Blind Love

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Leanna Rodriguez is a regular girl with a secret kinky addiction that constantly gets her in trouble. Drama is unfortunately her better half in her life, and her heart belongs to a man who she never really seen. She believes true love has no face, but will the faceless man ever reveal his true self? Will her love for him overcome her body's desire for his touch? Will he accept her secrets? Will she accept his? And most importantly, will she grow tired of waiting? Follow Lea and her secret admirer in this kinky little story to find out.

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1 – Jason Stein

It was yet another sunny and humid early afternoon. The seagulls were soaring around and the waves were crashing at the shore of the beach. The women were walking around topless or wearing thong style bikinis; it was the norm here in Miami Beach.

Damn, I wish I had that kind of confidence,′ she thought to herself as she looked over to the half-naked women walking around with their head held high.

Despite that, she’s still satisfied with her own natural beauty. Looking out onto the ocean, she dug her feet into the warm sand and was drinking a delicious, cold Pina Colada; the soft breeze was bouncing off of her tanned skin and flowing through her long and luscious dark brown locks. Yeah, it was the life. She was for the first time in what feels like decades, totally relaxed. But then something or rather someone caught her attention. Jason Stein.

She was totally in shock to see him, just as everyone else was at the beach; I guess you can say she was star struck. You see, Jason is a multi-billionaire famous entrepreneur and the CEO of Stein Industries. He looks like he just walked out of a magazine, oh wait, he sort of did. He was ranked as the top entrepreneur of the world from 2015 until now 2020. He was even on the front cover of ‘Miami’s Finest’ magazine. Rumor has it that he has a mansion here in Miami, on Star Island. But, it’s not every day you just see a famous person down here. He’s ‘the whole package’ if you want to put a label on it.

His hair is medium-length and the color of onyx. He combs it backwards on top of his head. The sides of his hair are cut to fade evenly with the rest of it. Those eyes of his are the color of the green forest, that you can get lost in with pure bliss. His lightly tanned body is well-built and chiseled with muscles from shoulders to calves. He stands tall at 6 feet, 2 inches, with a 5 o’clock shadow on his strong jaw line that is neat and groomed to perfection.

Well that’s how he looks on the magazine anyway. In reality all she sees is a glimpse of him because the crowd of people began to grow at such a substantial rate, they were beginning to cover him. He was slowly fading away through the mass of people. Eventually, his bodyguards pushed him through the crowd and to her astonishment he glances her way.

She froze, still lying down propped up on her elbows, on top of her colorful beach towel, hiding under her giant pink umbrella. Her thoughts ran a million miles per hour...‘Is he really looking at me?...He has to be looking at some hot chick behind his smile is gorgeous, straight, pearly whites...What doesn’t this guy have?’...She snapped out of her trance because he began walking in her direction...‘Wait, is he walking towards me?’ She thought to herself, she looked behind her thinking there must be someone else in back of her, but no, there wasn’t. She was the only one there. His six bodyguards were still calming the crown down behind him as he began to approach her.

Proceeding to slowly walk up to her, she examined every inch of his body. Face and hair looked just like she saw in the magazine, flawless. He wore a white button down shirt which he rolled up at the sleeves. It was completely unbuttoned. As he walked, the wind blew it open even more revealing his very defined 8 pack abs. As she continued skimming down his body, her sight paused at the line of black hair that lightly traveled down from his belly button to his...

“Oh sh*t”, she mumbled under her breath barely audible, as he was standing right in front of her.

“Hi”, he says to her while bending down slightly and extending his right hand for her to shake.

“My name is Jason. I’m sorry to disturb you but I couldn’t help notice you here, you are quite beautiful and I would love to take you out one day,” he says nonchalantly while revealing his breathtaking teeth in a huge smile.

‘That was quick’, she thought to herself. She admired his confidence and stretched out her arm to shake his hand. The instant their hands met in a tight hold, he pulled her up on her feet. She stumbled a bit and bumped into his chest at the sudden action. She spilled her drink a bit on the sand that she totally forgot she was still holding in her left hand. Ignoring her drink and depositing the entire cup to the sand, she stuttered in response.


She nervously cleared her throat and peered up at the beautiful tower of a man. Neither one of them moving from their current position. Being that close to him, she was able to properly inspect all his handsome facial features. Her eyes wandered all around his face, drinking in every pore, muscle, hair and everything else in between. She wanted to keep his image in her mind forever. Nothing on his face was out of place and everything was proportioned perfectly.

‘God really took His time on crafting such a perfect specimen,’ she thought. Her globes kept skimming his face until they stopped and gazed into his eyes. Forest green was an understatement. His orbs contained such a unique shade of green that she’s never seen before. His pupils were dilated, and around them were distinctive designs that she was certain only he possessed. She was in total awe of him.

Her heart began to increase in speed, as she realized their bodies were touching. She wore nothing but a two piece bikini set, while his torso was exposed due to his opened shirt. The skin on skin contact was enough for her sex to dampen her bikini bottoms. She squirmed a bit and tried to get her mind out of the gutter.

Still totally astonished that he would even approach her, she thought ‘out of all the women out here, he engaged me?’ She couldn’t wrap her head around it all but still managed to say,

“I-I’m Lea...L-Leanna Rodriguez, but I prefer Lea.”

Filled with trepidation, she blinked slowly and her breath hitched as Jason simply smiled and leaned forward, until his soft lips met hers.

‘Holy mother of God...’ was all she could mentally muster as she melted under his passionate kiss and closed her eyes, allowing everything around her to fade away.

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