IVY Flame Marked

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Chapter 6 Shit!

Chapter 6 Shit!

My mother stands up and walk up to me not saying a word. She looks down at the rose and I immediately hide it behind my back. My wold growls at her and I hush her. What is she doing?!


My mother says, confused by my action and I blush. I see my dad´s glance at each other and I clear my throat.

“Sit down, we need to talk.”

Greyson says and when we are sitting around the table my mother speaks

“Let me see that flower!”

I glare at her. I don’t want anyone to see my rose I almost feel protective over it. I lay it on the table and she immediately snatches it.

“Hey! It’s mine be careful!”

I snarl and she gives me a harsh look before she brings it up to her face and smell it. She frowns and pass it to my fathers that do the same. I don’t know why, but I feel very uncomfortable when they sniff it and I just want to snatch it back and run away. It’s mine god damn it!

“Where did you get this?”

My mother askes me and my already pink cheeks turn bright red. I squirm in my seat and look away.

“Um, I found it.”

“In my room.”

I say unable to look at them. It feels like I just shared something with them that you don’t tell your parents.

“Look at us Ivy” Trey says and I look at them or I try
“What are you hiding? And who gave you this?”

My mother says and holds up the rose.

“Give it to me!”

I growl and feel my fangs emerge. She looks warily at me, but gives it back and I look it over to make sure that they haven’t injured it. I look up at them glaring and Greyson crosses his arms over his chest and lean back in a lazy pose

“Who gave that to you?”

He asks with that Alpha tone that usually makes people answer all his questions. I shrug my shoulder and smile when I thing about the green eyed man.

“Whoever gave it to you, sure has an awfull taste in flower. Only an idiot would give a girl a black rose.”

Greyson says and I jump up so fast that the chair tips over. I dig my claws into the table, keeping myself from trying to kick him to the moon and snarl

“Don’t fucking say that! It’s beautiful and he is not an idiot!”

When I see his smirk I realize that it was exactly this reaction he wanted and I walked straight into his trap and told them that I got it from a he. I grab the chair and slump down on it and stare at the rose.

“So who is this guy? It’s not Jason that is for sure.”

Greyson says and I reach up and touch the mark on my shoulder. A calm feeling spread through me and I take a deep breath before I glance up at him.

“Are you fooling around with some guy?”

He asks and I look up at him and my cheeks go bright red again. I can almost feel the green-eyed man’s body pressed against mine and his lips on my neck.

“I’m not fooling around with anyone.”

I say and even I can hear the lie, Greyson raises his eyebrows and smirks.

“Sweetheart if you have found someone, a second mate, we want to know about it. You are a grown woman and being with your mate isn’t something to be ashamed about. We just want you to be careful and we do not want to be grandparents just yet.”

“Oh my God mum! He isn’t my second mate and it's not like that! We are not doing that!”

Greyson and Trey chuckles and I glare at them. This is so embarrassing!

“It’s clear as day that you like this guy. Who is he, and where is he? If he is running around in our house leaving you flowers, then we at least have the right to meet him.”

I feel sadness take over and I look down at the table blinking rapidly.

“I don’t know where he is, or who he is. I don’t even know his name.”

I say my shoulders slumping. My mother takes my hand and squeezes it gently and I look at her trying my hardest to not cry, but the tears flow down my cheeks uncontrollably. Ivy never cries I tell myself, which causes my tears to flow faster.

“Oh, sweetheart, come here”

She says and pulls me to my feet wrapping her arms around me. I cry so much that I can hardly breathe when all my parents hug me.

“Mum… are ghosts real? I mean have you ever heard about someone seeing a ghost?”

I sniffle out and she looks at me with a frown.

“Ghosts? No ghosts aren’t real. Sweetheart, are you feeling sick?”

My mother places a hand on my forehead and studies my eyes. I want to yell at her that wolves rarely get sick, but I let her fuzz because I don’t have the strength to argue with her.

“Trey can you go and get Lia, I think she needs to look Ivy over.”

“However, this guy is he’s going to regret that he made you cry.”

Greyson growls and I start to laugh through my tears. I’m pretty sure that none of the Alpha´s in my family could make him regret anything, not even if they team up.

“What’s so funny?”

Greyson asks not amused at all. I’m just about to answer him when I feel it. He is here! I pull away and spin around and run to the front door. I pull it open and at first, I just look at him, shocked, but when he smiles at me I throw myself into his arms.

He chuckles and wraps his arms around me stroking my back gently. My smile is so big that my cheeks hurt. Then my anger flares and I pull away, glaring at him

“Where have you been?”

I hiss and slap him in his chest. He looks behind me then down at me again. His green eyes start to sparkle when they find mine and I find it hard to be mad at him. Damn him!

“I told you that I had to go home.” He says softly

“Yes, but a whole month? You could at least have called or sent a text! Then you leave a flower on my bed and sneak away, what is wrong with you?”

“There’s no reception where I live and I wasn’t planning on coming here, but I felt how sad you just were so I had to come and see you. I’m sorry little Wolf.”

He says and strokes my cheek with a smile. Damn him and damn his eyes, damn everything about him. My wolf is running around in circles, letting out small yelps and barks, she is absolutely ridiculous! The longer I stare into his eyes the more of the world fades and I slowly move closer again.

“Ivy, are you going to introduce us to your friend?”

I hear Greyson say and from the tone in his voices, he is not happy. I turn around my cheeks on fire again and look at my parents. I see the tension in their bodies and the alarm in their eyes.

They obviously think that he is a threat. Maybe they are feeling what I felt around him sometimes? This guy has an authority that is way stronger than dominance and he told me that people usually are scared around him.

“This is… um..”

I turn back to look at him with a questioning look. I can’t introduce him because I don’t know his name.

“Some people call me Sam.”

He says and gives me a wink. My smile goes big even though I get the feeling that it’s not his name. But at least I don’t have to call him caveman

“This is my mum and my dad´s. Iphi, Greyson, and Trey.”
“I know who they are.”

Sam tells me and gives my parents a small nod showing them his respect and my mother clears her throat.

“It is.. um.. Nice to meet you Sam, please come in.”

My whole body tingles and my inside bubble when I lead him into the house. This is the first time I don’t feel any fear around him only excitement. I walk so close to him that there are only a few inches between us and when he places his hand on my back I have to keep myself from attacking him. He chuckles and I look at him, my cheeks heating up again.

We look at each other and I can’t stop smiling. Soon I have my arms around him again and I rub my cheek against his firm chest. He leans down and brushes his lips against my neck and whispers

“I missed you little Wolf.”
“I missed you too.”

I say and a loud growl echoes through the house. Shit! Double shit! Jason….

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