After The Honeymoon

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Iris, a neglected wife, succumbs to temptation with a sexy technician that arrives to her house. Read what happens when her husband unexpectedly returns home. Julia , another unsatisfied wife gets a referral to a new spa in town but the real action is at home. Short and sexy, Enjoy!

Erotica / Romance
Sylvana Farraday
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Jake looked at his young and beautiful wife as she sipped her coffee while reading the newspaper. Iris was wearing a light robe that barely clung to her half-exposed breasts. Underneath it, she had a pair of lace underwear. She noticed Jake watching her and smiled at him, straightening her back a little on the chair, so her mounds were straining the fabric even more. He smiled back and she moistened her lips before climbing down the stool. Jake realized she was coming over to him. He hastily got up, “I really need to get going, early partners’ meeting”.

“Are you sure?” she was now standing next to him, her breasts caressing his shirt. He moved quickly before she could get any closer. “I’m sure, Honey. You’re so beautiful, I won’t be able to control myself.” Iris abruptly stepped back and he knew she was hurt.

“I’m sure you could,” she answered.

Ignoring her cold reply, Jake looked at his phone. “You remember that a technician for the house wireless network should arrive here between 15:30 to 17:00?”

She looked at him with her big blue eyes which were now icy. “I’ll be here.”

Jake drove to the office in a bewildered state of mind. He failed to understand why he couldn’t love his wife the way she deserved and needed to be loved.

When he met Iris, a mere 16 months ago, he was 38 years old. A successful businessman and one of the more eligible bachelors in town. Jake loved women. He would woo them and bed them but he never stayed with anyone for more than a few months. Iris and he met at a glitzy cocktail party thrown by a known PR firm in his town. He was introduced to her and her fiancé who was the nephew of one of Jake’s business rivals. Iris was very young, only 22. She was fresh out of college and the fiancé was her high school sweetheart. She had blue eyes with dark eyelashes, a creamy complexion, big breasts, a narrow waist and long shapely legs. Her simple beauty pleased him. Iris wore a red dress that clung to all the right places. It was only afterwards when he saw her kissing her fiancé and looking into his eyes that his attention was kindled.

He recalled with wonder the instant and surprising hard on he got, just from watching her kissing this other man. Then and there he decided she would be his.

But how slow he took it! She filled his mind so much he had trouble concentrating at work, let alone regard any other woman. And he liked it this way, the lusting and longing. He would stalk her from a distance watching her kissing and hugging her fiancé and jerking himself to sleep at night.

Then the courtship started and it was magical for Jake. He would plan how he would ‘accidentally’ bump into her on her way to work. He made an effort and took an interest in her recommendations of books and movies. Jake realized she was very well-read for her age; she had thoughtful opinions. His interest clearly flattered Iris. Pretty soon they would meet for coffee, walks and, later on, for dinners.

The soon-to-be ex-fiancé was no match. Jake was handsome, clever, experienced and rich. Most importantly, he wouldn’t give up. Jake and Iris were married half a year after their first meeting. He made Iris quit her secretarial job, and she complied happily. Or so he thought.

Jake sighed. At breakfast today, ten months into their marriage, Iris was all but naked in front of him. But there wasn’t even the slightest stir. He tried to remember the last time they made love and was aghast when he realized he couldn’t. There was something seriously wrong with him. Why didn’t he want her anymore?

Iris watched her husband leave and waited for the house door to shut. She heard her husband’s car leave the driveway. Then, she burst into tears.

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