"Whatever it takes"

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"Oh you're blaming me now? It has nothing to do with me, it was all your fault risking your life, running away from me," He shouted at me grabbing my chin in his hand.

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Chapter 1

I woke up early heading my way to park for a stroll. It's so good to enjoy the sunrise holding coffee.

I sat on bench and took a sip of coffee to relax myself after a long party last night... actually it's a wedding rehearsal of my friend Claire.

Finally she found herself a soulmate and I'm happy for her. I never had a trust in marriage and in serious relationships, so I never got into one.

I jogged about a mile and get back to my apartment to cleanse myself in hot shower.

I heard someone banging the door, I shouted, " yeah coming.." . Chad stood Infront of me grazing his eyes all over my bathrobe.

Chad- my disgusting neighbor never stops fucking me around with his useless shit. "What's your plan this weekend, would you like to come with me for a trip to Amsterdam?" His eyes never stopped grazing me.

I tried harder to keep my anger in control. Then just with a serious glare I said, " Chad, you have to try harder better than this, you better get out of here, I don't give you a damn"... I just slammed the door in his face.

He's such an asshole. Like how many times I have to do this... now I'm so relaxed with his rear kicked out of my house.

I dressed up a bit professional as it was my first day at work. I wanted to impress everyone not only with my looks but also my skills towards the work.

I leaped into my car excited more than ever ....I dialed up Claire to share my excitement and to say I'll be at her house by 4 in evening. " Hailey, I'm so happy for you, I read the texts you send me morning..I wish more luck to you on your first day".

.." Thank you so much Claire, listen I'll be there at 4 and we'll do the rest of shopping for wedding" , I said.

I just reached my office. Infront of the door, I took a deep breath and entered the hallway with so much confidence in eyes...as everyone staring at me smiling, I smiled back at them.

I hit 14 on the elevator and reached out the reception. A young woman less than my age was seriously tapping on the computer not even noticed me.

I gently said, " Excuse me, I'm Hailey, I'm supposed to be joining today ". She smiled at me giving my files hardly gave me directions to the CEO room.

I held them pressed to my chest, I knocked the door, " may I come in sir?" ...

"yeah come in, you're Hailey, right? Okay I'm just about to leave for a conference, could you arrange the files in order as to my schedule ? Suit yourself. If anything needed, ask Casey, the receptionist" he barely giving a contact rushed past me to the door.

I look around his room and it has the space twice my bedroom. Books arranged in order in shelves and it was so feeling good that finally I got into my dream career.

As I go through all the works allotted for me, I finished them with help of casey and raised my neck to check 'it's past 3pm' .

Oh I promised Claire I'll be at hers by 4.. I grabbed my things and rushed towards the door only to hit harder myself into the strong chest of my boss...

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