Mixed Feelings 2

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"Wh...who are you?... You're not my vennesa...you can't be her" he said, shaking his head. "Your vennesa?[Chuckling]...she died long back ago, I'm not the girl who you loved before, I'm not that pathetic vennesa who would easily get manipulated by you... I'm not her" I said. He gulped looking at me up and down, I smirked at his reaction. "Its show time Lorenzo," I smirked. ****** The heartache, lies, and betrayal were like red hot coal placed in her chest, it glowed and burnt her at the same time, but it did not cool quickly like coal in water, it throbbed and tortured her in all her walking hours and there was no relief to be found. She turned into a complete stranger nobody could ever recognize. In this heartache the sun won't shine, birdsong passes as if the melody can't glide through the air as it once did before. Will this heart ace stops? Will Enzo change her? Will she forgive him? Let's find out! Read book1 first to understand. !Mature Content ©All Rights Reserved.

Erotica / Romance
S. N. Nina Arthur
4.6 43 reviews
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“Wh...who are you?... You’re not my vennesa...you can’t be her,” he said in disbelieve, shaking his head.

“Your vennesa? [Chuckling]...she died long back ago darling, I’m not that girl who you loved before, I’m not that pathetic vennesa who would easily get manipulated by you... I’m not her” I replied.

He gulped, staring at me. I smirked at his reaction.

It’s showtime Lorenzo.

“Okay, Now don’t waste my time with your bullshit Enzo Choose fastly and carefully...him(pointing my finger at that man tied to the chair) or (smirking at him) me!” He angled to glance at him, I can see him thinking intensely about the situation. I know he’s struggling to figure out a way to deal with me, I know better how to bend him to my will.

“I have a deal,” He said smirking at me.

Like expected.

I strolled over the desk and sat on the edge of the desk resting my right leg over my left.

“What made you think that I would listen to your deal,”

“I know you would,” he replied with a smirk, His stupid smirk was dropping my confidence. I diverted my gaze to the man on the chair, “Tell me” in an uninteresting tone.

I can feel him striding towards me, I turned my head to look at him. He was walking to me while the left side of his faint red lip tugged upwards creating a sinister smirk on his god-like face; casting a spell of lust to eyes that dare look his way.

Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble...

Authors Note:

Hey guys sorry for making you wait for this long, Here is book 2 Hope you like it.

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If found any errors please ignore, I’m not an expert in writing and I’m open for suggestions, not criticism.

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