IVY Flame Marked

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Time to move on?

Chapter 2 Time to move on?
IVY a few days later

I can’t get him out of my head, it's like he has nested there and I am furious with him. Damn caveman! Coming here and play games, tricking me with magic.

And Lia talked about the mark on my shoulder, saying what if it is a mate mark. I pretty sure it’s not a mate mark because I should know if he was my mate right? My head is spinning with so many questions and I feel restless.

“Ivy are you listening?”

Trey suddenly yells at me and I jump in my seat.

“What? Yes? What did you say?”

“Baby girl what is wrong? You have been acting strange ever since the ceremony? Is it because of Jason?”

He asks me and I narrow my eyes. Okay, it’s a little because of Jason I mean he hasn’t exactly been very nice to me this last few days but mostly it’s that infuriating caveman. I am so angry with him, showing up like that and then just disappear without answering any of my questions.

If he comes back I will give him a piece of my mind. My wolf actually agrees, she is also pissed off at the man. I snort and tell my wolf that it is so weird that we can’t use a name when I think about him because he refused to tell me. He said: that is a question for another time.

“Ivy?!” Trey yells again

I snap at him. Trey sit down by my side and take my hand, looking at me with that awfull pity look.

“I know it’s hard baby girl, maybe you two should sit down and talk about it. You two must either be together or unmate. It will drive you crazy otherwise.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I will try to talk to him. Now can we please stop talking about Jason I’m really not in the mood discussing him right now. I’m sorry that I snapped at you.”

“It’s okay. Maybe you should take some time off your Alpha training at least while Jason is here.”
“What? No! I don’t want to do that.”

Damn caveman this is all his fault coming here and messing with me.

“Ivy you are unfocused in training and we have a lot of problems with rogues right now. We had three breaches last night and if your head isn’t straight, I can’t let you go out there. It’s too dangerous.”

“Dad, I’m fine. I just had trouble sleeping last night. That is all.”

I tell Trey and it's true because I was tossing and turning, riling myself up over his bad manners. What am I going to call him? Caveman? I tried to track him, but there was no scent anywhere else than by the tree he was standing beside.

It only made me angrier, that he managed to not just get inside my head but also trick my senses. I’m a good tracker, second best after Nyx and I felt like a seven year old running around the forest sniffing out trees. When our debriefing is finally done, I head out from the packhouse and walk closer to the spot where I met the green eyed man.

I take a deep breath sniffing the air and scan the forest. Moon Goddess this is so stupid. Why am I even looking for him? I look up at the blue sky.

“Look who it is?!”

Says Jason behind my back in a tone that makes me want to shrink. The familiar feeling of tingles along my spine spreads over my body making me think about him again, his green eyes haunt me everyday even in my dreams. Why do I have that reaction when the cave guy is close?

It’s so strong and I seem to not have a functioning brain when he is around. I close my eyes and focus on Jason and how close he is, just a few feet away. My mate… Why does he hate me? I ask myself for the millionth time and my wolf tucks her tail between her leg and lay down making herself as small as possible.

I want to hate him, a part of me does, but then there is that part that always feels a small hope that this time he might accept me as his mate. But what if he did accept me?

Would I just forgive and forget everything? He has hurt me, he has hurt my wolf deeply and she hasn’t been as strong since I left Whitefish. Jason stole a part of my soul and without him a part of me will always be missing. I sigh and turn to look at him.

“What do you want Jason?”

He looks me up and down with the same look he had in the forest outside his packs camp. I see hunger and need in his eyes. He kissed me that time, he touched me. He wanted me, even if he just wanted sex it felt good being that close to him.

I would be a lie if I said that it didn’t feel good, it felt amazing to be that close to my mate. At first I was so confused, but then I just felt sick. He just looks at me for a long while and I stand there calmly looking back at him. I try to not let my eyes wander down to his bare chest, I have an almost desperate need to go closer and study all his tattoos, learn every line of them.

Let my hands and mouth explore. No Ivy, no exploring! I scold myself. My wolf is quiet, hiding her face under her paws. She is mostly quiet when Jason is around, she knows as well as I do that he only approaches us when he wants to taunt me or just be mean. Why can’t he just leave me alone?

“Are you just going to stare at me or do you want something?”

I ask when irritation starts to bubble inside me and he just smirks at me. I shake my head and start walking into the forest. I can’t help but look around me, could he be here?

I walk deeper and deeper into the forest, ignoring the voice inside my head that tells me that the forest isn’t safe to walk alone in since the rogues has been attacking my pack. A twig snaps behind me and I spin around with a growl ready to shift. I take a deep, calming breath, then another, seeing that Jason has been following me.

“Where are you going?” He asks
“That is none of your business. I don’t answer to you.”

He close the space between us and grabs me by my throat growling

“I asked you a question and yes pup you do answer to me! I am your Alpha!”

I snort and dig my claws deep into his arms. I see the pain flash in his eyes and my wolf lets out a yelp. I don’t want to hurt him, but I want him to hurt, I must have some kind of split personality disorder.

“You are not my Alpha and you will never be!”

I say and he squeezes my throat harder.

“You are going to come back with me to Montana so that I can keep an eye on you!”

He snarls and I furrow my brow. Does he really think that I would go anywhere with him? He can’t possibly be that stupid?

“I rather die than go anywhere with you!”

I tell him and push him off me. He glares at me and I swallow the lump in my throat and even though it hurts me, I have to say it

“I’m staying here and I want us to take the second rejection step.”

His whole body stiffens and so many emotions flash on his face, stopping at one I haven’t seen before.

“Why? So that you can run off with someone else?”

He snaps and I can’t believe the guy. Is he jealous? An image of green eyes flashes inside my head and my cheeks turn pink. He narrows his eyes and look me up and down like he has never seen me before.

“Is there someone else?”

He asks and I feel his Lycan stir. Both of them are waiting impatiently for my answer. No, there’s no one else.

“I am not like you Jason. But I want to move on, I just want you out of my life.”

A heart braking howl echoes in my head. My wolf is crying and I have to fight the tears with all my strength. I won’t let him see them, I don’t want to give him that satisfaction.

“No!” He snaps

I say dumbfounded, did he just say no?

“No, you are mine and no one else gets to touch you! So don’t even think about it, I kill anyone that touches you. Do you want that on your conscience? I don’t want you as my mate, but you still belong to me and I will have you, use you for my pleasure.”

He tells me and give me a sly smile. I almost shift becuas I want to kick his stupid, cocky ass so bad right now.

“I will never let you have me. It will never happen Jason!”

“I know that you want me, don’t you think that I can see and feel that? That stupid wolf of yours will give in and you will be begging me.”

“No Jason, she won’t. We hate you.”

He steps closer and a shiver run up my spine when he gives me a heated look. I know that when I defy him it makes him go crazy and his Lycan want me to submit to him. Never going to happen!

“Are you sure about that?”

He growls and I feel something bubbling inside me, and goosebumps ripple my skin. But it feels like a warning. A warning that a threat is here, I shake it off me and continue

“Yes, Jason and…”

My sentence gets interrupted when snarls sound around us. Rogues! I shift and seconds later we are fighting against six rogues. I hear pack warrior coming our way and it doesn’t take long before the rogues are dead all except one. Two of the warriors restrain him and take him back to the pack house.

“What were you thinking?”

Greyson yells at me while my mother, Trey and Nyx glares at me.

“Why were you alone in the forest?! You could have gotten yourself killed.” Greyson snarls

“Dad, I wasn’t alone and I’m a big girl I can handle myself”

I tell him and press my lips together. No, because Jason followed me. Nyx snort and snarl

“Your mate isn’t exactly the kind of guy that would sacrifice his life for you, so you might not have been alone there, but he would have left you there to save his own ass.”

I flinch from his words and stand up glaring at him. My mother put a hand on his arm trying to calm his anger. I leave the room feeling wet hot tears run down my cheeks. How dare he throw that in my face?!

I pack my bag and head straight to Lisa’s house. It is time to start to move on and away from Jason

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