IVY Flame Marked

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Bad idea?

Chapter 3 Bad idea?
IVY pov

I grumble to myself all the way to Lisa´s house. I get it, my family is worried, but Nyx has no right to talk to me like that. But dad was right, going into the forest alone with rogues running around is very dangerous not to mention stupid.

They have killed members of our pack and the other packs around Smokey Mountain. The rogues are a problem that we need to solve as soon as possible before more people get hurt. Lisa slams the front door open before I get the chance to knock.

She shrieks and practically make me go deaf and hugs me. I’m to really the hugging type, but Lisa gets them from time to time.

“Oh my Alpha girl!”
“Hi Lisa!”

Lisa is my oldest and best friend. Secret keeper and together we can conquer the world. I love her all the way up to the moon and back. I chew on my lip, I’m dying to tell her about green eyes and charcoal black hair but I don’t.

What should I tell her? There’s really nothing to say and for some reason I get the feeling that I should keep him a secret.

I have a date tonight, believe it or not. That is why I am here, actually I am hiding so that Jason won’t find out. Lisa is going to help me get ready. Lisa convinced me to go all in on this and I quote her: I am going to make sure that you look like an Alpha queen.

I shake my head at the thought, but I am so thankful for my friend. She is a Beta and the day when I get to run my own pack she will be there right by my side and we will run the first pack in history where two women are in charge.

Lisa is tough and fearless. She even gave Jason a piece of her mind, it turned out to be pretty ugly and I had to restrain Lisa from killing Jason. I smile at the thought that my friend is so loyal to me. But I would do the same, I die for her if that’s what it takes.

“Nolan has had his eyes on you like forever. I can’t believe you said yes to go out with him, he is definitely like the hottest man alive.”

She tells me and continues blabber about Nolan. Yes, he is good looking, but Jason is a lot hotter, green eyes, wait what? Jason´s eyes are not green! They are brown, yes brown. No green eyes, no black hair or angel looking men.

Just big bad rogue Alpha Jason, with tattoos and a bad attitude. Yes, that’s my man. He isn’t so tall, definitely not super tall and he doesn’t make me feel small. Okay, enough, focus on Nolan and the date. No asshole mate or tall men with green eyes! I tell myself and my wolf snorts.

“What does Jason say about you going out with Nolan?” Lisa asks me and I frown

“Nothing, I didn’t tell him. It’s none of his business and besides, he has a girlfriend so he has no right to say anything”

But I know that he would not approve. He told me so, told me that I’m his. Asshole!

“You know that mates can get very jealous and especially the Alpha males”

“Lisa I know, but like I said Jason has a girlfriend, he doesn’t want me.”

Saying the words out loud hurts, but Trey was right, I need to do something before it drives me crazy and a date with Nolan can be a good start? Two hours later and twenty minutes accompanied by Nolan I’m thinking about ripping my throat out.

He might be hot, but the guy is so self-absorbed that it’s ridiculous. Almost an hour passes and Nolan is still talking about himself. Just hold out, sure we can leave soon? Then all I have to do is go home with him and get it over with and go straight home.

Yes, tonight is the night I have decided that it’s about time to not be a virgin anymore. I’m twenty years old, and the man who is supposed to want me, hates me and I refuse to die not knowing what sex feels like. Nolan is known for being hard on the ladies so he is a safe card, I know that he will take me home.

Nolan places his hand on top of mine and I look up at the celing. This just feels weird, like super weird. Nolan starts to stroke my hand. I am just about to pull it away when I look at him with narrowed eyes. I feel excited and almost scared. Then it feels like my whole inside starts to boil, I feel hot and almost dizzy.

I narrow my eyes even more looking at Nolan in confusion, a few seconds ago it felt like I was out eating dinner with my brother and now...? I scratch my head and look out the window and see him disappear behind a building across the street. I jump up so fast that the chair tip over and throw some money on the table.

“I’m sorry Nolan Alpha duties.”

I say and hurry out from the restaurant and in the direction where he disappeared. When I reach the back of the building I catch his scent. It wraps around me like a warm blanket, but it ends there and the trace of him is gone.

I look around cursing under my breath. I sigh deeply looking up at the night sky. Damn! I tens up when the feeling comes back hitting me like a train. I know that he is standing behind me. A chill runs up my spine, I can feel his irritation.

This might not have been one of my best ideas. Second bad idea today, okay third, but who is counting? Running after men you don’t know when it’s dark and where there’s not other people around is probably not a clever move and especially if the guy can literally glue you to the spot. I slowly turn around and there he is.

He doesn’t smile this time and my heart almost stop when I look into his green sparkling eyes. For some reason he is in a very bad mood and fear digs its claws into my back. I raise my chin, no fear, no weakness. He crosses his arms over his broad chest, making his biceps flex and I have to give myself a mental slap so I don’t start ogeling him.

He glares at me. Why is he pissed at me? I haven’t done anything to deserve that, he is the one that creeps around and mess with me. The longer I look at him the more angry I get, soon it seems like the anger is about to make me self ignite and I snap at him

“What the fuck was that when you froze the people back at my place and then disappeared in a puff of smoke? What are you Harry Potter or something?”

He looks shocked over my little outburst and studies me like I’m a crazy person and I walk up to him. I glare up at him, why does he have to be so tall, damn man! I poke my finger into his chest and hiss

“Who do you think you are? Huh? Coming to my home and mess around, using magic, not answering questions. I might have a debt to pay to you, but I’m not a toy you can play around with for your amusement! Mr I don’t give a shit what your name are, now you are going to answer me what this is!”

I say and pull down my shirt over my shoulder. I see amusement shining in his intense green eyes and I have to remind myself to be angry and not start swimming around in them.

“Answer me God Damn it!”

I growl and suddenly I find myself standing pressed against a wall that wasn’t even close to us before. His hard chest is pressed against my breasts and my breath hitches when we slowly and gently brush his lips over my neck.

His lips are burning hot and I press my thighs together in a desperate attempt to not let him affect me. I want him to kiss me, why hasn’t he kissed me?! No kissing!

He won’t get away this easy, no way! A whimper escapes me when he sucks hard on the delicate skin and then let his tongue soothe the stinging spot. My head feels mushy and my body burns, but it isn’t anger anymore. It is lust, he feels so alluring, almost like a drug and it scares me. I just want more, feel him everywhere, touch him, but I shouldn’t want that and I don’t want that but I do sometimes.

Ivy you don’t even know his name, you only know that he was in the cave and that he left this mark on your shoulder and that he is hotter than hell. Stop this now! I use all my strength to try to push him away, which I realize is no use.

Compared to his strength I seem to be as strong as a worm because he doesn’t move an inch. I’m an Alpha she wolf and I am a lot stronger than other wolves, I should be able to get him off me. Who is this guy? He looks down on me with a wicked smile on his lips and I shiver.

“Behave yourself little wolf.”

He says and step away from me. My wolf protests, but my human side watches his every move. He is dangerous, strong and very powerful. But I already knew that, then why did I follow him here?

Have I lost my God damn mind? I stand there pressed against the wall waiting for him to say something or make a move. He drags his hand through his hair and for a brief second I want to do that too. I want to know if it’s as soft as it looks like.

“It’s a Flame mark.”

He tells me with a calm voice and I feel myself slowly start to relax again. His emotions seem to affect me somehow or is he planting them in my head? Geez Ivy you are starting to sound nuts! Another thing I should blame my mother for.

“What does that mean and why did you put it on me?”
“It doesn’t matter what it means.”

“It matters to me!” I snap and he raises his eyebrows
“Is it some kind of mate mark? Did you…”

I ask, but trail off, I see amusement in his eyes and he gives me a teasing smile

“Do you want it to be a mate mark?”

My cheeks turn bright red, if I want it to be a mate mark? He is the crazy one here not me. Why is he asking things like that? He can’t ask things like that it’s not… appropriate, he should know better. Appropriate? Wow Ivy you sound like the biggest hypocrite in the world right now.

“No! I don’t even know your name so no.”
“So if I tell you my name..”

He starts and I hold up my hand before he manage to make me feel more embarrassed than I already am.

“Mr no name, just tell me what the mark means!”
“It can mean anything I want it to mean.”

“I don’t understand… anything you want?” I ask not liking where this is going

“I could force you to obey my orders, keep you with me. It means that with one snap of my finger you will do exactly as I say.”

I swallow hard and feel tears burn behind my eyes.

“For how long?” I ask him
“For as long as I want.”

I take off running, I run as fast as I can. I hear him calling my name but I don’t stop. He tricked me and he has taken away not only my freedom, but he can also take away my free will. I scream in fear when he suddenly appears from nowhere catching me by my waist.

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