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What happens when one unforgettable night changes your life but it’s the one night you can no longer remember? "Maybe I should head back." He approached her slowly giving her more than enough time to move but the look in his eyes had her stuck in place. "Scared?" "No. I just know what's best for me." There was that smirk again and before she knew what hit her he had her up in the air as she let out a squeal. She gasped as her ass hit the cool countertop of the bar and he stood between her spread legs. "I'm what's best for you." He nudged her chin up and whispered a kiss across her lips. It was so light that she was afraid she had imagined it. "Again." She murmured. "Ask me very nicely." He almost laughed as she leaned forward to take the kiss she wanted before he maneuvered to the side letting her catch his cheek. "Say please." This book contains sexual content (descriptive sex scenes), Threesomes, explicit language, and violence. *Rough Draft (There are grammatical/ punctuational errors.)

Erotica / Romance
Kaye Lovett
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Chapter One

The objective tonight was to have a good time. Well, at least that’s what her friend said.

Jewelianna Stevens thought to herself as she pulled up to The Swing Set. This would be her first time at the club and she was sure she was in for an experience. It wasn't ever day that she went to a swinger’s club.

She pulled down the mirror and gave herself the once over. She’d kept her makeup light, going for a more natural look. She grabbed her favorite flavored lip gloss, applying it to her lips generously before she paused. She felt a tug in her heart as she slipped her ring off her finger, tucking it in the small compartment above her head. Suddenly, her door was jerked open and her friend, Allie Lane and her husband Niko stood awaiting her.

"Come on, Jewels. Don't try to talk yourself out of this because I already told you that you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. We're here to have a good time and when you're ready, we can leave." She encouraged her friend out the car.

Jewelianna unbuckled herself from her seatbelt and pushed herself to stand on skinny three inch heels. She smoothed her hands down her cream colored dress and tried to hide her nerves behind a confident smile. "I wasn't talking myself out of it. I was just saying how much fun I'm trying to have."

She hit the locks on her door before Niko pressed a kiss to her forehead and then looped arms with her and his wife. It made sense that they were swingers. Neither of them were the jealous type and affection was second nature to them.

"Well let’s go. I can't wait for everyone to give me all the praise for having two beauties on my arm." Niko was beaming with pride as they walked towards the building. Men and women checked them out as they passed leaving couples. As they got closer she could see where two huge men stood blocking the entrance. "KO." They called out acknowledging Niko. He nodded his head at the men not wanting to remove his hands from either woman. She noticed that both men stared her down. She forced herself not to shift under their gaze.

"Who do we have here?" Even though Niko knew that both men knew who she was already they needed identification for verification.

"Hand over your ID, Jewels. Bare will take it."

"They call you Bear because of how mean you are?" Jewels questioned as she handed over her ID to the huge man Niko called Bare. He was handsome in a dark kind of way. She would’ve been afraid of his dark features but his eyes were a cool grey color making it easier to ask her question. Usually she was more reserved, shy but she didn’t want to be that woman tonight.

Her eyes moved to the other equally large, handsome man as he moved behind the small stand to grab a box that he sat on top. He gave her ID the once over and slid a red card and her ID back to Bare. "No. It's Bare, as in I'll strip you bare and fuck you until you don’t know where you begin and I end."

If she were a few shades lighter then everyone would see the way her cheeks warmed. His laughter let her know he’d said that on purpose to make her squirm.

"Stop it, Bare." Allie laughed as she snatched the contents from his hand and handed it to her. "Dom usually keeps him under control but for some reason he's letting him run wild tonight."

"The boss is bringing us in tonight so we have to put in our bids early." He hunched his shoulders. "Save some for me, beautiful." She turned back to look at Dom as she was dragged through the door. He winked at her before the door closed behind them.

"Save some for him?" She questioned the couple with an eyebrow raised.

"Pay him no mind. He and Bare don’t get out much." Allie chuckled.

“Is his name really Bare?" Jewels asked.

“No." Allie and Niko both laughed. "All the regulars have cute little sex nicknames. Speaking of that, I kind of used your nickname for me here."

“No way." She called her Alley Cat when she was mad at her.

"Well just Cat. It's cute, playful." They came to a stop down the long hallway and Niko pulled out two cards. "You can put your ID up but anytime you come through these doors you have to swipe that card." Allie pointed to the red card Bare handed her. "This area is operated and monitored to where every person standing here has to swipe for the doors to open."

Allie swiped her and Niko's card and she nodded for her to do the same. She swiped and when nothing happened she looked at Allie.

"Did I do it wrong?"

Niko took her card and tried. Still nothing. He pushed the button above the card reader and examined the card. "I wonder if it got activated."

She began to get nervous. She didn't like when things didn't fall into place. It was like a sign that she shouldn't be there and she started to say just that as a door she hadn't notice swung open and out stepped the most handsome man she ever seen.

The first thing she noticed was his scent. It was almost like a pheromone making her ready to pounce. The second thing was the sandy brown hair and the freckles. His freckles were darker than his hair thanks to the soft melanated skin tone. His neatly trimmed hair connected into his equally clean cut beard and he wore a navy blue suit that tied it all together. She was almost afraid he would notice her but who was she kidding. Men like that didn't lust for women like her.


Damn his voice was sexy, strong, and confident. He was the whole package.

"You or Briggs are slacking on the job. Her card is not activated." Niko held it out. The man snorted before snatching the card from his hand. He moved to the card reader and slapped a single black card against it and the doors immediately swung open.

"Thanks, Bran." Allie rolled unto the balls of her feet to reach the man's cheek to place a quick kiss there.

The music was sensual and mood setting as people danced around. The bar was flowing with liquor just like a typical club. She felt her nerves calm down a bit but she needed to relax. "I want a drink!" She yelled in Allie's ear. Niko had stopped them to talk to another couple and it was apparent that Allie knew them too so she told her she could get it alone when Allie had started to follow her. Allie gave her a wide smile before she nodded her approval.

She squeezed in at the bar and a bartender was right there to take her order. "I’ve never seen you in here before. What will it be, sexy?" He leaned close to talk in her ear.

"Rum and Coke, please." She shyly whispered.

"Coming right up, baby." He hit the counter and was off, hopefully returning shortly with her drink.

Everyone she came in contact with was super friendly and she was starting to wonder if Allie had put out the word to be nice to the new girl.

"It’s your first time here?"

She swung around to where the voice came from and this gorgeous woman was standing next to her. The first thing she noticed about her was her fiery light brown eyes. Her long silky black hair had soft curls dancing around her shoulders and down her back. The strapless black dress clung to every smooth curve of her body. Her skin had a faint brown hue with a reddish undertone and features like she was from a Spanish descent or maybe mixed. It didn’t matter she was drop dead gorgeous.

When a slow smile spread across her face Jewelianna realized she was checking her out rather than answering the question she asked. “Sorry, yes. You?"

"No. I always come to play every now and then." She winked before she slid into the seat next to her. "I'm Danger. You are?"

"Afraid. Maybe I should stay away." She arched a brow, searching the woman’s predatory eyes.

"That was cute, almost as cute as you." Danger said as she tugged at one of her curls.

She needed that damn drink now.

"Where's your husband or are you a single like me?"

She was saved from answering that question when the bartender chose that time to place her drink in front of her. She drank down the entire glass in one gulp.

"How much do I owe you?" She placed her small purse on the bar to fish out some cash.

"It's an open bar." She remembered that voice and when she turned around she confirmed what she already knew. "Danger, do you mind if I steal her away for a second?"

"Aw Bran, I've been trying to get under you for months and you're going to let the newbie have a taste?" She teased.

Jewels knew that he wasn't going to let her have a taste of anything. She figured somehow she had broken a rule already and she turned to flee before he could stop her. She told herself she would text Allie once she made it to the car. She didn’t want to stop them from having fun just because she didn’t belong.

She pushed through the crowd and through the door that she thought was the way to an exit but it was another hallway. There were about 6 doors and windows and curiosity had her stepping to the first window. She found herself examining the room and her eyes caught a woman dancing seductively to the beat of the music. She seemed to be alone at first glance but then a man stepped from the shadows of the room. He walked up to her and twirled the woman into his body and she let out a squeal. She watched as the man rocked his hips against the woman's ass, surely letting her feel the erection his was sporting.

The woman wore black leather pants and a black bralette that showed off her impressive cleavage and flat stomach. There was definitely an erection, she thought as he walked back into the shadows of the room with the women in his arms almost out of sight. She took a step closer and narrowed her eyes as she watched the man's hand trail up the woman's bare stomach to cup her full breast covered in lace. Her head fell back against the man shoulders as he pinched her nipples through the bra.


She turned around so fast that she slammed right into a solid chest. "I'm sorry. I-"

"Shhh. Look." He turned her back around to face the man and woman who where now in the center of the room kissing and touching like they couldn't get enough of each other.

She took a deep inhale and there was that scent again that had her swaying or was it the damn alcohol? It had been awhile since she had drunk anything other than water. She tried to right herself when she felt his hand at her waist holding her steady.

"He's looking at you."

It took her a second to realize what he was saying but then she realized her eyes had drifted closed and when she did open them she found the eyes of the man in the room staring at her as he ran his tongue down the woman's neck.

"He wants me to return the favor, a show for a show." He pressed his soft lips against her neck and she tried not to shiver. "The balls in your court, lovely."

She gave him more access to her neck as she let out a soft moan and her eyes closed again. He could do whatever he wanted to do to her at this point.


"What the-!?"

Suddenly she was pulled from the warmth of the handsome man into a full push into Niko's arms as Allie stood in front of her facing the man and he was looking quite annoyed.

“She's not up for grabs, Bran."

"I don't see a band, which means she free to explore." He folded his arms over his wide chest, obviously mad as hell from being interrupted during his seduction.

"Not with you."

"What the hell does that mean, Allie?"

"Aw hell." Niko pushed her further down the hall while she was still trying to catch her bearings. Niko was trying to intervene but he was doing a terrible job.

"Its okay, Allie." She pushed herself between her and the man. "We're just talking." She glanced over her shoulder and she wished she never did. He was staring down at her with dark eyes that made her want to tighten her thighs to keep her clit from throbbing.

"Let's walk around." He held out his hand.

"No." Allie said pulling her attention back towards her friend.

"Why?" She felt like a teenage girl being punished in front of her crush.

"This isn't a place for talking, Jewels despite what it looks like right now." She motioned around to the room and it made her hesitant now. She looked back at the man then back at Allie.

"You know I wouldn’t do anything she doesn't want me to do, Allie. When did you become such a blocker? You and Niko can go play your usual games and I'll keep your friend company."

"If she wants to go with him then let her, Allie. He's the damn owner; he's not going to do shit to her. Come on." Niko said as he pulled at Allie's arm.

"If it's what you want?" She frowned at the man then she moved her gaze to Jewelianna.

"He's the owner, you said? So, he's okay to go with?"

"He's fine just don't fuck him or anyone else. It's not why I brought you here but if you want to go with him I can't stop you.”

"Go then." She nodded towards Niko. "I'll be fine." It was something about this man she just wanted to explore more of. She hadn't felt like this in a long time and after what she been through she could afford a little adventure.

Allie was reluctant to leave, only starting to move away when Niko pulled at her arm again. Now she was left with her mystery man. She stared up at him with a frown.


"Allie said your name was Bran. Is that short for something?"

"Come with me."

"How did she get Bran from 'Come with me'?"

She saw a tiny smirk on his hard face as he grabbed her hand and turned to drag her to double doors. Some much for staying to see what happened with the couple in the room.

He slapped his black card against the reader and the doors came open to a staircase. He held his arm out for her to go first. "After you." She was hesitant because of the length of her dress. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence she pulled at the length of the dress then started up the stairs. Her face and neck grew warm at the feel of his eyes on her body and she had no doubt in her mind he was watching the hem of her dress move along the curve of her butt. How many damn stairs were there and where the hell were they going? When she started to pause and ask him just that she came to a landing and a single door was ahead.

"Where are you taking me?"

He laughed. "Don't you think you should have asked me that before coming upstairs?" He said as he unlocked the door and pushed it open for her to enter. The lights were dimmed but she could still see everything in the room but what caught her eye was outside the room. The curved glass overlooked the club and she could see everything. "I thought you would like it."

"Where are we?" She would guess it was his office by the large wood and glass top desk that sat in the center of the room. There was a lounge section to her right that had a plush dark blue couch and two matching chairs that sat adjacent to one another; a low wood table in the mist of the 3 piece furniture. To her left was a bar tucked in the far corner and a door was closes to her; maybe a bathroom.

"My office."

She smirked. “Should I feel special?" She placed a hand on her hip.

"If that’s your way of asking if I bring women up here then the answer is no. They prefer the basement level."

It was on the tip of her tongue to ask what was in the basement but she had a feeling that she really didn't want to know. "So what made you bring special me up here?"

"Now you can watch in peace." He moved to the bar and poured two drinks of clear liquor. He noticed she hadn’t moved for that spot since they walked in and he wanted to loosen her up a bit.

"What's your name?" She asked as she took the glass from his hand.

"Lexington Branson."

"I'm Jeweliana Stevens but you knew that already."

He smiled. "Your name is as beautiful as you are."

She took a sip of her drink to hide her blush but the surprised burn caused her to pause.


She nodded her head then knocked the rest of the liquor back.

"I don't usually drink but I needed that." She walked the glass back to the bar and she could feel his eyes on her from head to toe. "So you own this place, Lexington?" She turned back to him as she watched him nod his head. He didn't want to talk about owning anything but her at the moment. "Come over here." He stood in the center of the room in front of his desk.

"Why would I do that?"

He smirked. "The show is about to start."

Suddenly, the temperature of the room changed. She knew not to drink alcohol. It always went straight to her clitoris. It definitely wasn't smart to drink when her body was already on fire for the man in front of her. She didn't know what had come over her. She had never felt this way about a man before and definitely not so quickly. She couldn't explain how she had become so attracted to him in such a short period of time. When he looked at her it was like no man had ever looked at her and it kind of frightened her.

All her insecurities came at her in full force as thoughts raced through her mind. "Maybe I should head back."

He approached her slowly giving her more than enough time to move but the look in his eyes had her stuck in place.


"No. I just know what's best for me."

There was that smirk again and before she knew what hit her he had her up in the air as she let out a squeal. She gasped as her ass hit the cool countertop of the bar and he stood between her spread legs. "I'm what's best for you." He nudged her chin up and whispered a kiss across her lips. It was so light that she was afraid she had imagined it.

"Again." She murmured.

"Ask me very nicely." He almost laughed as she leaned forward to take the kiss she wanted before he maneuvered to the side letting her catch his cheek. "Say please."

He was trying not to push. He knew this was no place for her. He knew it the minute he saw her on the monitor at the entrance. Despite him knowing that it didn't stop him from wanting her. He grabbed her face holding her in place as he whispered the words over her lips. "Be a good girl. Say it."

She ran her tongue across her lips which meant his lips as well. He nipped at her bottom lip for that little trick. He smiled as she jerked in his arms. “All you have to do is say please and I’ll give you what you want.”

What did she have to lose? “Please."

If he hadn't been waiting to hear it or if he wasn't so damn close he probably wouldn't have heard it but he did and like a match to gasoline he was in flames. He moved his lips over hers pushing his tongue against the seam of her lips, begging to let him in. His hands moved up her thighs pushing her dress up along the way. He grabbed her hips and brought her closer to his heated body.

She moaned in his mouth and it gave him the perfect opportunity to taste her and he'll be damn if she didn't taste good. There was the faint taste of mint and the alcohol he'd given her but underneath was her on sweet taste, almost like honey. He wondered if he kissed her between her other lips would the taste be as sweet.

He heard the distant sound of footsteps on the stairs and he knew someone was coming to disturb the heaven he found on earth but he couldn't stop just yet not when her curious tongue was moving back against his.

"Bran." It was Dom's voice that sounded off behind the door.

Fuck! He slammed his hips firmly between her legs as she started to suck on his tongue. He was in trouble. He grounded his erection against her center that was hot and wet. He swore he could feel her moist heat even through her panties and his pants. It was taking everything in him not to fuck her on the bar.

He grabbed her hips tighter as she started to rock against him moaning in great pleasure.

"Bran, I know you’re in there. Allie's looking for her friend."

Jewelianna may not have heard his name being called the first time but he could tell she had now as she slowly pulled back from their kiss. He stared at her swollen lips and dazed eyes before he saw them turn into something he didn't want to see. Regret.

She slowly pulled her arms from around his neck and he smiled because she looked as if she wondered how they gotten there.

"I should go." She pushed at his chest to step back. He moved a little but still stayed close enough to help her from the bar.


"I'm coming, you bastard."

He could hear laughter from behind the door but he ignored it as he watched Jewelianna fix her clothes. She wouldn't even look at him.

Once she got herself together, she darted for the door but his voice stopped her. "Here." He moved to her holding her card from earlier. "This was what I intended to give you when I found you at the bar.

She nodded her head ready to run again but he had grabbed her hand once she reached for the card.

"That's right, little one. Run away and remember this..." He grabbed her by the back of the head and smashed his lips against hers. "Don't come back through those doors until you can handle the heat." He pulled back to let her go but instead of taking off like he thought she would, she stood there staring at him. There, with so much desire burning in her eyes but underneath that was uncertainty and he wanted her to be sure. "Go. Dom will make sure you get back with Allie." He turned to keep from going to her and pulling her into his arms where she fit so perfectly.

"There you are!" Allie exclaimed as she walked up to Jewelianna and Dom who followed closely behind her. "We're about to head out once I find out where Niko ran off to." She started to search the room. "What's wrong?"Allie asked when she noticed that she was quiet.

"There's my girl!" Bare walked up to the group, eyeing Jewels. "I know you’re not leaving already?"

"It's getting late...." Allie said still searching the floor for her husband.

"I want to stay." Jewelianna whispered.


Allie eyes grew wide as she looked at her friend then her eyes went to Dom. His eyes just a surprised as hers before a broad smile spread across his face.

"You know she's safe here.” Bare said. "You and Niko like to party all night, what’s the deal tonight?"

"Did he take you downstairs?" Allie ignored Bare.

"No, to his office."

Allie nodded taking in everything. She looked for her husband again and she knew he was dragging his feet cause he didn't want to leave yet.

"You really want to stay?"

"Yes. O-only with Lexington though, I won't wander." She avoided everyone's eyes as she spoke.

"What?" Bare said in disbelief.

"Damn Boss beat us to her and I don't think he's in the sharing mood." Jewelianna snapped her neck to look at Dom. Shocked. Sharing her?

"We ready?" Niko asked as he walked up, wrapping his arms around his wife's waist.

"We can stay a little longer. It looks like Jewels is enjoying herself." She smiled but it was a cautious one that didn't quite reach her eyes.

Jewels hugged her friend before she turned to Dom. "Can you take me back?"

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