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Have you ever been so frustrated with your love life? Well these books Series Called Time To Play, will help. With quick reads that you can finish, and still mentally PLAY. 3 Stories of 3 people who truly enjoyed their night out. When you read, you will PLAY. So relax, grab your cozy Spot and other items you will need ; ) and enjoy your evening. And there is More where this came from. Book 3 Is..... well lets just say, you can read it 4 times and get 4 different endings. Why, because based on a woman’s emotional make up. Her desires change as well. Are you curious now? Read Book 1 first Free Get Steamed Up with Book 2, on Amazon Type LB HARPDOG Finish your self over and over with Book 3. and don't forget to leave a review ... I PROMISE your time will not be wasted.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1 Two Souls

Chapter 1 Two Souls

Imagine two souls who truly loved each other. They were committed to each other and built a wonderful life together. This life was all these two souls could ever want, filled with happy moments together, fulfilling careers, and enough money to live comfortably.

But, over time, each soul became so busy with life that they began losing touch with each other. Like many couples in their situation, they barely touched, kisses were quick, and the love making was cold and often selfish.

Realizing what their life together had become, he decided to surprise her by coming home from a business trip one day early. He came into the house without a sound. He heard her in the living room and followed the sounds of her voice. As he crept closer, though, he recognized the forlorn whimpers of her gasping and crying. When he peeked around the corner, he saw her touching herself with pleasure. He watched as she played all alone, rubbing herself so violently. Then he heard her moan out in pleasure with tears streaming down her face.

He felt her pain as she touched herself so roughly. It had been a long time since they had been intimate, and even longer since he could remember feeling a real connection with his mate. He knew she must feel torn, needing a release but also feeling sad and neglected because he hadn’t fulfilled her needs. So, he crept back to the door, opened it and slammed it shut, and shouted
“Surprise, honey! I’m home!”
He wanted to give her time to pull up her pants, wipe her tears and think of an excuse as to why her eyes were red. Seeing her tear-stained face, he asked,
“What’s wrong baby? Are you ok”?
To spare his feelings of leaving her lonely in love, she replied,
“I just had a bad day”.
He held her close, gently kissed her forehead, and said,
“I’m sorry, honey”.
And that hug made her day so much better. That evening he spent on the couch next to his wife who was leaning on his arm happy to have him home. All he could think about was his better half in so much pain which hurt him even more.

The next day, as she was just getting out of the shower, she got a phone call. It was a person at the fancy hotel across town saying,
“Please come quick, it’s your husband.”
After giving her the address and room number, the hotel employee abruptly hung up the phone.

She quickly dried herself, and then rushed to get dressed. Hastily, she grabbed her keys and purse, and dashed out the door. It was a short drive, but her mind was worried about him. Was he hurt? Was there an accident? Then those thoughts turned to suspicion. Why was he in a hotel? She arrived at the hotel feeling hurt, scared, angry, and yet worried that he was okay.

She rushed to the elevator and rode what felt like the world’s slowest elevator to the top floor, then ran down the hall until she arrived at the room, beating on the door. When the door opened, it was a man. It wasn’t her husband, whom she was hoping to see. He asked her to come in and shut the door. She was reluctant, but did as he asked.

Then her heart was confused. She saw a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket, two glasses, a cracker tray, and a single white lily. She heard the strange man say on the phone,
“Of course, sir, I’ll make her comfortable”, then he hung up.
She demanded to know where her husband was. Looking at the phone, she demanded,
“Is he okay? And what’s going on here?”
But the man said nothing. He just continued pouring the champagne, then handed her the flower and fed her one of the sweetest strawberries she had ever tasted.

Then she got nervous. In her mind, she was still wondering if he was in trouble and if she was going to have to … be expected to perform certain unseemly acts. Acts that only her husband should enjoy, and no one else. But this whole situation was confusing and this strange man had just fed her a strawberry. She thought ‘No, of course not! I love my husband! He would do no such thing!’ Suddenly she was jolted back to reality by a loud knock at the door.

The strange man opened the door, blocking he view of the person in the hallway. She heard him simply say,
“Thank you” before exiting the hotel room.

Finally, she was able to see her husband standing in the doorway, dressed in his business attire. He looked dashing and was here with her! But he had a lot of explaining to do! Then, he walked over to her, put his hands on her waist and kissed her, just as sweet and tenderly as he used to when they were first together. She was so aroused that she forgot why she was upset. All the panic, worry and fear melted away with the comfort of his touch. He fell to his knees and put his head on her stomach and his arms around her waist and said,
“I’m so sorry baby! I’ve been so busy worrying about money and giving you a nice house and cars that I forgot about my reason for doing all of these things.”

Tears began to fall down his face, and his voice had started to shake. It was because of the pain he knew he had caused his beloved mate by not paying attention to her more. Her heart completely warmed from seeing him cry; it was a very rare occurrence to see him show such deep emotions. She leaned forward to place her head on his, and cried, too, holding and comforting him, just as a parent consoles a child who’s been hurt.

While he was still on his knees, she felt him pull away from her torso and his hands gently unbuttoned her pants. Her heart started beating faster, and her hand caressed his face, wiping his tears. He slid her pants down to reveal she was wearing no panties. In her haste to get dressed, she had forgotten them, an omission that now had turned out to be a benefit. He smiled at her with the hungry smirk of his lusty, younger self, and immediately started to kiss her stomach and all around her pleasure zone. Her skin remembered his touch; the warmth of his breath and the opposing sensations of his tender lips and scruff of facial hair. She looked forward to this again, and closed her eyes and felt everything even more, with her heart.

Then, as she felt little bites around her bikini area, she moaned with each bite, anticipating the bite on her clit. Instead, he stopped and stood up. As she opened her eyes, she realizes he was now standing behind her. He expertly nibbled her neck while pulling her shirt up over her head, exposing her bare breasts and hard nipples. He whispered in a sexy soft tone a simple command,
“Play with yourself.”

She was excited yet nervous because she had never touched herself while he was around. Until today, she had only viewed it as a personal act, something to be done on her own. She felt him slowly slide his hands up and down her body, from her waist to her thighs, signaling her to begin.

Her pussy started to get wet, and her legs shifted to try to rub her clit without him knowing. He sensed her fear, so he took her hand in his to guide it to her soft honey pot, and helped her to rub gently. His other arm wrapped around her waist, drawing her naked body against him. She could feel the smooth fabric of his trousers against her buttocks, and the unmistakable bulge of his desire waiting inside. Her head tipped back on his shoulder while her hand rubbed slowly and with rhythm, guided by her mate. Her breathing became deep and irregular. He recognized her building pleasure and whispered in her ear,
“I’m here my love. You’re safe to enjoy”.
She moaned deeply, feeling secure and safe with him standing behind her.

As she rubbed faster and faster, he felt her body starting to shake and her legs getting weak. Her pleasure was amplified by his presence. She was sharing something new with her mate, a combination of familiar sensations with the new aspect of having an audience. It was simply tantalizing! The more she felt him against her, reacting to her motions and helping her rub, the faster the pleasure built. She quickly reached her peak; the wave of pleasure erupting from her clit overtook her entire body. He held her tight as she leaned forward to a most wonderfully delicious orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body, and she felt happy and more alive than she had in a very long time. As it began to subside, her body relaxed and his grip loosened. She collapsed to her hands and knees. He knelt beside her and pawed at her back, just as a kitten does when waking up. Her orgasm was followed by the sensual feel of his rough hands rubbing her back, then lips kissing up and down her back. This only made her want him, wanting him inside her, to fill up every inch of her aching body, stretching her out in the way she really wanted.

Then he picked her up off the floor, vulnerable, and carried her to the bedroom. She was still experiencing the remnants of her orgasm. As she glided through the air in his arms, she held her breath while her pussy was still pulsating from his touch and her play. Her orgasm, although less intense, was still giving her immense pleasure! He carefully laid her on the bed and rubbed her chest, her beautiful breasts and her stomach. She moaned with passion because the love of her life realized her loneliness and was there with her in that moment. He looked at his gorgeous wife and said,
“Damn! I forgot how beautiful your sounds of pleasure are, My Love.”

He stood up and walked away from the bed, quickly shedding his clothes. As he walked back to the bed, she began to play with herself again. He crawled on the bed toward her, like a tiger ready to pounce. He spread her legs and licked from her ankle up to inner thigh. She moaned loudly as she rubbed her wet pleasure zone with rhythm, feeling her lover’s body approach her already sensitive area. He nibbled her inner thigh and she started to orgasm for a second time. This time, her legs became stiff, her toes curled and her pussy started to drip with sweet sex. Waves of pleasure returned and bathed her entire body in heavenly sensations. He slid up to her stomach and kissed it so tenderly and sweet, adding more to her enjoyment. He moved to her neck and she moaned again, feeling something enter her sensitive wet body. His manhood was hard and long, so as he entered her body, it gave her even more waves of pleasure. With each kiss on her neck, he pushed deeper inside her. She moaned,
“God! Oh God, it feels so good!”
Then, in one final, slow thrust, he filled her whole body.

She started to grind on his manhood while he held still. She was breathing hard and speaking as best as she could; while out of breath she said,
“Fu… fuc… fuck me… Oh please... now!”
He moved slow and deep inside her and she bit her lip.
“Oh God, how I’ve missed your screams!” he whispered before sticking his tongue in her ear. Her whole body tingled and every nerve in her body was heightened. He moved faster inside her with long quick thrusts; she clawed his back and grabbed his ass to push him deeper inside herself. This is the man she fell in love with! This is the lover she had been missing for a long while.

Then he lifted himself up on his arms to get a faster and harder thrust into her warm, wet, delicious body. With each thrust, she moaned louder and louder.
“Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Yesssss! Fuck yes!”
She was so loud that people walking by the hotel room giggled, but she didn’t care. It felt so good, with his long shaft sliding in and out with great strokes, long hard strokes, jerking her head as he slammed inside of her like a sledge hammer trying to break the ground. She screamed,
“I’m gonna come!”
and he knew to go hard and fast. So he laid on top of her and looked into her eyes. As he fucked her, he kissed her hard, never losing his gaze into her soul. Within seconds, she climaxed once again, screaming into his mouth as he held her lips hostage with his kiss. Her exhausted body became stiff under her lover and she remained rigid as she held her breath and felt her body tingle all over with pleasure. He paused and watched her for a few seconds with awe, and so that she could enjoy the waves of pleasure he had just given her. The sensations in her body became too much and her head felt as if it would explode, so she gasped for air, releasing her body from its bondage. As she regained her breath, she giggled with pure happiness, then smiled at him, kissed him, and said,
“I missed you!”
He tenderly replied,
“I’m always here for you, my love”

He entered her again, this time knowing it was his turn. He leaned in to kiss her soft, sweet lips. She loved his slow strokes, the gentle rhythmic movement of his hips coming from his heart, a place of pure love. Then she felt a change in him. He began to devour her lips with the hunger of a beast. He sat upright, still inside her. His arms were on the sides of her waist with his weight on the bed. He started to fuck her, with only his passion in mind. She loved it, the way he strained as he pounded her body with raw power and force, making her climax with only a few beastly strokes. He started to cum, ramming his cock deeper, harder and faster. She spread her legs as wide as she could so he could go deeper. Now the whole bed was shaking and she was in heaven! They were both coming, with wave after wave of pleasure, until he moaned loud and slammed his cock in one last time. Then he collapsed on top of her, drenched in sweat. They both tried to catch their breaths, both filled with joy and a renewed connection to each other. He rolled over to her side and pulled her into his body, cradling her, and they both fell asleep in loving arms. Two Souls had become one once more.

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