is not here.”

She lets out a breath that tells me that she has been holding it for a long time and her body relaxes slightly.

“Why do you ask? Do you know him?”

I ask and narrow my eyes at her

“No reason.”

She tells me and it is obviously a lie, but I don’t pressure her. She shows me to sit down and starts to unwrap my shoulder. She gasps when she has removed the bandage and I roll my eyes.

“It is not that bad…” I start, but she interrupts me

“I was right, you are flacără de foc. Stupid girl, why would you let him mark you? I told you to choose wisely, now you belong to him.”

I turn to look at the witch that has gone pale and I feel anxiety floods me. Now you belong to him.

“What do you mean?”

She shakes her head at me like she can’t believe what she is seeing

“Why did you let him do it?”
“I had to save my family. It’s not a big deal, I just owe him a favor.”

Her eyes go wide with shock and she hurries to smear something on the wound

“Tell me what’s wrong!” I snap at her and she flinches again
“You do not want to owe him a favor. That can’t be undone.”

She whispers like someone could hear her.

“You need to go and don’t come back here! I don’t want to be mixed up in this.”

She tells me and points at the door. I blink confused but leave the house with a strange feeling. Everyone is obviously terrified of him, the question is why aren’t I? I take off the necklace with the stone that the demon gave me and study it.

The witch knows something and even if I have to force the answer out of her I will. I just need to heal first.

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