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relatos eroticos en proceso

Erotica / Poetry
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Zureena Peters Jacobs: I really liked the storyline. It reminded me of 50 Shades. I enjoyed the pace of the story. I finished it really quickly and regretted finishing it so quickly, the minute i reached the last chapter.

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Irene Ortiz Ramirez: I was glad this was the sequel. I felt there were a few parts of uselessness put in to add to the story to make it longer. But once the story got on its feet it was good. Thank you

Heather : This story had me going in different directions. But i am so excited for the way that it ended up. The characters are awesome... Love it!!!

Cesper Dianne S. Garcia: Good story..

Mary Peterson: I have never heard or seen the words used to describe the body parts or functions of intercourse....ever! Impressive!

Julsn: I really enjoyed reading your story so far. I hope there is an update about it soon 😁

Michelle Carrillo: Tgtt fftt cfg vvgg vgyy ggg ddc fffgfg ggg ggg ggg ggg. Gv super erotic. Great illustesdnjfjfn nncnjf dndbdb djd ebr djdjejd dnneb

Heather : I lobes this story. When i thought it was going to go one way it went another way. So much detail. Great work!!!

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dontknowlove26: That was really good so many twists and turns ready for the next

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