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Chapter Ten

Bran tore Charlotte apart looking for Jewelianna and he still came up empty handed. They had started at the coffee shop Briggs had traced her phone to before she turned it off but of course they had left before they could get there. They moved around the area for awhile but nothing. He called in some help to look but so far he hadn't heard anything. She was gone...

The whole ride he was conscience-stricken and as they pulled up to the house he knew it was time to face the music. He had to tell Jaslynn the truth and it was almost as if he was telling Jewelianna. Now that she was gone he couldn’t help but think about other ways he could’ve handle the situation. Another way where Allie couldn’t have manipulated her so easily and maybe she wouldn’t be missing now.

“You think she’ll kill me before I get a chance to explain?” He asked Dom and Bare.

“Maybe. She’s definitely the older sister who’s protective of her younger sister and she practically raised Jewels so I doubt she will listen much.”

He just stared at the man for a second. That surly made him feel better. “Thanks, Bare.” He cut his eyes and moved to the house. Dom had unlocked the door and was holding it open for them when they saw Jas flying down the stairs.

"Where is Jewels? I haven't seen her or any of you all day." Jas said the minute the four of them entered the house. "Do you know what time it is? Plus none of you would answer the phone." She ranted. "And who's this?" She pointed towards Briggs.

"Sit down, Jas." Dom said.

She took in their serious expressions and her whole body started to tense up. "I don't want to sit down. Where the fuck is my sister?" She glared at him.

Bran tried to speak but the words got trapped somewhere between his brain and his mouth. Dom looked at him to say something but he couldn’t force anything out. He needed a damn second without her eyes piercing into him.

"She's with Allie. They ran off together." Briggs tried to explain but Jas stopped him.

"That doesn't even make sense." She frowned at Briggs finally moving her gaze from Bran. "And who are you anyway?" She was going crazy and their answers or lack of them was starting to piss her off.

"His name is Briggs. He was here last night while you were smacked. Now can you sit down?" Bare said grabbing her arm.

"Go fuck yourself, Bare." She pulled away and Dom shoved him away from her.

Bran frowned. He was about to tell her that he had lost her sister and Bare wanted to pick a fight with her and piss her off more. Great! He sighed. "Can you please sit with me, Jaslynn and I'll tell you everything." He was being open and vulnerable so she could at least calm down and to see that this would affect him as well as her.

He sat down first then motioned for her to do the same. She looked around at the other men in the room then after a long minute she finally sat. He started to explain everything to her starting from the very beginning and didn't stop the story until he ended with them being outside. After he finished he wasn't surprise when she slap him across the face. He wished he could’ve felt it but he was numb.

"Damn you!" Jas yelled pulling her phone from her pocket and dialing Jewels's number. She paced the room and everyone was silent knowing that Jewels probably wouldn't answer.

"It's turned off. It's going straight to voicemail."

"Damn it! Fuck!" She gripped her phone tight in her hands before running her fingers through her hair. "Why would you do it and for this long?" She sounded like he felt, broken.

"I always felt a connection with Jewelianna. I can't explain how something so innocent turned into this but Allie is the real threat here. Mark told me a lot of shit about her and we need to get to Jewelianna and quick.”

Jas walked off and entered the kitchen. She reached for the liquor, any liquor to burn more than the tears were that she was trying to hold back. She grabbed a glass and poured herself one shot and down it within seconds. “Damn it, Jewels.” She slammed the glass on the counter.

“We’ll find her.” She saw Briggs standing in the doorway.

"I hope so.” She took another shot then she looked to the man again. “What could Allie possibly want with Jewels?"

Jewelianna slowly opened her eyes to a squint and the first thing she saw was bars. Her immediate reaction was to jump up but the moment she used her arms to lift up she started to sway. She blinked a few times just to get her damn eyes to focus.

"Don't try to get up yet."

She immediately turned her head to the left from where the voice had come from. "Where am I?" She looked to the woman in her own cage pressed against the bars looking at her with concern.

"Some kind of underground club but I’m not sure where." Jewels looked around and saw about a dozen cages with a woman in each. “We’ve all woken up here like you.”

"Allie.” She whispered. “Where’s Allie? Did you see another woman come in with me?”

The woman shook her head. “Don’t worry about Allie.” She moved away from the bars.

“Don’t say that! She’s my friend.”

“She’s not.” Jewelianna forced herself to sit up. "Niko runs the club mostly but sometimes he and Allie go out and collect the women." The woman moved back to the side of her cage where she could see Jewels better. "You look familiar." She whispered.

Suddenly the bright light from the ceiling flipped off and low red light set the mood of the room.

Some of the woman started to cry out. "What's going on?"

"They're ready to party." The woman said as she looked up at the lights in a daze.

Jewels knew she had to get to her feet. She had a feeling she needed to be standing for whatever that would happen next. She swung one of her legs in front of her and used her hands to push off the floor and she begged her other leg to cooperate. She gripped the bars for support and though it felt like it took forever she was on her feet.

“Good job. You should not have to go through that again. They don’t use those same drugs once they get you in here.”

Before Jewels could ask more the sound of a sliding door caught their attention and some of the cries from the other women grew louder as Allie strolled into the room.

"What the fuck, Allie?" She wasted no time yelling out at the other woman. She wished she wasn’t in a cage so she could attack.

"You were going to make me a lot of money, sweet Jewels but that was before you let Bran take your virginity but I think I still might get a decent amount from you." She said as she slinked across the room onto she stood in front of her cage.

Jewels frowned. "What are you talking about? Let me out of here." She shook the bars but nothing happened.

"No can do but what I will do is let you watch the show tonight instead of participating." Allie reached in the cage to pull on one of her curls. She gripped her wrist and Allie only smiled.

“I would let go.”

“Get me out of here.” She snarled.

Allie seemed to pull a stick from thin air and when the end touch her thigh and zapped her she dropped to her knees, releasing the grip she had on her wrist. “Pathetic.” Allie shook her head as she put the stick back in its snap holder that hung on the side of her waist. “Now I’ll have to rethink my offer on letting you sit this party out.” She gave her a disapproving look before moving away from her continuing her check around the room.

Jewelianna panted as she recovered from the sting on her thigh. "Was that a good thing?" She asked the woman in the cage next to her.

“What?” She arched a brow.

"To be left out?”

“Yes.” She answered simply. "Do you know Allie from The Swing Set?"

"I was recently in an accident and suffer from memory loss. I can't be sure of anything right now. Is that where she got you?" Jewels didn’t want to give the woman too much information. It was apparent that she couldn’t trust anyone.

"Yes. What's your name?"

"I'm Jewelianna. What's your name?"


"Camila, do you know how long you've been here?"

"It's quite dark down here all the time, plus the drugs...so I'm not exactly sure."

"How many parties have they had since you've been here?"

She shook her head. "The drugs make it hard to keep up with the parties. Sometimes they seem to go on forever."

"Do you know what kind of drug it is?"

"I don't know, it kind of starts off like ecstasy, maybe but then it starts to make you super hot and horny. Mix that with some liquor and you got yourself a premium date rape drug. It makes you loopy when it wears off and you can barely remember what happened. What's funny is Allie says it's still not strong enough."

"Oh my God.” She thought she would faint. Her brain was having a hard enough time processing the last two years and now she was about to be introduced to a drug sure to fuck up her memory even more. “Has anyone died that you know of?"

"You should rest. You're going to need it." Camila moved away from the bars and sat in the far corner of her cage.

Jewels sighed. She had answered her question without answering her question. She did the same thing as Camila but then with them not talking she had to listen to the women whimper and beg to be let go. She pressed her hands to her ears to cover them to prevent the cries for help from circling into her brain but it was no use.


No, not again.



Don't pick me this time.

"Hey, Jewels!"

She looked up slowly to the man standing at the entrance to her cage and like visions of a psychic, ribbons of her memory flowed back into her mind.


"Did the two of you know about this the whole time?" Later that night Dom and Bare went to check on Jaslynn and they found her packing up all her stuff. When she saw them she started to question them and they both knew it was going downhill from there.


"I said did the two of you know that he was playing my sister!?" This was a different Jaslynn. They knew she was feisty but this wasn’t that. She was downright pissed and angry at them.

"Bran loves Jewels." Dom said.

"Right." She moved to finish packing her stuff but Bare grabbed her hands.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Did you honestly think in that big ass head of yours that we would stay when this shit hit the fan?" She snatched away from him and he scowled at her.

"You can't leave, Jaslynn." Dom said quietly behind her.

"Why? Is it because you haven’t got to fuck me yet?"

"We could have fuck you plenty of times so don't kid yourself, sweetheart." Bare's tone was lethal.

She didn't bother to respond. She went back to stuffing her stuff in her suitcase. They stood there fuming until she was finished and when she yanked the suitcase from the bed to the floor Bare grabbed the handle. "You're not going anywhere, Jas!"

“Get off of me, Bare. You don’t even care about me so why are you even here?” She cried.

"Let her go." Dom said but Bare didn’t budge. When one lone tear slipped from her eye Dom lost it. "Damn it, you're scaring her, Bare. Let it go."

"Fuck!" He released her bag and stormed out slamming the door hard enough to shake the pictures on the wall. She stood there heart racing when Dom slowly walked over to her. She held her breath as he cupped her face. She wanted to turn away but she couldn't. He leaned down and placed a single kiss to her lips before also leaving the room. She watched him walk away as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Everything was so fucked up! She threw herself on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

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